Do What for How Long? – SoCS

Welcome to the weekend. David and I are joining Cheryl at the bar today to put this week behind us and relax with some useless science as we wrangle with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, Linda asks us to make a note of it – and to have fun.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘make a note.’ Do with it what you will. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be getting a little too personal.

“Hi Cheryl. Have you seen Dan?”

“I think he’s in the little Corona Boy’s room.”

“Well, set him up with a fresh one. I guess it’s my turn to buy.”

“You like it when he invites guests, don’t you David.”

“I do. The top shelf is always in reach when we have company.”

“You say that like John Howell’s Bourbon is second-tier liquor, David.”

“Geez, what did I miss? You guys dissing John Howell’s?”

“No, Dan. I’m just picking on David. He bought you a beer.”

“Well thank you David. Cheers.”

“And to you, Dan. Pardon my indiscretion, but did your, um, activity in the room take twenty seconds?”

“What? Why do you care?”

“Actually, I don’t. I just finished reading this article that says we should pee for twenty seconds. If we pee less than that, we risk conditioning our bladder to signal the urge too soon.”

“And if we wait too long?”

“Potential damage.”

“To our bladder or our clothes? What on earth are you reading?”

“Here, I made a note in my phone to show you. I read an article in National Geographic, but it’s behind a paywall, of course, I subscribe…”

“Of course.”

“You can also read about it at Well And Good. Anyway, it’s based on research conducted at Georgia Tech.”

“I’ll wait for the movie.”

“Guys, can we move the discussion away from biology? You’re scaring my customers.”

“Sorry, Cheryl. I figured Dan would find this fascinating. He usually gets excited about weird science.”

“There’s weird science, David, and then there’s stuff I’m not sure we need to study.”

“Like timing…”


“Sorry, Cheryl. Perhaps Dan will give us a better example.”

“OK. Did you know that, despite more, larger and brighter signage, wrong way driving deaths continue to increase in Connecticut?”

“I didn’t know that, but I have read about a lot of them this year. I’ve certainly noticed the signs. ‘Wrong Way’ – ‘Do Not Enter’ – they are huge. How do people miss them?”

“Would it surprise you to know that most of those accidents happen after Midnight?”

“I hadn’t thought much about it, Dan.”

“Would it further surprise you to know that, in most cases, alcohol is involved?”

“No surprise there. Let me guess. We paid someone to study this?”

“We did.”

“Well then, perhaps there’s a career for those guys in Georgia.”

“There seems to be no shortage of opportunities to study the obvious. Check out this article from Time Magazine.”

“Wait, ‘Being homeless is bad for your health?’ Who would have guessed, Dan?”

“Keep reading, David. You’ll find such improbable nuggets that have been unearthed by solid scientific research as, get this, the Mexican drug war increased homicide rates.”

“Shocking. Cheryl, I think I’m going to need another John Howell’s Special. I mean, unless research has shown that mixing seltzer, bourbon and cherries is dangerous.”

“I think they said it’s OK, David. Unless you serve it with a glass of ice. You want another beer, Dan?”

“I do, Cheryl. After seeing where tax and tuition dollars are going, I feel the need to fund the normal economy.”

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  1. These type of studies always leave me speechless, but they remind me of WA wanting to rename Army bases. My husband served some of his time at Fort Hood. It will always be Fort Hood to him regardless of what they rename it. I also wonder how many years down the road it will be before someone else in WA decides that the new name is not an ‘inclusive’ one, and it should be changed again. I won’t bore you with the phone call I received in response to my expressed opinion, but we agreed to disagree. Happy Saturday, Dan, grab some wood and work on a project because it will be much more satisfying than reading the news. 🙂

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    • Renaming Army bases, churches, sports teams…I wonder how long it will be before parents start renaming their children. Given some of the names they are handing out these days, it might not be a bad idea. On the other hand, I still refer to one of our neighbor’s houses as “so and so’s house” even though it’s had two owners since that family moved. I still like them best.

      I hope you have a good weekend, Judy. Stay away from studies and the news.

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  2. These studies leave me speechless, and that’s saying something!

    Poor MuMu, always waiting to be brushed! Love the river reflections and “Wow” to the contrails. Seems like you have a growing supply of squirrels to eat up all those peanuts you and the Editor keep at the ready.

