Two #BookReviews: Knuckleheads and Hues of Hope #paranormal #novel #poetry

Thanks to Staci Troilo for this wonderful review of my debut novel. And, I learned about a new poet to put on my reading list.

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! Today I’d like to share reviews of two of the books I read recently. I don’t want to take the space to include the blurbs, but you can click on the covers to read them. I’m just going to share my thoughts below.

Knuckleheads by Dan Antion

A Poignant Look at Days Gone By… and So Much More

In this debut novel, readers follow two teenage boys who discover they have paranormal gifts. For most kids, that would be a boon. They’d envision themselves as superheroes, possibly exploit their talents for selfish means.

Zach and Billy aren’t typical kids.

Despite trying to hide their abilities, they are constantly impacted by them, sometimes to serious detriment. Seeing the world through Zach’s eyes proves to be a brilliant character study. We feel his pain and confusion, we live his anger and fear. That, juxtaposed with his adult reflections, paints a…

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