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Today I am just sharing photos, in conjunction with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. If you don’t follow Cee, the challenge is easy:

“This week our topic is celebrating things that You make use of every day. There are endless possibilities for this week. Have fun and don’t forget to smile along the way.”

As the title suggests, beer isn’t an everyday item, much as it seems on this blog at times. Many of the photos have appeared here before, so the captions don’t reflect why I chose them for this challenge.

The desk is where I write this blog and where I wrote and edited my books. The headphones are the ones I use for listening to podcasts and music. Faith is holding my phone (next to hers). The arch bridge is one I drove over every day I commuted to work. The sad camera is like the one I use these days. The keyboard and the burnt out bulb from a high intensity lamp is in use every day. I start each day with sourdough toast and I generally use my car every day. We have a weather station that we keep tabs on. Oh, and I always wear a hat, and I start most days with a visit to the Veterans Memorial.

If you like magical realism with suspense, action and a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:

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When Evil Chooses You

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  1. Truly stretching the gray cells — for whatever reason, I’ve written a response and deleted it–three times! LOL The responses that are rolling around in my head include Sesame Street (which things are alike and which are different): comparing YOUR items with my own. O.k. LOL I’m done.

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  2. 119!!! And not even noon yet? Yes, I’d say that would be the end of work on that day! I think that stopping to consider all the everyday things in our lives is a good idea. Something like sourdough toast and coffee ought not be taken for granted. That desk is awesome!

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  3. Every day things get lost in the shuffle of life. We should all bring them to the forefront once in a while and take the time to appreciate them. And maybe stop and smell a rose or two along the way!

    Great selection of photos Dan. Excellent representation of the challenge.

    Old Glory, although we display her every day (in nice weather), is anything but everyday. She remains a grand old girl day after day.

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    • I had a hard time finding some of these, Ginger. We do take these things for granted. Last year, the flag was removed after it tore loose in the wind. The 3-4 days with an empty pole made me realize how important that flag is.

      Have a great week.


  4. I like a routine of some sort, it just keeps me balanced so I can appreciate these items. I use the same coffee cup every day, and I can appreciate starting each day with the memorial stop. As for small or big phones, well, it all depends upon how mature one’s eyes are, right. :-) Happy Monday, Dan. I sure wish Mother Nature would blow some rain our way.

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  5. Thank you for sharing, Dan! I enjoyed these snapshots of your life. I’m sorry I don’t get here more. Sometimes I don’t equate authors to their websites. I’m working on that. I’ll check out your book!

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  6. I stopped using my Nikon Coolpix when I got my ‘big’ Nikon camera, but the Coolpix is one great little camera. It went everywhere with me and took the most discreet photos–which is totally not doable with the big one.
    The bridge photo is a beauty. I recognize that cat brush! Funny enough, White Paws and Nugget–the two outdoor cats I brought inside, love to be brushed. My other cats are indifferent.

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  7. I almost couldn’t get past the toast. 😋And I love that action shot of the toaster. Cool. My second fave is that burned out light bulb. This was a nice selection of your everyday stuff, Dan. I love your profile pic. Hi Faith!

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  8. Dan, I love the photo of the keyboard and light bulb…the lighting and composition. Well done! I have two Roku units, which serve me well in all of my streaming desires.

    Nice photis for the challenge. I want toast now, but maybe another cup of tea will have to do. Have an awesome week!

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    • I’m glad you like that photo, Mary. The bulb burnt out one day as soon as I turned it on. It certainly woke me up with a blinding flash. Tea goes well with toast ;-)


  9. I really like the design of your desk. I’m assuming you made it yourself. I love your light bulb photo. Today we are only getting to 89 supposedly. First day below 100 in awhile :D Thanks so much for playing along!!

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    • I’m glad to hear you’re getting a break from the heat, although 89 is still plenty hot. I did make the desk. I didn’t use it much before I retired, but I’ve begun almost every day there since retiring.

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  10. Excellent, Dan! It’s so nice to see where “real people” live and get to know them better. I hope that bridge is not one of the thousands they are planning on replacing. Thanks for this post!☺️

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  11. WP has been giving my brother a hard time in his attempt to add a comment and an image. Here it is:

    “I use this knife every day to open my mail. The blanket is the one the hospital gave mom to use during chemotherapy and Sundance (his cat) insists it be on my lap when he lays with me. “

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  12. Dan, I love this. What a cool challenge. I also pos-i-lutely love your desk! I see that it’s another hot one there. The same here, but I know you have that humidity making it much worse.
    The eye drops are something I can relate to as well. In this dry climate, I probably should buy them in bulk. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I’m not sure if it’s the laptop, the lights or something in the air, but I’ve been using the eye drops for several years now. Using eye drops for watery eyes seemed counterintuitive, but these are what my eye doctor recommended and they do work.

      The small size of the desk prevents me from piling on too much clutter ;-)

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