Oops – #1LinerWeds

Last week, I was bringing some items in from a shopping trip. I took too many things out of the car, so I sat a few items on the step heading into our back porch. After carrying things in and closing the car, I headed inside. I noticed that my coffee to-go cup was still on the step.

My next two moves were a bit of a slapstick routine. I knocked the coffee off the step. Then, after bending over to pick up the cup I smacked my head on the bottom of the metal service box that holds the electric meter.

Once inside, I was inspected for lumps and blood. Finding neither, I got up to return to my day. That’s when it happened. My wife said,

“You should take it easy, maybe sit for a while.”

We should sit a while

Maddie perked up at the word “sit.”. She walked over and stuck her nose on her leash. Out we went.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Hi Dan – just glad all is well … head bashing needs care and attention – the Editor was right. Yes – Spring is definitely well on its way, but a sting in the tail is possible. Your Hyacinth is a bit leggy after its fast sprout – bet Maddie was happy at being out and about … lovely photos – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. The Hyacinth has also been nibbled to the ground twice by bunnies. I think at this point, we’ll give it an A for effort and accept whatever form it takes. I’m forever smacking my head on something. Thankfully, this wasn’t a hard hit, and I was wearing a ball cap, which helped me not get cut.


  2. You had me at “slapstick.” But yowch. Maddie apparently thinks that a walk is as good as an icepack. The photos are very encouraging; signs of spring do give us hope. I particularly like that first photo, with the bare trees against that bright sky. Even the clouds look springy. And those trees won’t be bare for long. There are signs of leaves here, and they are most welcome!

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    • That’s exactly why I like seeing the clouds through the trees, they won’t be visible for long. Maddie thinks a walk or a good sit will cure what ails you. I’m glad I could make you smile, even if it was at my expense.

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  3. The Editor gets points for a great one-liner. She knows you sooo well!

    The before fog and after fog photos of Old Glory are terrific.

    Love the ‘Shadow Knows’ shot of you and Maddie. And the capture of the bird in flight.

    Spring is certainly announcing its arrival in your neck of the woods. You’re ahead of us, but it’s something to look forward to.

    Ummmm, suggestion: next time bring the to-go cup inside on the first trip!

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    • “The first trip” – that’s the problem, Ginger. I am forever trying to get everything in on one trip.

      Spring is forcing its way in the door, but winter is giving it a good fight. It was 26 this morning when I left at 6:15 to get my haircut. I love seeing our shadows stretch out in front. Maddie says “it’s OK if you cut your head off, but make sure they can see me.”

      I hope you’re up and over the hump of a good week.


  4. Sounds like wise words, Dan. Take care of yourself, you’ll need the extra energy. Spring brings blossoms but also a lot of trimming, raking, and other work as well. 😊

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  5. We both nursed injuries this past week. I’m glad yours wasn’t bleeding or a concussion!
    Spring is popping up fast there. Our grass isn’t anywhere close to being that green yet, and our tree won’t be showing signs of new leaves for another month.

    The little white flowers are lovely!

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    • “Sit” means go out to the outside deck of my workshop and sit with Maddie for however long she feels like napping. She took over that space when it was still covered with temporary plywood. It’s been her “porch” ever since. I love it when I get clear shots of those water drops.

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  6. Glad you’re ok, thanks for the giggle at your poor expense this morning just picturing the slapstick moment. Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. Probably about as funny as the day I walked to my mailbox a few years ago, turning my ankle in the process, and fell right on my butt on the sidewalk. Scared someone saw me, I was up and in the house in a heartbeat!

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    • I know those “did anyone see that?” moments, Kim. As I get older, and doctors ask if I’m a fall risk, I feel like saying “I’ve always been a fall risk!” but I guess that won’t help my case. I’ve come close to turning my ankle stepping off the edge of the sidewalk while walking Maddie. I hope I can pay better attention and avoid that. You too!

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  7. There has got to be a better way to get Maddie out for a sit. Glad there were no serious bumps or cuts. As for the tulips some days it is not easy being a harbinger of spring. Good dew drops on that branch. Happy hump day Dan.

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    • Thanks John. I planted a total of 18 mixed bulbs in the fall. I put them in five places. Three of them almost never get sunshine, and one is right in front of where the bunnies enter and exit under my shop. These are the only ones that get a lot of sun and have a little protection. I’m not much of a gardener, but if I get some results, I’ll try again in the fall.

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  8. Oh Dan, how familiar this sounds.When it happens to one of us, all I can do is laugh and ride it out. I’m glad there were no serious injuries. Sitting for awhile is a very good thing. Maddie’s pretty smart that way. 😉 Ilove all your ‘Springing’ images. The one has such pretty sun flates in it! ❤️

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  9. Lol, that sounds like something I would do, Dan. Glad you’re okay and since it’s a rainy, crappy day here, no one has to tell me to sit. I’ll get up when Gibbs tells me it’s time.

    Happy Wednesday!

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    • Haha – thanks Steve. We call her Snoopy because she sits on top of her birdhouse more often than she sits in it. We bought a birdhouse “designed” for bluebirds. The guy that sold it said “Wrens and chickadees don’t like it because it’s deep inside.” Sounded good. She flew back and forth to Nest Depot and filled the house up to the point that it’s no longer “deep.” So far, she’s been here three seasons and has successfully raised 3-5 kids. Maybe one of them can be Woodstock.


  10. Drat and ouch! It looks like you did get some sitting in but that walk probably was better for you and I imagine both you and Maddie enjoyed it. You had some real fog there for a bit, didn’t you? We used to get some foggy days back in Illinois but as you can well imagine, they don’t happen often here. :-) I hope your Wednesday is less traumatic. :-)

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  11. Oh, you poor man. Were you feeling tired that day before or during the shopping adventure? Just trying to guess at the cause of the mishap.

    Spring is on its way where you live. I have yet to see any flowers down south here yet.

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  12. Oh, no! It really does sound like a slapstick comedy routine. I’m glad you were okay. This is how I go through most days. The kids at school are all too aware of my bumps and spills. Your foggy photos are pretty!

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  13. Yeah, sitting is best for hitting your head. A couple of months ago my mother had spilled her drink and I was helping her and somehow a small mirror frame had come off the wall. I didn’t actually see it fall because I was busy cleaning up her mess. She said the mirror frame fall on head and it hurt. She violently threw the mirror frame and a cross into another room and fussed about how my uncle had them on the wall. Then she sat on the couch. The next day she asked about the mirror frame and I told her what happened. She says she doesn’t remember yelling and throwing it.

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