CFFC – Straight Lines

Cee Fun Foto Challenge for the week that ends today is indicated by the title. I seem to come in at the tail into this challenge, but a week’s a week, right? So, straight lines. Let’s see what Cee wants from us:

“This week our topic is celebrating Straight Lines. Just make sure your lines are clearly visible in your photo. Have fun.”

I think I can find some photos to meet the challenge.


  1. I have always found the lines of faces best. I enjoyed the show ‘Orange is the new black’ and how they only showed you portions of the face. I also always thought, that the eye were very important but then through reading and discussions I discovered eyebrows are much more important. I enjoy laugh lines, smiles, twinkling eyes. May I suggest you look at eyes and eyebrows. Some people who under go chemotherapy loose their eyebrows, and it can be difficult to read what they are trying to say after that loss.

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  2. As soon as I saw you had posted some images for ‘straight lines’ I anticipated seeing cranes and railway tracks – and I wasn’t disappointed! The power lines including catenary lines are great too :-)

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  3. It appears that nothing that’s a line is a living thing. But these lines sure keep life going! I especially like that image of the ship’s rigging. I would say your caption “I like lines” is understatement! They certainly tell a story of work, don’t they?

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  4. How did I know, without looking, there would be photos of cranes with straight lines in response to Cee’s challenge? Too funny. Ruth and I have you pegged, huh?

    Happy Monday, Dan. Have an awesome week!

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  5. Gee Dan, I never knew you liked lines! 😂😂 You certainly answered the prompt in style. I love the “bunny line”, but most especially Old Glory. Fantastic shot.

    The picture you took in Washington, it’s the sunbeam lines I love. Another great shot.

    Happy Monday Dan. Hope it’s the beginning of a great week for you and the Editor and the 3 M’s.

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    • I’m not surprising anyone today, Ginger. I liked those sunbeam lines, too. That’s one of those point and shoot surprise photos because I was blinded by the sun when I took it.

      I hope you have a great week, Ginger. We got our walk in. Thunderstorms coming this afternoon 😬 Maddie will be bundled up and hiding in the corner of her crate.


  6. I love the picture of the train tracks best. I used to love to walk along train tracks as a child always wondering where they would lead, wondering what they could introduce me too…

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      • My parents never knew. It’s amazing what we didn’t tell our parents in those days. If they had known… I would probably have been sent to a nunnery. I am rather surprised I made it through puberty

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        • I think we all benefit from you having had your antics and survived (and stayed out of the nunnery). These must have been the formative days of your wit and wisdom.

          My brother and our cousin who was his age walked from her house to our along the tracks. They thought it was a smart idea. I thought my mother was going to kill them on the spot when they arrived. We all did these things, and most of us survived.

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  7. Hi Dan – I wonder what Maddie was thinking when you took the flat pic?! My master must be mad – but she would obviously be as pleased as the mad hatter with her master! Cheers and enjoy the week – with more doors, or more lines – Hilary

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    • Most of the time, when I’m taking a picture, Maddie is sniffing something with great interest. I wish I could translate her thoughts as she sniffs (most things).

      I hope you have a great week, Hilary.

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  8. I had to chuckle when I saw the flag, I was wondering if you’d get it in on this challenge! I should have known you would!!
    Sorry I’m so late today. I wasn’t on the Reader yesterday afternoon and I am holding up on my reputation – Perpetually behind schedule!!
    Meant to tell you. I went back to Support about my emails not having links back to the sender and I suggested they return it to the old program. Lo and behold – they did it!! I was shocked.

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  9. I live in California, but I was just in New Jersey visiting one of my brothers in Warren last week. I’ve always been a math guy, and I find the lines in geometric figures and everyday life fascinating—good variety in your lines, Dan.

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  10. I like the partnering of the ship rigging with the railroad tracks. Those are great next to each other, I think. I also think that rabbit knew very well you were taking its picture.


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