Sure Sign of Spring – #1LinerWeds

I have been sharing spring photos for weeks, and it doesn’t appear that I’ll be winding down anytime soon. Today’s title hints at a sign of spring that is more certain than tulips, lilacs and blossoms in the trees. It also led me to my shortest one-liner in recent history (it’s the caption).

Baby Bunny!

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • That little mom squirrel pops up and then dives back in. My wife named her wack-a-mom because she tore the log rack covers. The lilacs are pretty. I was worried because I pruned them back last fall.

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  1. A two word one liner! I may never get over the shock! 🤗 I had a bunny nestled in the middle of a large patch of Creeping Phlox eating it for breakfast this morning! Sigh…..

    The shadow picture of you and Maddie is the best one yet. Of course, Old Glory takes the prize with the sun directly behind her. Neat shot!

    I know “wack-a-mom” is a real nuisance, but she’s the cutest nuisance I’ve ever seen! She’s not going to go gently into the night Dan.

    Your assortment of lilacs and the dogwood tree are just beautiful. I particularly like the shot of the dogwood with the vibrant blue sky behind it. Definitely a Hallmark moment.

    Another gorgeous day coming up. Yaayyy! Enjoy yours.

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    • I know the short one-liner would seem out of character.

      I was going to crop the shadow out of the picture so you could see the blossoms on those bushes, but Maddie suggested people would rather see her shadow.

      “Wack-a-mom” is cute, but she’s driving us crazy.

      Spring is busting out full strength here. We have some nice warm weather. I hope we stay with that trend.


    • I’m glad, GP. In case anyone wonders why there’s a photo almost every day.

      We’re ready for spring to arrive and we hope it stays. The last few years, summer has arrived too quickly.

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    • I figured you would like the bees, Cheryl. We will be serving eviction notices at some point this summer. We have to reorganize the wood piles to get ready for next winter. We’re thinking about removing the large covers and using a simple cover across the top. I am hoping that spring sticks around for a while. No need for an early winter.


  2. The pictures look different this morning. Is it me? Exceptional as always. I do love your menagerie and I’m a big fan of the lilac bush! You always make me smile.

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    • The bees love those blossoms. They don’t even mind when I get close with a camera or my phone. I include the flag so often, that I like when I can get a different view. I’m glad you like it.


  3. HI Dan, a lovely one liner. I enjoyed your pictures and was particularly interested in the two of the bees. Your bees look quite different to ours, their bodies appear to be half yellow and half black. Are they furry? As you know, African bees are aggressive and swarm. They can kill people.


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