One Flag – Every American – CFFC

This flag flies to honor the dead
Those left behind on our own soil and then in Europe, Africa, England
Those who fell on an island in the Pacific
Those who died in Korea
Those who – while this park was being built – were dying in Vietnam
Those who are still dying in pursuit of the just cause of freedom.
This park shows our appreciation for those who serve
Every service is honored here
Every soldier is recognized
Every effort was worthy
Every survivor – whole and handicapped – return here to our respect
Every man and woman who perished after their return from battle are honored.
This flag mourns for the children
The children killed in Sandy Hook
The children killed in Texas
The children killed in every place in between
The children – for whom this park was built – who deserve to play without worry
The children who should honor the dead, not be counted among them.
This structure honors this flag
The flag that flew above Fort McHenry in 1814
The flag that rose above Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima
The flags that covered so many coffins
The flags – given to family members – when their loved ones died
The flags that can no longer fly with distinction are burned and buried here

A different post from me, today. During the past months, an Eagle Scout candidate from Boy Scouts Troop 263 in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, has been building this “Flag Retirement Pit” next to the Veterans Memorial. I’m not sure the pit is finished. They are planning a ceremony in June to dedicate this important structure.

It’s Memorial Day here in the US. I had planned to skip Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, until I realized how many circles and curves are included in the photos I took. Perhaps the added exposure to Cee’s wonderful followers will bring more attention to the true meaning of this day. A day to honor those who fell in battle while fighting for our freedom. Please, honor them by honoring the freedom they fought for. Freedom for all.


  1. Beautiful tribute to all the men and women who served in our Armed Forces, in so many wars, to protect us and our way of life. We are forever indebted to them and to those who continue to serve, generation after generation. We honor them this Memorial Day, and should honor them every day.

    Congratulations to the Eagle Scout from Troop 263 for his idea and construction of the Flag Retirement Pit. I can’t think of a more appropriate location.


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    • Thanks Ginger. I had been planning since April to feature the Flag Retirement Pit in this post. Obviously, I wasn’t planning the rest of it until a few days ago.

      I hope you have a nice day.


    • I am so glad that this one is in our neighborhood. They have been improving this park, a little each year, since we moved here. They only put up the pole and banner flags last week. I was really happy to see that. We generally walk their every day.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these photos and your sentiment on Memorial Day, Dan. I’ve never heard if a flag burning pit, but it makes sense…and what a wonderful project for this Scout. Have a great day!

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  3. A beautiful park, Dan. Thanks for sharing your Memorial Day thoughts. I think the retirement pit is a terrific idea. I wish for peace for John Chapman’s family and all those who have suffered losses.

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  4. A sacred place, Dan. Reminds me of the wonderful Veteran’s Memorial area in Antelope Park, Lincoln, NE. There is also a beautiful dedicated Veteran’s area in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln also. Beautiful post, my friend.

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