Gratitude – #1LinerWeds

In a few hours, John Howell will be hosting the final official stop of my blog-tour book launch. Final official stop, but as we saw yesterday, there have also been unplanned but extremely welcome stops. Staci Troilo’s review of Knuckleheads was a heartwarming treat for me. Still, I’m keeping with my pledge to limit the length of my regular posts on days when there will be multiple posts. Today is such a day.

My one-liner for today is simple:

“Thank You!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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  1. Hi Dan – all the best with your book … and what a fun series of visits around your locality. Excellent to see the Windsor Fife and Drum Corps being involved with the parades. Looks like it was a brilliant day – but am sure there was lots of water around. Lovely photos too – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I hope they had lots of water, and maybe a bit of ice cream to cool them down. It was 92°f (33°c) when they were marching. The book tour has been so much fun. I’m still trying to process everything.


  2. Well done on a great blog tour, I wish the best with the sales. John Howell’s place is great place for the tour’s last hoorah! Just keep an eye out for large objects falling from the sky and mad, bad and dangerous cartoon characters

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  3. Dan, the photo of Old Glory reflected in the fire pit is the best shot ever! Frame worthy! You should send it to your local paper so they can use it every year.

    The contrails are great. That blue sky is breathtaking.

    Kudos to the folks for suiting up in such hot weather and proudly marching down the parade route.

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    • Thanks Ginger. I want to send that photo to the Scoutmaster. That was such a great project for the Eagle Scout candidate.

      I always enjoy seeing contrails. It’s been so humid, that they are forming much lower in the sky. That’s the best photo of the plane I’ve ever gotten.

      Kudos indeed to those folks. It was so miserably hot and humid. To be out there in the sun and the heat in those uniforms – I can’t imagine.


    • I’m glad you like the photos, Frank. Those kids deserve a medal for marching in that heat. That bunny was teasing me. I have about 6 shots of plants but no bunny – I felt like Elmer Fudd.

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  4. When the blog tour is done, will you be going to go on a road tour?
    I haven’t been to a parade in a while either, so I really did enjoy your pictures!

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    • I wish, GP, but other than my continuing to reblog reviews and dropping comments across social media, this will be it until the second book is released. Hopefully I can figure out Amazon promotions before the end of August. If I can, it will be “let’s make a deal” time.

      It was great fun to watch a parade again. For the kids that missed marching for two years, it was a big deal.

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  5. The book launch has been fun and I hope it works a treat and you sell a lot of copies of your book!

    I’m going to send this post to #1 Grandson. I think he’ll enjoy seeing the costumes/uniforms the fire and drum corp band are wearing! He’s really into the Revolutionary period and studies and reads about it and many famous and not so famous people from the period and loves the fashion. I bought him a costume with a tri corner hat, and wig that he’s worn almost everyday for 6 months. 😀
    It looks like it was a great parade.

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    • That little bugger was teasing me, Judy. I have a bunch of photos of those bushes, starting halfway up that driveway where “there was a bunny here.” I finally got this one before he darted across the street.

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  6. What a great parade this was. Did they march through the ‘walker lady’ neighborhood? Your book tour has been great, Dan. I think you did a wonderful job of promoting your book. And then the review? Icing on the cake!

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  7. Beautiful photos, Dan. The flag reflected in the flag honor pit belongs in a collection somewhere. Extraordinary. Enjoy your day and the Knuckleheads tour. 😊

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    • Thanks Jan. I was so happy that these guys had good weather for the carnival and the parade. If you can call 93 degrees good.

      I’ve been having so much fun on this book tour. Ending at John’s feel very good, and, like you and the others, he’s been a great host.


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