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As promised, during this week of my book launch, I’m going to go easy on the words in my regular posts. I do have an important announcement for Thursday Doors participants (see below). Today’s post is coming in on the tail end of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Here’s what Cee says about this challenge:

“This week our topic is celebrating Vehicle Details (paint job, headlights, engines, grills, seats, wheels, etc). Have fun. Most all of you know, I just adore taking photos vehicles, new or vintage.”

Now, before drifting into the gallery of vehicles I have gathered, let’s get that that announcement out of the way. As many of you know, Cee offers several photo challenges each week. On Thursdays, she kicks off her Black and White Photo Challenge. This challenge is topic related and the next topic (Thursday 6/23 – Wednesday 6/29) is Doors and Drawers. So, if you want to double-dip with your photos, save a few black and white ones for Cee’s challenge. Of course, you can include them in your Thursday Doors post.

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  1. I remember when there were so many Triumph Spitfires around that you never took that much notice of them. Nowadays of course, they are as rare as rocking-horse manure but you do occasionally still see them out and about during the summer months. I remember one of my teachers had one back in the day!

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  2. Quite a unique collection of cars. The NY Yankees is a hoot. The Mini Roadster looks like it was custom made for the little girl….you know, like if they were multi-millionaires! Your Triumph Spitfire seems to please David to no end. The
    Studebaker with all the painted parts is clever to say the least.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if we still traveled on horses, what would we doing to them to make them stand out from the pack!

    Hope this is the start of a good week for you.

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    • Thanks Ginger. When she was in college, we bought Faith a car – a used For Escort – but mostly reliable transportation.

      David is British, so giving him a ride in the Spitfire seemed appropriate. Faith drove it one summer. She got to see first hand how unreliable it was. That car literally broke down the weekend after I bought it. Less than 1,000 miles and it stranded me on a beach in Oregon.

      I have seen horses at horse shows with pretty things braided into their mane. Maybe ???

      I hope you have a great week.


  3. This was fun, Dan. I know very little about cars, but I do know that guys love them. I enjoy car shows with my hubby because all the guys are so happy. 😊

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  4. I love going to old car shows. Big fins make my heart beat faster. That said, the Yankees Bug is adorable! The Yanks and Mets are still dear to my heart. I have never seen the inside of a fire truck so that is one snazzy photo of their control panel.

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    • I wish I had better photos, John. I tried picking up that newspaper. The paper, the mat, the interior surfaces, even the radio were all painted on. The guy’s brother did the paint and was advertising at the race.

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    • Thanks Cee. I decided that I’m going to extend the Thursday Doors deadline for anyone coming from your challenge, to match the dates of yours. You can let them know if you like. I think this will be fun.


    • I think combining the two challenges will be fun, Janet. Of course, Cee’s challenge is for black and white photos, I’m still accepting any variety. I prefer the real Beetles, too, but I don’t have any pictures of them.

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      • I get photos of them periodically, although not always very good ones because they’re sometimes taken on the spur of the moment or from the (non-moving) van. We have a friend back in Illinois who’s restored an old Beetle and I always send the photos to him. He can tell you the year just by the details. :-)

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  5. I am in awe of that faux Studebaker! That is some artist there. I loved the trolley and the fire truck control panel, with different reactions to each: I’d really like to ride on the trolley, but I want no part of riding on a fire truck! I give them wide and respectful berth, like trains. I also love black and white photos, so I’m really looking forward to what comes next! Nonetheless, I admire the color and sparkle in this gallery. Lots of life in this!

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    • That Studebaker was amazing. Every detail looked so real, until I tried to touch it. It was all paint. The radio, the upholstery, the mats, the dashboard and the newspaper. I love that particular trolley. It’s very much like the one my mother took me into downtown Pittsburgh on.

      This coming weekend, our firemen are holding their annual carnival after a two-year absence due to Covid. On Saturday, there will be a parade. I hope to be featuring fire truck doors next Thursday.

      I plan to divide and conquer both challenges. I will include a section of black and white doors on Thursday.

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    • I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the book, Janis. The car crash / training exercise was amazing to watch. The scenario was that the car Faith donated had rear-ended a van carrying school children. They worked for over two hours, practicing all manner of techniques.


  6. Nice gallery, Dan. You know the hubs is a car fanatic. One of my favorite adventures was going to the Indy 500. What a ride! I love the little Spitfire. Hi David! I should have joined this challenge. I have some very interesting car photos in my stash. Somehow I thought there’d be more trains… 🤭😉

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