Best Salad Bar – #1LinerWeds

In case you haven’t noticed, we enjoy watching the critters that visit our yard. I think they like it here, and the fact that Maddie won’t go outside if she’s not attached to us, makes the yard safer for them. We don’t feed the bunnies, but they do enjoy grazing in our yard (including certain tulips).

Despite the fact that Maddie is on a leash, the bunnies have always run to the opposite side of the yard from us. Lately, at least one bunny is letting us get closer. We talk to it, tell it it’s a good bunny, and I tell it not to worry about Maddie. They (there are three) seem to understand. Sometimes, I imagine they are talking back to us.

Don’t worry little buddy

“You guys have the best salad bar. I’m glad you don’t kill the weeds like your neighbors do; these leaves are tasty.”

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    • There are lots of little weeds that have tiny flowers right now. I know they aren’t grass, but they are so pretty, and yes, apparently tasty. I couldn’t get.a good picture of the bee, he was mostly deep inside the blossoms. But it was good to see him.

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  1. So happy to see MiMi! Apparently her dreams are more interesting than your story telling! 🤗

    The photo of the “interesting looking sky” is exactly that!

    Your Flowering Quince is amazing. Mine bloom, but not like that!

    Yes Old Glory is always a beautiful and welcome sight.

    What can I say about those doomed flower bulbs? The blossoms are irresistible and the critters hope you plant even more for next year!

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    • MiMi has moved to the family room downstairs (to get away from Maddie) but she has claimed the entire couch as her new place. Now if she could get me to be quiet…

      We’ve had storms and stormy looking skies on many of the mornings when we walk. The public works crews are out early, working in the parks, but Maddie still wants to walk.

      I planted random bulbs. I didn’t realize the tulips were concentrated along the bunny route. Those poor blossoms really don’t have a chance. Maybe if I put more in they’ll leave a couple for us? That’s what they all say, isn’t it?


  2. Pretty flowers, yea for the bees, send some my way! Question for you, everyone’s posts are showing up different with no urls anymore, did WordPress change something or is my site just fubar?

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  3. After hearing bunny’s comments, I feel pretty darn good about my front yard. Now I just need a bunny…. The quince and lilac shrubs are beautiful. We can’t grow lilac down here and I have never seen a quince before. Very pretty!

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  4. I love where you took this. I have to admit, though, my immediate thought at the start was “gee, I miss salad bars. I remember the days when you walked up there and could create your perfect salad plate…” 😆

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    • We always talk yo these guys. They seem to I understand “you’re ok bunny.” I say that and drag Maddie off in a different direction. They start off all perked up and ready to run, then they settle back to munching.

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  5. Dan, love to see New England spring photos, yard critters, Maddie, MuMu, and awesome sky shots. SoCal is pretty much palm trees and green turning brown vegetation. We do have an abundance of sunshine, and no snow, though. Enjoy the beauty all around you. 📚🎶 Christine

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  6. I have always found that life is a little sweeter when I can share it in nature especially with the creatures of the forest. You have that peace right in your backyard, lucky you.

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  7. Nice to be back to reading blogs and I always enjoy yours, Dan. When it comes to eating, there are not good rabbits…unless they’re eating grass or weeds. :-) My attention was caught by you mentioning you don’t get rid of your weeds because a few months ago we had an explosion of weeds and because it was when my mom needed so much help, I got so far behind that we literally had hundreds of weeds, many a foot or so high. Hard to imagine in the desert but true. I refuse to use Roundup or other poison like that that will go into the water table as well as make all our rocks poisonous for who knows how long. So I spend many, many hours digging up all those weeds and I’m pleased to say that now I’m maintenance mode, just pulling up anything that comes up before it gets big. One very small step but being true to my beliefs. :-) Enjoyed your photos as always.

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    • Kudos to you for avoiding the chemicals, Janet. There are so many unintended consequences to that stuff. I’m sorry about your back, but you did good. I was going to ask the bunny about those tulips, but…

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  8. We never see bunnies here. I’ve seen them hopping across the road or in other people’s yards, but not here. Maybe the dogs from over the hill keep them away. Alas! The flowers are beautiful now. I’m almost sorry to see summer come, when we have more foliage than flowers until the hostas bloom — assuming the deer leave us any!

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