    Heartbreaking to see Old Glory at half mast again for another senseless tragedy.

    I really like these new banners also honoring those currently serving. My thanks to all of them.

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    • I think they should study how much money we waste on studies. I also think they should spend money helping homeless people instead of studying whether or not being homeless is bad for your health. The one that made me shake my head was the wrong way drivers. After midnight – driving past 8 different warning signs, each the size of a refrigerator – but we need to ask if alcohol was involved?

      Poor MuMu has been brushed, Ginger. Don’t believe her when she says she hasn’t been. And don’t believe those squirrels if they say they haven’t eaten in months.

      We have been seeing amazing contrails lately. I guess it’s the humidity. At least that’s one good thing about it.

      I wanted to skip the half-staff flag. I am so tired of seeing it sad like that. It’s not the freedom those brave soldiers fought for. I do like the new banner. I hope they keep changing it. Seeing a new one makes us stop and think about why this park is here.

      I hope you have a nice quiet weekend.


  3. I read the TIME article and I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, so I do both. If “scientists” (thank goodness for quotation marks) need to know what the rest of us already know, they should just stop at the Island View, where they would learn everything and we’d all be happier. Thanks for the picture of the diner — comfort food for the eye!

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    • I laughed at that article, until I realized that our taxes probably paid for some of those studies. Then I wanted to cry. I also wanted to cry because I can picture a meeting where someone said: “I think we should do something to help the homeless.” And then someone else said: “Maybe we should study the problem…” Then they all left the room feeling good about themselves because they “did something.”

      These people need to come to the bar. We solve all the world’s problems there. I hope you have a nice weekend. Stay off the highways after midnight.

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      • At my age, I stay off the highways at noon, let alone midnight! As for our tax money, that gives even more reason to send these scholars to the Island View on Saturdays. I picture the same thing you do: people congratulating themselves because they decided to form a committee. I’ve developed a serious dent in my forehead from where my hand smacks it. A good weekend to you too, Dan, despite it all!

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  4. Great bar conversation today, Dan. First off, the prompt hit home! Whenever I say ‘Remind me to…’, the reply always comes back, ‘Write yourself a note.’ (If I wrote myself a note every time, I’d look like an ad for post-it)
    I REALLY like your photos today! From the Veterans Memorial Park, to the diner (I miss having one of those!), squirrel and MY car being stopped!

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  5. Loved the studies, Dan. I also loved the Olds 442. I was trying to guess the year. Looks like a later model to me. I’m the one who gets stopped every time, so I’m glad you got that recorded. Great job on the prompt, and thank you for the link. Have a super weekend.

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    • I tried passing the 442 so I could get a look at the front, but he was having none of that. Once he got around the FedEx truck, he was gone.

      You must have the same sign on your car as I do – “stop this guy.” I was there for a long time. While the single lane was full of cars, a firetruck came up behind me. They waved all the cars up onto the sidewalk. The firetruck got through, then I had to wait while that sorted everything out.

      Have a great weekend. Stay out of the sights of the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

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  6. David’s question to you made me laugh because my son gave me a Far Side desk calendar for Christmas. The latest cartoon was a favorite of mine–guy walking back into the restaurant from the men’s room and the sign is flashing “Didn’t Wash Hands.” Maybe they should do a study on if those “employee must wash hands” signs really do work.
    Beautiful reflections, Dan.
    Glad to hear MuMu was brushed. My cats get a bit huffy when I tell them she is STILL waiting…🙀 Have a great weekend.

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    • I remember that cartoon, Lois. Larson had a warped sense of humor.

      I’m glad you like the reflections. I can’t pass them up. And, despite what the old girl says, she gets brushed several times a day. This morning, I brushed her, then I rubbed her belly while she was laying on the shelf. She grabbed my hand with her front paws/claws and bit my finger. That’s gratitude.

      Give your crew a scritch from us, and I hope you have a great weekend,

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  7. 20 second pee seems long to me, Dan. I dunno about that one ;-)
    Excellent exchange and full of info (an amazingly large amount of money is wasted on these “studies”)
    Wonderful photos, too!
    Happy Saturday!

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    • Yesh, I’m going to go with “do what feels right.” One article suggested not going to the bathroom before leaving your house. Like I want to be looking for a restroom at Target 30 minutes later. I had to stop talking about that study. The rest of them make me shake my head.

