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From the title, you may have guessed that I have a few more doors from the historic district in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut. I don’t have any detailed information about any of these houses, but I am revisiting one door that I shared last week – the gray house with the turret.

Frank, from Beach Walk Reflections mentioned in his comment: “A question about the turret house … I’ve got the feeling that house sits on a corner, so you captured the side door. (Great view BTW) … correct?”

Frank was right. That house is on a corner, but I’m not sure that was a side door. On the day I took the photo I used last week, traffic had been diverted (or detoured, if you prefer) down the street I was on. For the record, the photo I shared last week faces the main street. Being close to the corner, and in heavy traffic, when I pulled back onto the street, I didn’t have enough room to turn down the side street. Other business last week took me near that street, so I decided to check it out.

In addition to a replay of last week’s door, there are two other photos of that house in today’s gallery. I apologize for the then one taken through my windshield. I’m not sure which door is the “front” door. Feel free to offer your opinion in a comment. Keep in mind that, over time, the structure of the porch could have been altered.

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  1. Great doors, Dan.
    The yellow house with a wrapped-round porch seems to be standing on its tiptoes, peeking from behind the curtain of trees :)

    You found some houses with some quaint windows.

    I return to Corvin Castle in Transylvania this week. I had a thought about a door and it kept me awake at night:

    Dan, if you comment on my blog but your words seem to disappear, it’s Akismet and I don’t know what (else) to do about it.

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    • You may be right, Sofia. I did notice that some of these old houses had been divided. I think, when they were originally built, they were designed to serve large, perhaps multi-generation families. That’s uncommon today.

      Your post is very interesting. I love the history you can find.

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  2. Lovely houses again, Dan. Each looks like it could be a star in a nice romantic or indie movie. That oval window is hilarious. But now I wonder if I’d notice how funny it looks now if you didn’t say anything.

    My post is a birthday present for my sister. It’s long and it has more things than just doors. I hope you like it anyway:

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    • I’m glad you liked these Manja. I was reluctant to call out the oval window, but I don’t like it. I’m sure there’s a reason they set it that way, but it doesn’t work for me.

      Your photos today are beautiful and a lovely gift for your sister.


  3. Quite a nice collection of buildings, doors, turrets, pop-outs, and those amazing wrap around porches. Then there’s the beautiful properties they each sit on. Nice place to live!

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    • I’m glad you liked seeing these, Ginger. I won’t be moving into any of them, but they are lovely.

      I’ll be content to try and stay cool in our house. I hope you can do the same.


  4. These homes…beauties, all of them. The one you said ‘unexpected’ I agree, but unexpected in not a good way. And add-on gone awry, maybe? I now realize I am a shed dormer kinda gal. Those little windows are so cute! I had to smile at your ‘three season porch’ because down here they are called ‘Florida rooms.’ Catchy, right? 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha – I like Florida rooms. I guess you don’t have to avoid them in the winter. I agree with your assessment of the unexpected treatment. To each his own, I suppose. The little shed dormers are cute. I imagine they let in a nice amount of light.

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    • Thanks Gwen. This district is almost as old as it gets in CT (I still favor Windsor as being the first settlement). These houses don’t date back that far, but the area does.


  5. Lovely houses, Dan. I haven’t read the comments yet, and who knows what the builders were thinking — or how the difference in the neighborhood at that time would have impacted their ideas. Personally, I agree with your original photo as being the front. The second story window placement on today’s photo isn’t right for that to be the front.
    The house with the oval window is probably my favorite (despite how much I like turrets). I love that window for being different and unexpected for being horizontal. LOL, it gives people inside a broader view for watching the neighbors, and it reminds me of an eye.

    My doors this week are car doors. I hope everyone will visit. Hugs on the wing.

    Wednesday Writing, & #ThursdayDoors to My Author’s Mind 2

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    • I guess that’s a good enough reason to like the oval window, Teagan. I wish it were upright, but it’s not my decision. You make a good point about streets and land usage in deciding which door is the front. I agree, that window doesn’t look like it belongs on the front.

      Your doors are wonderful. I love car doors and the land locomotive is a true favorite.

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  6. I do like the turret house, regardless if it’s the front. And those wrap around porches are wonderful. I wonder how many beans have been snapped and how many ears of corn have been shucked while sitting on those porches. Stay cool in this heat, Dan.

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    • It’s been a long time since there were farms around this neighborhood, but I’m sure there have been more than a few family picnics, Jennie. Your comment took me back to vacations in Virginia when I was growing up. Beans, corn and fresh berries – all on the porch. We’re doing our best to stay cool. I hope you can, too.

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  7. These all look classic and lovely. I love the verandas, that detail on the corner of that one porch, and the turrets. My favorite one in this series is the gray/green one with black shutters, white trim and red door and on the opposite corner is that great red bush. I also loved the white two story with the portico and black shutters. I love a white house with black shutters. It’s timeless and classic looking to me.

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  8. Lovely homes, Dan. Two of those entrances look like possible ‘mains’ but I’d guess whichever one faces the main road or has a mailbox in front of it on the street or beside the door. Lots like this in Nebraska too!

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  9. A turret and a porch, I am in seventh Heaven. It is so lovely that you can see your history, or the town’s history, still alive in these homes. Kudos to those who take care of them.

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    • That’s the key, Pam. People taking care of older homes are doing us all a service. I don’t want to think about the cost, but I’m glad they are doing it, and I’m glad you enjoy seeing them.

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    • I imagine they saw generations of same family, at least for a while. The porches alone must have thousands of stories.

      You have some very nice doors at your place.


  10. RE: The Turret House and which door is the front door. I would say the front door is where the steps are and the back door is the blue door. The back door is simpler in style, which would lead one to believe it’s for servants, deliveries, etc.

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  11. Glad to know my question sparked more thoughts. Thanks for the additional views of the intriguing turret house! In this collection, the variation in the porches caught my eye. The house you described as “unexpected” reminds me of people with a high forehead. Have a good weekend!

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  12. These are all beautiful homes, it’s such a delight to see them. The homes are much different in my part of the country and I enjoy the intricate detail of the architecture and of course the awesome doors! 🏠🌷

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  13. Those homes so resemble those of my childhood in New Jersey. My grandfather was a carpenter/builder and constructed quite a few of those in our neighborhood. Wrap-around front porches were all the rage and provided shade any time of day. BTW, I made my first visit to Wethersfield to obtain my Connecticut drivers license. cruised some of the back streets but need to do this again with guidance such as on the town’s Web page. It is only a 15-20 minute drive from our home in Glastonbury.

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    • I love those porches. I wish they still built them. You’re just across the bridge from that district. The first day I walked around there was after having lunch with some former coworkers. I worked in Glastonbury, near Sommerset Square, from 2004 to 2019 when I retired.


  14. […] Welcome to Thursday Doors, a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing your link in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time). If you’d like to join Thursday Doors, you can do so here: […]


  15. Love the look of these houses! The porches are really attractive. There’s not a bad one in the bunch, but I’ll opt for number one, if only for that cool and unusual shade of blue.

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  16. Hi Dan – really late .. but I wonder if it’s not two houses – subdivided perhaps for two generations of family … who knows …none of us – but I always love the houses you give us …turrets, balconies and porches are good! Cheers Hilary

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  17. Hi Dan,

    What gorgeous homes. My wife and I love Connecticut. We did house sits in Norwalk and Danbury but of course, the state changes on venturing outside of main cities into more suburban, then, rural areas. We have sits coming up in upstate NY, Vermont and the Berkshires in Mass; gorgeous area of the country during Autumn.


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