Doors on Duff

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was out of town since last Wednesday. I was in Iowa, visiting my brother. One of the main streets in his town is Duff Avenue. There’s a section of Duff that includes several historic Victorian houses. I knew I wouldn’t be home in time to do much research, so I thought I’d just share the doors on Duff for today. I hope you enjoy them.

Thursday Doors was quiet last week while I was gone. Please take a stroll through the comments and welcome back the participants.

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  1. They certainly like their trees and shrubs big in Iowa, not to mention up close to their homes! I too like the “not a Victorian” house. Love all the porches and gables and beautiful windows.

    Great capture of Old Glory with that magnificent deep blue sky as background.

    Glad you had the chance to visit with your brother.

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    • I think most of these homes (except for the not Victorian) have been carved up into apartments. Ames is a college town. I’m sure that impacts the degree to which the owners care about pruning. I think we should be able to give them a ticket for blocking a clear view of the door. I realized that I haven’t had a flag photo this week. I had to add one. The big porches are my favorite feature on these houses. Take care, Ginger.


  2. I think I could very happily live on Duff Avenue, Dan. And, of course, all those beautiful trees make these houses even more inviting. And one is for sale…!

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    • Thanks Teresa. I had a very nice visit with my family out there. It was fun to get away, but I’m glad to be home.

      Excellent doors today – I love the photo of the gate from the inside (I forgot to mention that on your blog).

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  3. Hi Dan – love those big verandah’s … but interesting range of homes …while the ‘now’ City Hall looks well to do … so pleased you had a good time – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Janet. Our spring, and their spring in Ames has been wet and green. We had a drought a few years ago, and I will never take that for granted again.

      You snagged some nice doors today.

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  4. What a delightful neighborhood with beautiful houses. Somehow the red house with green trim stands out to me as “quaint.” Hope you had a good and memorable time with your brother. It was here definitely too quiet last Thurs. Doors. Am happy you’re back. Here my doors.


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    • Thanks Emille. I liked the red house, but it’s not located in the area of the others, and by comparison, it does look quaint. I had a great visit with my brother, but it’s good to be back.


    • That house is one of my favorites, too. I have several photos of it that I didn’t use. I snapped each time we passed by. That is my book. It was released a week ago. I’m working to get the marketing a little less blatant.


  5. I live in the redwood country in northern California, right on the ocean. One of our nearby towns is Ferndale, which is well-known for its Victorian architecture.

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    • Iowa is in the middle, north of center. It is such a different experience being there than here in New England. There is so much space, and so many huge tracks of farmland. Their winters are tough, and severe weather happens throughout the year.

      I’m glad you shared your post!

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  6. 102 comments, I think we missed you, Dan. I agree with Robbie about all the green foliage. It is so luscious, You don’t find any of that in AZ. In your case, you almost don’t see the doors for the trees in the summer. :) I was excited to see you had a school but then read it was turned into City Hall. I’m surprised they turned an old school house into a City Hall! Here’s my corrected post.

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  7. It looks like Duff is a beautiful quiet town, Dan. I could feel the moisture in the air. Welcome back. I love that “not a” Victorian house. Your new release tour is fast approaching. Will you reblog all the posts so we can visit?

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    • Moisture was not an issue, Miriam. We only got caught in the rain once, but they had almost 5″ of rain that week.

      I am planning to reblog the posts. I am working to have them all be unique. The “not a” Victorian house is my favorite. Well one of. Thsnks for visiting.


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