Groucho and Pickles – #SoCS

It’s Saturday and we’re spending a little time at the bar, trying to connect on a quiet day, solve some mysteries and wrangle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. If we wrangle well enough, Linda says the Easter Bunny might put some bonus points in our basket.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘nose/noes/knows.’ Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, I’d have a question for you.

“Hi Dan, can I get you a Corona?”

“Hi Cheryl. That would be nice. Any sign of David?”

“I think I just saw him pull in the upper lot.”

“Hi Dan, sorry I’m late. I stopped at the store. I didn’t expect it to be so crowded on a Saturday afternoon.”

“The Saturday before Easter, David. Care for some bourbon?”

“I don’t shop very often, Cheryl. I figured everyone else would have finished their shopping by now. And, yes to the bourbon.”

“How are you, Dan?”

“I’m good, but I’m curious. Why did you email me about pickles?”

“Pickles? Buddy Sorrell’s wife on the Dick Van Dyke show?

“No, pickles that you eat. But now that you mentioned it, did we ever see Pickles?”

“I think we saw them both.”

“He had two wives?”


“Like the high school principal in Twilight Zone episode, ‘Printer’s Devil?’ He had two wives.”

“No, Dan, Buddy wasn’t a bigamist. Two different women played his wife during the series. I think we saw them both.

“Wow, you guys are really off on a tangent today. Here’s your beer, Dan. And David, here’s your John Howell’s Bourbon, your seltzer, and a glass of ice. Do you need anything else?”

“Just an answer. Dan, why did you ask me about an actress on a show from the sixties?”

“I didn’t. You sent me a text message asking why I went back to Vlassic.”


“Vlassic. Pickles? You know, love the crunch.

“Ah, Groucho. You’re really into classic television today, aren’t you, Dan?”

“No, David. I mean, I love the Marx Brothers, but let’s not go there. Besides, I think those commercials were Groucho-esque. The character was a stork.”

“Who knows? As Groucho would say, ‘A child of five could understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.’ I’m really confused, Dan.”

“Here, look at my phone. It’s as plain as the nose on your face. That’s the message you sent me. You asked me about Vlassic. Can you explain why?”

“That’s a typo. ‘V’ is next to ‘C’ – ‘C’ as in ‘Classic.” Like the classic gallery you switched back to.”

“Oh, that. Yeah, I switched back because several people complained. The pictures didn’t look great in email. I checked my own email, and they were tiny, and I couldn’t make them bigger.”

“So, they can go to your blog. The tpctures are nice and you get more views. It’s a win-win.”

“Some people prefer email, David.”

“Dan, as Mick Jagger sang, ‘You can’t always get what you want.’ Do that thing where the full text isn’t in your email. Then they have to go to your blog.”

“I see your Mick Jagger, David, and I raise you Natalie Merchant.”

“I don’t follow you, Dan. But that isn’t unusual.”

“Natalie Merchant – Ten Thousand Maniacs – ‘Give ‘em what They Want.’ It’s a better song.”

“Did you guys finally make it back to twenty-twenty-two?”

“I think we are firmly in the correct time, Cheryl.”

“You up for another round? Oh, I almost forgot, we have broccoli cheddar soup. You up for a bowl?”

“I don’t hear any noes to that question.”

I hope everyone who celebrates Passover and Easter, is having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Dan, I’ll pass on the broccoli soup, I hate the stuff. I made an enormous pot of healthy veg and bean soup yesterday. Today, I will be cooking most of the day for the hungry hordes tomorrow. It is interesting you mentioned a stork here. My new short story features storks and the Hans Christian Anderson story called The Storks. I found out on Google that white storks have recently started nesting in the UK after 600 years. I can’t even blame King Henry VIII for eating them all as he was 200 years later.

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  2. I can really relate to that type of conversation, made me smile. Great choice of music in 10,000 maniacs, was lucky enough to see Natalie Merchant playing live here in the UK, 1999 I think.!

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  3. I love the Groucho quote! And, now that you mention it, I can see the Grouchoesqueness of the Vlasic stork. The soup looks wonderful, as does that blooming tree. That strip of lilies-of-the-valley takes me back to my grandma’s house — you know, the one with the swing on the front porch — and that is a lovely way to start the day. Congrats on your bonus points!

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    • Thanks Maureen. I’m glad I could start you off with a laugh and a memory. My work here is done. I added the link to the Vlassic commercial. I transplanted those lilies-of-the-valley from an area we were covering with pavers. They seem to like their new home.

