June Leftovers

Welcome to Thursday Doors! This is a weekly challenge for people who love doors and architecture to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos, drawings, or other images or stories from around the world. If you’d like to join us, simply create your own Thursday Doors post each (or any) week and then share a link to your post in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time). If you like, you can add our badge to your post.

As the title implies, the photos in the gallery have been collected from photos I took in late May and June. There’s not much to say about the images, but I hope you enjoy them.

I also hope you take a few minutes to visit some of the posts from the other participants.

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  1. My family loves Jimmy Johns but I was really disappointed when I ordered a Philly cheese steak. Too many peppers and not the right cheese. Guess I’ll have to visit my granddaughter in PA😂

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  2. I have to laugh — I almost missed the cats in that last photo — 9 cats??? LOL Wow! Bet there’s not a mouse or ground squirrel within 5 miles of your place!!! Still chuckling here…

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  3. Great Iowa leftovers. I especially like the “hidden door” photo. I like the way the sun plays on the chain link fence in another photo. The two cats standing century at the gate is a hoot. No one is getting past them! The building that once was a gymnasium has great doors. Why, I’d go there and get my exercise just opening and closing those doors!

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’m glad you enjoyed the leftovers. I hate leaving good photos in the folders after I move onto a new month. I know they will soon be lost. Those two guard cats seem pleased with themselves. The one on the right is the one Maddie always scowled at. I think the gym is now town offices. You might have to open those doors to pay your taxes.


    • Thanks Sherry. The cats at the gate is my favorite. I also really like that photo of the gate. I wish I remembered where it is,

      You have a wonderful collection today!


  4. It does look like the cats have positioned themselves as sentries in front of that door. The shot of the apartment building repurposed as a law office caught my eye. I see a lot of that in our county seat city, where former residences have been turned into legal offices near the county courthouse.

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    • Thanks. The guard cats are pretty cute. The law offices are very close to the Capitol, the Legislative Office Building and several courthouses. Most of the buildings in the area have been repurposed as law offices.

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  5. In that very first one, is that a screened porch? If so, WOW. But that big shady porch that is your favorite is the one I do covet. I wonder if they’d let me sit there if I brought strawberry ice cream for everyone. Such places are the Calgon of life: they take us away. Thanks for the escape!

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  6. “I’m not sure where I took this photo”–but it’s a good one. I do enjoy what I call ‘fill the screen’ photos. It’s a keeper. That one Iowa leftover house just looks slightly off-center, but I do like the oval window on the second floor.
    Nine cats?! Who has nine cats?? I only have 5 and my husband has held me to ‘no more!’ 😹 These two are cuties, though.

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  7. Hi Dan – fun to see … and it always interests me to see how different life is on your side of the pond (vis a vis buildings etc) … lovely leafy areas though with verandah (or stoeps as I’d call them in South Africa) …I love the cat one …they’ve got their own backdoor! – Cheers Hilary

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  8. I must admit that I have always loved leftovers. You do not disappoint. My favourite picture is the gate with the cats. Gates are always intriguing to me. What is on the other side?

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  9. The architecture never disappoints here. It’s comforting to read you again. I ordered your book so that I may read you even when I am screen-avoidant, haha! I’m excited!

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  10. Hi Dan, I loved the last picture of the cats in front of the doors. I wouldn’t have noticed them if not for the caption because the white of the door attracts relegating the cats to the background. The leftover pictures of doors from IOWA were very pretty too- especially the blue house one whose door appears as a faint outline behind the tree, and the gymnasium doors.
    And finally, here’s my post for Thursday Doors :). Happy to be participating again.

    Thursday Doors: Fort Kochi (Part 1)

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  11. Like the La Fiesta doors, and it never ceases to amaze me how much stairs leading up to a door, elevates the view (quite literally).
    The roof people were here until 9:30 pm and after that all I wanted was to “”not think,”
    because they did all the things you should not do with a customer. I was not angry, but frustrated, because it looked most of the crew were not American. The project leader was not there because of family issues, so The drew did not introduce themselves as a company, when they came. They littered the yard with their personal, and roof stuff – they ate lunch in our neighbors yard! When we came back from doing groceries, we found a teen sleeping next to our front door. They did clean up though.

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  12. You have quite a broad assortment of windows this week, Dan. My favorite is the brick building with rounded windows. Hope you had a great 4th and are having a wonderful weekend. :)

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  13. A fun little eclectic collection, Dan. I think my favorite is the law firm (I like the unusual shape of it, and it IS brick), but there are a lot of good pics here. Glad they finally saw the light of day!

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  14. Nice collection of leftovers! The gate is lovely, and the food truck looks inviting. We have Jimmy Johns here. I love their thick sliced wheat and tuna sandwiches. Yum…I may have to do a drive-thru trip soon it’s been awhile since I’ve had that sandwich! 😄

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  15. Ooo, I love food trucks! And towers, even if they’re really just stacked bay windows. We only have food trucks on festival days here, but I’ve had some good and original food truck fare over in Louisville, Kentucky.

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    • The next time I’m in Iowa, I hope to try that food truck. I think we would have stopped, but we had Mexican food the day before and we had leftovers waiting for us.


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