Acts of Kindness

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this past week (ending today) has been things that symbolize an act of kindness.

Some of the photos have long but interesting captions. Click on any photo to start a slide show. Then you might have to click on the little ’i’ in a circl to show the entire caption. Sorry, I wish it was easier.


  1. It’s nice to see that kindness to others is alive and well. When you hear or read the news, it seems as though being kind is a lost art. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront where it belongs,

    Great selection of pictures. My favorite is the turtle crossing sign. I imagine it’s their favorite too!

    Old Glory is having to spend entirely too much time at half mast anymore. Perhaps more acts of kindness and less acts of violence would have her proudly waving in her rightful place.

    It would be a very welcome act of kindness on the part of Mother Nature if she shared some rain with us. We haven’t had rain in so long I forgot what it looks like!

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    • Kindness is alive and well, Ginger, but too few people seem to notice. Sometimes, one person’s act of kindness is ignored because someone is having a bad day/week/year/pandemic, but they still should be recognized.

      Stopping for a turtle to cross the road makes you think about the pace of life. Waiting for them, or those turkeys, really make me think, “what’s your hurry?”

      I’m with you on the flag, I’m tired of seeing it at half staff so often. I remember when that used to be a rare event.

      It is raining lightly here, but not enough to matter, yet. I hope you have a good week.


  2. I remember you saying a out the ambulance it was at a parade wasn’t it?
    Love the photos, I have brother who is retired from the army now, seen his fair share of combat. He always comments if we see or even just hear a Chinook, ” The best and most welcome sound ever ” true lifesavers 💜💜

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    • Yeah, I reused the ambulance that I used only a few weeks ago. I try to gather these from deep in the archives, but it was after midnight when those guys came to pick me off the floor. I’ll never forget that.

      Your brother deserves a shout out for his service. I don’t know if you can watch this video, if you can, you might want to share it with him. The Chinooks are so loud, we have time to run out and see them was they fly over. One day, I remembered to get a short video.


  3. Hi Dan – you obviously recovered, I’m pleased to say and see … I love that little poetry box – brilliant idea. Poor Johnathon, or perhaps more appropriately his wife must have been shocked … and yes freedom, sadly, takes its toll … Thanks for sharing – cheers Hilary

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    • Johnathon’s house is on the green in Lexington, Massachusetts. My ambulance ride was in 2017, but I still remember the kindness the crew and the policeman (who arrived first) showed me and my wife.

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  4. A nice reminder to start the week–be kind, people. My favorite photo is the turkeys crossing the road. I imagine one saying to the other, ‘Hurry up, Myrt. The light just changed!’ Such a fun photo, Dan.

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  5. Catching up from the weekend Dan. It is always good to be reminded of acts of kindness. Especially because the news media tend toward the unfortunate news. So I will bite – Why did the turkeys cross the road ? Was it because the news is better on the the other side ?

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  6. I’d forgotten about the time you got hurt! I was wincing again just now as I looked at the pic of you with stitches on your head. Ouch. :P Good pics, though! Just think — if you knew a squirrel named Peanut, and he’d grabbed an old stogie, you could caption it, “Peanut enjoying his smokey.” xD (I know — my mind works in odd ways. ;P)

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  7. Okay, I admit that you scared me when the first thing I saw was the ambulance photo. That old description of “foamy pink” isn’t something I can forget. Love the turkeys crossing the street. Which reminds me…
    Why did the chicken cross the playground?
    To get to the other slide.
    Consider that payback. LOL. Hugs on the wing!

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  8. Hurrah for acts of kindness. One of mine is to always take my grocery cart to the cart corral, or whatever it’s called, and another one if I can find one, which I usually can. I wish for days when there was nothing happening that had us put the flags at half mast.

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    • I remember when seeing the flag at half mast was rare. I also take my carts back, and if I can grab an abandoned one on my way in, I will. I don’t know why people feel it’s ok to leave them wherever they feel.

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