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  4. I shall be drunk at this rate with John Howell and you sneaking offto the pub. Fun read today great photos as always and very seasonal. Have a great Easter weekend, the weather her is fabulous. Take care. 💜💜

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  5. Spring has definitely sprung at your house, and that is a good thing. Now, I need a little more explanation about the classic gallery. I certainly know how to insert a gallery. I just didn’t know there was an option for a classic gallery or that there was a difference. Happy Easter, Dan.

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    • Spring is popping up, Judy. The bulbs are even growing faster than the bunny can nibble.

      If you’re using the Block Editor, insert a Classic Block. If you don’t see it, just start typing ‘C L..’ in the search bar above the six blocks you do see, it will show up.

      Once you insert it, there will be a little menu at the top of the block. You might have to nudge it to appear with your mouse. The menu option that looks like a two musical notes is the Media option. Click on that and you will see the media page from the Classic Editor. Click on the left side to choose to add a gallery. Then it works just like you remember.

      If you want to know even more, check out this post of mine from last year – – you may have missed it, because it was on a Tuesday and you had probably already been dropped as a follower :(

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  6. Great job satisfying the prompt! Broccoli Cheddar Soup….Ewwww!

    Love the rainbow shots! And the blooming tree. My mother had a huge patch of Lily of the Valley in our back yard. So pretty and fragrant. And then the fragrance would be overwhelming! 🤗

    Maddie looks quite content on her cot watching spring come to life. Hope the slats in the fence make her less aware of her neighbor.

    Always nice to see Old Glory.

    Happy Easter to you and the Editor and Faith, and of course the 3 M’s and the backyard critters.

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’ll put you at Robbie’s table, no Broccoli Cheddar Soup allowed.

      We are starting to see some spring color around here, and we’ve had a couple warm days, worthy of a nice long sit-and-do-nothin’.

      The slats seem to be helping. Maddie is easily distracted and she gets scared when she is. It’s all about keeping her calm.

      Happy Easter from all of us. Give Murphy a scritch.


  7. Everyone is commenting on the soup, so I’ll hit on those crunchy Vlasic pickles. I especially like the stacker slices for sandwiches.
    Be sure to catch what that project is at the memorial!

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    • Thanks GP. I like those pickles, too. I saw the Scoutmaster setting up a table full of water bottles and donuts this morning. I asked.

      The project is a memorial fire pit for the veterans to use on Flag Day. I’m going to chart the progress as they go. Hopefully they will be done by Memorial Day, and I can work that into a blog post.

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  8. Excellent photos, Dan. Those lilies are tough for sure. I’m a Claussen man myself, but I hear you on the crunch. I will be interested in finding out what project is happening at the memorial. Thanks for the mention.

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  9. Vlassic Zesty Bread & Butter pickles…they were always my absolute favorite. So good in egg or ham salad, on a burger bun, or just by themselves. These days, I buy a different brand and I don’t eat them often. Not sure why…

    Thanks for the images of spring. The grass is turning green here, but that’s about it. Plants don’t usually sprout or bloom quickly when winter tries to hang on. Keep good thoughts for warmth and sunny skies in WI because we need it. I need it. All of the migrational birds that showed up in March thinking it was spring need it. :-p

    Have a great weekend, Dan!

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    • We had a couple days in the high 70s and that seemed to flip a switch here. Things that had been stubbornly afraid of winter pushed their buds out. I hope those warmer temps visit you soon.

      I don’t eat a lot of pickles, but I think I could eat an entire jar of bread and butter chunky slices. They have them every so often at the dairy farm where we buy milk and eggs. I always snag a jar. The people that make them also make a spicy bread and butter pickle – those are very good on a sandwich.

      I hope you’re having a great weekend, Mary.

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  10. We are Claussen people–the Kosher dill spears, but I do like the Vlasic ads, and its headquarters is in NJ! Lily of the Valley–I used to buy a drug store cologne with that scent at the start of every spring. That is the prettiest flower. The photo of Maddie in your spot is so funny. Don’t look ’em in the eye and they won’t notice you Hold your ground, Maddie! 😆 Happy Easter to you, Dan.

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    • I do like certain Claussen pickles better than Vlassic. I am lucky in the summer. The dairy farm where we get mild and eggs carries locally made pickles – they are so good. The bed where the Lily of the Balley plants are was bare until a few days ago. Then they all started b=popping up at the same time. Maddie is funny. If were sitting on the couch together, sometime she waits if I get up for coffee. Other times she steals my spot as if to say, “we’re done sitting.” Happy Easter, Lois.