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  8. You know I used to subscribe to Popular Science back in the day. And Explorer, I think. With today’s ‘studies’ I just don’t bother, knowing it will change again in six months to a year. Especially regarding health issues. There are just too many fingers trying to untangle the knots. One of the things we love most about living here, Dan, is how easy it is to contribute to the local economy. We’ve recently found so many great stores that have everything, and often more, than what we found back home and all in one place. There are produce vendors at nearly every intersection. Buying in the grocery chains actually means the quality and price will be less appealing. So, when I get emails from ‘certain’ groups asking for support to create a co-op for imported goods it makes my blood boil. It that’s what they wanted they should have just stayed where they were. Anyway… 🫢

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    • These guys publish a study and within days they’re telling us how to live. The first study said not to pee before going out. Like that’s ever going to happen.


  9. I’m all in favor of bladder research on real human beings (as opposed to animals of course.) Lots of people have bladder issues, especially as we get older. I’ve been guilty of “Make sure you pee before you leave the house whether you have to go or not.” Research should study how people successfully overcome homelessness, quitting smoking, and other hard stuff. Nice squirrel picture. :)

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  10. Many thanks to Captain Obvious for his contributions to your post, Dan. My husband used to tell put daughter, “Nothing good happens after midnight. And adding alcohol only makes that more likely as well as more dangerous. On the positive side, I like the idea of thanking those currently serving. We shouldn’t wait into. Someone is killed to do so.

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    • I have to agree with your husband, Janet. I am happy not to be on the road very often after midnight. I do like the new banners, though. I think it’s a nice addition to the park.

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  11. Hahahah. Men and their timing! At least they weren’t studying the ability to aim. Sorry, couldn’t resist. You have the most polite menagerie. Great picture of the squirrel.

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    • Aim? That’s an entirely different post, Pam. We’d have to wait for Skippy. I doubt Cheryl would let us have that conversation. The squirrels don’t seem to come around as much now that Maddie is gone. I think they had a connection with her. We’re happy to see the ones who pop in for a snack.

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  12. Thanks for the info to ponder. 10, 20, 30, 40 seconds, who’s counting? I’ve been there, done that though… 🤣😂🤣 Oh, dear, a day lily salad – you’ve got scoundrels in your yard too! Love the flag photo as always. PS – did you buy the officer a cup of coffee and a donut? ;-) I hope you have a great week!!

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  13. Hi Dan – good selection of thoughts here … but good to see MuMu is keeping you under control now Maddie has gone – so sad … while I looked at the photo of the FedEx truck … and thought it was overtaking … in the comments – realised you drive on a different side of the road!! Oh oh … but it is hot! cheers Hilary


  14. “I’ll wait for the movie.” Dan, you always crack me up! Great day at the bar. I thought Hubby was the only human being who could tell the make, model, and year of an old(er) car from a distance. Well, I guess there are two of you. 🙂 Really nice that flag photos of those currently serving in the military are flying alongside the flag banner.

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  15. Haha, I remember my Teacher’s Bladder, Dan. Great photos you have. I like squirrels and rabbits. We have squirrels here but not rabbits. Robbie said, “I do enjoy Dan’s interviews at the bar so that’s no problem.” She has a new children’s book released in the fall, probably in October, with the Haloween theme. Let me find out some more. I think I can release my memoir book in early August and have a short tour in the first week of September. Are you interested in hosting me?

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  16. My mother read an article that for us women to put our elbows on our knees to get as much pee as possible out. I have been doing that since I am on a water pill. Pretty pictures of reflections. I saw a bunny yesterday when I went out to see if the mail had run. The bunny didn’t run away when I went past it. It was really cute.

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  17. HI Dan, I won’t even mention how irritated I get by where my tax money goes, but it’s mainly into the pockets of corrupt government officials while our people suffer. I suppose some of these studies must have a useful purpose and feed into greater studies.

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    • Corruption comes in many forms, Robbie. Some of these studies are just a smoke screen by officials who don’t want to take the steps necessary to make useful changes. Studying homelessness is an ongoing way to avoid solving the problems of the homeless. We’ve been studying it for decades, but most communities around here still fight the building of affordable housing. “Not in my backyard” reigns supreme.

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