#Knuckleheads the Dreamer’s Alliance #Book Tour

Today, the book tour is stopping at Cheryl Pennington’s blog. Many of you know Cheryl as the witty, unflappable bartender in my Saturday posts. She has also been a supportive blog friend for a long time, and one of the few bloggers I have met in person. She is one of the three people who I acknowledge in my book.

Cheryl’s blog, a treasure chest of beautiful photos and verse, is on Blogger. That means I can’t reblog her post, but I can tease you with an excerpt and point you in her direction. If you’d rather just visit her site (that would be my choice) click here.

It’s so exciting to be a part of your book tour and promote this really wonderful series. You and I have been blogging friends for about eight years now and it’s been fun to see your blog become a place for so many writers to come together and share. We all enjoy your informative, and often humorous, historical pieces and photos. Of course my favorite regular posts are the If We Were Having a Beer segments, and not just because I get to virtually work at the bar.😉

As host of the weekly Thursday Doors prompt you’ve been creative and welcoming to anyone with a camera and an interest in door hunting!

Congratulations on your retirement and creating this book series that is obviously very personal for you. It has been my great pleasure to be one of the first to read the books.  Please give us some of the backstory for Knuckleheads The Dreamer’s Alliance.

Cheryl Pennington – Dreaming Existence

If you’re still reading my blog, click here and move over to Cheryl’s.

If you like magical realism with suspense, action and a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:

The Evil You Choose
When Evil Chooses You

Series page on Amazon

My profile page (and books) on Lulu

All available on Kindle Unlimited!


  1. I’m sorry to say that my eyes can’t handle white print on dark background, so I couldn’t get all the way through this part of your book tour, but it was exciting anyway. As you know from my blog, I can’t tell a story, so reading even a little about how you came to write your stories is continuing education for me! Good stuff!

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  2. Dan, awesome marketing with Cheryl today. Personalizing posts is the way to go, as I’ve found too. Our friend Teagan calls it, shamelessly marketing, and It works. 📚🎶 Christine


  3. Congratulations on the book, Dan! Just bought a Kindle edition. Would love to get a signed PB copy at some point, but at least I’ll have an edition in my pocket in the meantime. Good luck with it!

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