Thursday Doors Recap – June 9, 2022

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The Thursday Doors recap for the two and one half day period beginning on the above date is ready to be viewed. Click here if you’re interested.

Note: Today begins the book launch for my debut novel. I will be reblogging a post later today from Yvette at Priorhouse. Thanks for letting me visit your inbox twice.

Note: To be included in the recap, please target your pingback to the current Thursday Doors post on my blog (available in the sidebar as early as the Wednesday before my post) or leave a link in a comment on my post. Pingbacks only work from WordPress hosted blogs. If you had a Thursday Doors post and you don’t see it in the recap, please let me know. I will update the table.

The Second Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge has ended, with a record number of entries! We had 29 entries! I have read them all and they are wonderful! I highly recommend that you pop over and give these posts a read.

We had a record crop of doors today. There are so many interesting images and so much history and information being shared, you really owe it to yourself to explore these doors today.

If you like speculative fiction with a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:


The Evil You Choose


  1. Congratulations on the book Dan! You have so much going on, wow! Will pop over to do some reading on the entries. My writing brain has been in halt for a while. But I do look forward to reading both your book, and the entries. Hope you Fathers Day was a good one.


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