How Could I Resist? #CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week (I am joining on the last day again) is described best in Cee’s own words:

“This week our topic is celebrating Fire. Photos of fire, fiery colors, flames, fire stations, fire trucks, etc. are all allowed in this challenge.”

Now I ask you, is there an item in that list that I don’t like?

For the record, I only like fire when it’s under control and being used for a good purpose. I am sad when I read about house fires, buildings being damaged or destroyed by fire and forest fires.

The challenge is a very good one for me this week, because I’ve been rather busy, but a quick search of my photos turned up more than enough images to satisfy Cee’s generous categories. Some of you may have seen some of these photos before, but I hope you enjoy them again today.

By the way, next week, Cee’s prompt in this series is “wood.” I think I might be back.


  1. Just yesterday I was trying to write something about a sunrise and was completely flummoxed. Your photos show why it’s hard to write about fire; it’s too awesome. This old firehouse and the “hose house” (never heard of such a thing) are wonderful to look at; my favorite, though, is the fire in the old Sturbridge fireplace with the pots hanging. That other Sturbridge photo is not what I picture when I hear of chestnuts roasting by an open fire! As for the next challenge, yes, I think you might be back for that!

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    • Fire is hard to describe. I hope you give that poem a second shot. When we go to Christmas by Candlelight, that building is always on our list, because it’s one of the few that are warm. Last year, they were cooking a chicken over the fire, that was a delightful smell.

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  2. You might have had the wrong setting for fireworks, but it works for me. I love photos like that. We were supposed to have a controlled burn in town last week. When it was windy. Head of the department explained how the blaze quickly got out of control and forced people to evacuate their homes: “The wind changed direction.” And the county pays this guy… Great photos for this challenge, Dan.

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  3. Wonderful photos, Dan. You’ve captured this prompt beautifully. I especially love the sunrise/sunset photo. Have a wonderful day! 😊

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  4. Love the sunset photo, the photo where the sky appears to be on fire, and the fireworks shot is awesome! The firehouses are beauties. I also like the photo showing your friend Ken marching with fellow firefighters in a parade. May he rest in peace. All your photos are perfect for the prompt.

    Boy, next week will be a hard one for you! WOOD! We’re in for a gazillion photos because you won’t want to leave any out! Lol! 🤗

    Have a great week. It’s only 28* here, so I’m impatiently waiting for the big warm up!

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    • Thanks Ginger. It was 36 when we walked this morning. A little chilly.

      I have to check my previous posts. I think I’m going to focus on one project, if I haven’t already done that. Otherwise, you could be in trouble.

      I’m glad you like that picture with Ken marching. I think that was the last parade he marched in. He was a volunteer firefighter in town, and a professional firefighter at the sub-base in Groton. He died there of a heart attack. I miss him.

      I hope this week warms up for both of us.


  5. Your pictures are mesmerizing! I do love fire, contained! Always contained! I would sit for an age and watch an open fire in a fireplace, roasting marshmallows. I’ve always wanted to try roasting chestnuts. Maybe one day… That one picture of your sky looks like it is on fire, literally.

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  6. Ooohhh.. fires, firelight, fireflies.. all can be lovely. Several chapters of my book would fit. 😂Sunsets are the loveliest fires. And watching glassblowers! Thanks Dan. I’m sorry about your friend. I had an uncle who worked for the BR fire dept all his adult life. We loved driving by the firehouse and honking. Usually he and a few others would be out front.. waiting and playing checkers.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I do like watching fire and images of fire. You make good use of fire in your book.Ken was a volunteer fireman here in town, and a professional fireman at a submarine construction base on the shore. I miss him.I’m picturing your uncle out front of the fire station.


  7. If that’s your stove in the second row on the left, I want it. Well, I don’t now because I’d never use it but back on Ohio, we had a wood-burning stove inserted into our large fireplace. I loved it. I can imagine you’ll be back next week for “wood” but I really don’t know why I think that. :-)

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  8. Love the pic of the slow combustion heater. My parents had one in their old house, a long, long time ago. Like Robbie, however, I hate bushfires. We get far too many of them and each year they seem to get bigger and bigger. :/

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  9. I like firey colors but not fire itself. I once stopped a fire from spreading at my work. A guy who usually used a machine was out of work so another guy took over the machine and he changed the heat setting on the machine and when we went to break he left the plastic vent in the machine and I stayed where I was so I could study and read in peace. I saw pieces of plastic flying in the air. Then I looked up and saw the machine was on fire. I yelled out there was a fire twice and no one moved. So I ran to the office and said there was a fire and the secretary came and she got someone to put out the fire. Our boss (the owner) was mad at the others for not saving the products and not rushing to put out the fire. Before it happened I did have a weird feeling like something bad was going to happen that day and after the fire was put out I didn’t have that feeling anymore.

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