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    • I love Natalie’s voice. That rainbow was so big and bright, My wife ran to the door as soon as I said “it’s pouring” because it was so bright. She knew there had to be one. I transplanted those lilies about three years ago. I assure you, I didn’t plant any in the driveway. I guess they like the warmth.

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  11. I’m sorry Dan. I lost all conscious thought when I saw that beautiful rainbow! What a gift. ❤️❤️I’m so glad bunny didn’t care for those gorgeous purple blossoms. Lilies are my favorite. And Amaryllis. Bulb plants are so prolific. I know you want shade but old sun sure looks dazzling through the branches, You know Maddie just wants you to share that space with her. I agree about Vlasic. Mount Olive is a good brand as well. They are the only ones who pickle the dices I like to use in my potato salad. Relish just doesn’t add the vinegar zip we like. I have to say when I opened your post in email I noticed the small images and huge spacing between them. BUT, since I always go to your blog to comment, I saw they looked fine there. Hubs always complains about something that doesn’t look ‘right’ in email and he knows when I open my mouth what I’m going to say. He says, “I know.. go to your blog.” 🤭🙃

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I know the effect of that rainbow, I understand, Many of the bulbs are now growing faster than the bunny can nibble. They have chewed-up leaves, but they’re still growing, My mother diced Gherkins for her potato salad and poured a little of the juice in.

      I have a few people who get the email but don’t have a WordPress account (and don’t want one) so if they go to my blog, they can’t comment or like, but they can reply to my email. I want that to be a good experience for them.

      Shade is coming, but I do love the stark lines and distinct shadows. Every season has something special to offer.

      I hope you guys have a great weekend.


  12. One has to stay on ones toes to properly play with noes. And always save a bucket full of them. You never knows when a two year old is going to drop by. And you will need every last one of them and a few more. As for those lilies poking through the cracks… micro climate. The paving is warming the soil quicker so those lilies are growing faster than the ones in open soil. Natalie and her 10,000 maniacs took me over to Joni and her star dust and we got to get ourselves back to the garden. Some days karma is good. Happy Saturday Dan.

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    • Thanks John. I was thinking that the pavement was making it warmer, but I’m always amazed that they will push up between those tiny cracks. No two-year-olds around here, but plenty of noes being liberally applied.

      I hope you have a good weekend.

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    • We’ll chalk up the cherries to supply chain issues. It’s not Cheryl’s fault – nothing is ever Cheryl’s fault – David will survive. Otherwise, I checked all the boxes – it’s a good day,

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  13. I’ll have some of that soup please and I won’t eat any while laugh and shaking my head at the twists and turns in that conversation. I’m also chuckling over wondering what “noes” was but being the plural of “no” makes sense. However, my inner editor feels compelled to let you know (not no) that this: ““I don’t here any noes to that question” really needs to be “hears.” :-)

    Happy Easter, Dan and Editor (and Faith if she’s around and all the animal family as well.)

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  14. Ha ha ha! I think I got whiplash bouncing back-and-forth between those series. That was some fine TV. My favourite picture is the shadow of the tree. It looks like it is directing you to the other side of the street. Makes me think of the Shadow Man…

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  15. I have forgotten that the Vlasic stork sounded like Groucho Marx in the commercial. I remember asking mom to buy those pickles. Anything but grandma’s homemade bread and butter. Nice post, I especially loved the gallery today.

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  16. Great job on the prompt – you scored all the bonus points! It’s so fun to see the spring photos. The flower blossoms are encouraging. I’m guessing you may have told us in a post that I missed, but what the heck happened to the squirrel’s tail?! Lilies of the Valley in full bloom mean that it’s time to plant tomato transplants into the ground. Do you have yours started yet? ;-). Happy Easter to you and your family, Dan!

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      • True. It’s a shame they’re not better known. But I think most stations that have rerun TZ over the years have given it a half-hour slot, and that means they can’t use them. Some stations do slot in two episodes, and if they do that, then they can cycle in the hour-longs at some point. But that’s far less common, so many fans just don’t know them as well. Too bad, as “Printer’s Devil” is one of the best!

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  17. Soup is what I’m going to want today as it’s raining and chilly. Winter is hanging on here.

    Your spring looks beautiful all blooming and colorful and that rainbow was gorgeous! I do believe I’ve seen Pickles in a episode of Dick Van Dyke.

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