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I have been taking pictures of a nearby construction site for almost a year. I keep waiting for something to happen that would be remarkable enough to share. I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen. The building will be a warehouse, or warehouses. It’s being built on spec. It’s also being built on what used to be a sprawling tobacco field. I’m not going to waste too many words. I’ll give this to you as a one-liner.

Do they really think this looks good?

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  1. I can’t say I’m sorry to see the tobacco go, but I can say I’m very sorry to see that a field of green is replaced by a field of concrete. It looks so harsh. The reflection of the trees in the river is all the more beautiful by contrast. Then there’s butter melting on pancakes…talk about beauty!

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  2. This warehouse really puts the ‘ug” in UGLY! I know we call this progress, but maybe we need a little less progress and a few more open spaces so we can enjoy the beauty of nature.

    I didn’t know bunnies ate flowering quince! I wish dozens would come and eat mine, roots and all!

    MuMu is determined to not let you slack off on her grooming sessions. After all Dan, a girl of a certain age has to keep up her appearances!

    LOVE the reflection shot of Old Glory.

    Try to keep cool tomorrow!

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    • Thanks Ginger.

      The contractor said he decided to build this while all his equipment was here (building the giant Amazon warehouse across the street). Now, with the demand for warehouse space shrinking, I wonder if these will even get occupied.

      The bunnies do like the quince. They can have all they want. I’ll build them some bunny scaffolding if they want to get up higher :)

      MuMu definitely keeps me on my toes. She has a routine, and I play a part in it. She does like to look her best.

      Stay cool.


  3. Wasn’t that going to be an Amazon warehouse? Did you make Jeff mad, Dan?? I sure enjoyed your photos of the tobacco farm with those cloths shading the leaves…something I had never seen before. Such a shame…progress.
    The flag photo is a beauty. Just checking, but MuMu has been brushed, right?! 😸

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    • Jeff’s place is across the street, and it’s over 4 times bigger! This guy built that and decided to build this place on spec, since he had people and equipment here. Amazon’s warehouse is ugly, but this is ugly on steroids.

      MuMu has been brushed, and brushed, and brushed, and brushed…

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      • That’s nuts. Amazon is building a warehouse up county from me, but in an industrial park so I don’t think it is going to be that big. It will blend in with the other eyesore buildings and not stand out quite so much as this one.

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  4. Hi Dan – crumbs an even larger ‘box-store’ … how ghastly and they look ghastly … completely lacking in character – perhaps they’ve planted trees around it … cheers Hilary


  5. I just hate those kinds of buildings and then , once completed, it’s like some kind of mystery ‘what’s indiiiiide’ because there is no signage. It’s usually a warehouse, distribution center or storage facilities. Ughhh. I want to go just paint murals on the outside. Giant sea turltes and butterflies or tie dye it! I love all your photos. Hmmmm… pancakes. !

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  6. The feeding frenzy photo is amazing. What a capture, Dan. As for the tobacco field, I’m not sorry to see it go, but I am sorry these buildings replace the open field. 🌞

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    • I am not sad to see the demand for tobacco dropping, Gwen. They grew the wrapper leaves for fine cigars here. Still, less than a mile away, a farmer turned his tobacco field into a field of blueberries. Another one started growing hops. I’d much rather have those to look at.


  7. They are doing a lot of building here in Cheyenne and a huge Amazon warehouse. They are supposed to be building more affordable housing but we’ll see—there are waiting lists for them🤔

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    • The people around here fight affordable housing, but they give tax breaks to these monsters. This new warehouse is less than 1/4 the size of the Amazon warehouse directly across the street. I’d have to stop on the highway to get them both in the frame for a picture.

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  8. Those pancakes are way more interesting than that building. We have construction going on right outside our windows. They are redoing the entire parking lot…digging up the asphalt, regrading, new asphalt, etc. It’s going to be a mess and noisy for 2 weeks. Yikes!

    Hope you’re having a good week, Dan.

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  9. I have to think that people who build things like that have zero interest in ascetics or the wellbeing of anyone or thing related to the building, including employees and the neighborhood.
    Thanks for showing such pretty images for the rest of the gallery, Dan. That shot of so many birds in flight is amazing. Hugs on the wing.

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    • When I see these buildings, Teagan and think about the details in the brick warehouses and industrial buildings that still stand here in New England, I am very sad. There are little details, molded into the concrete, but they are barley perceivable from the road. Some sections of wall have a washboard like effect molded in. I imagine the “designer” saying, “Give me a 500,000 square foot box with 10% decorative panels and six windows”

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    • The worst thing, John is that these people thought the remote purchasing that became so popular in 2020 was going to be the new normal. Now they’ve discovered they were wrong, and there is a glut of warehouse space. I’ll be surprised if Amazon fully occupies the 2.2 million sf warehouse they built across the street from this monster. This building is only 500,000 sf.

      You can’t have too many pancakes.


  10. I’m gonna talk about that bee picture …. anyone who takes pictures of bees knows how darn hard it is to do so. I was taken aback when I saw your bee picture, Dan, and honestly said wow out loud!!! What a capture!! We’ve had thousands of bees on our property this year, way above and beyond what I intended. Yes I deliberately set up my gardens for bees as well as our lawn. Our backyard has not been mowed for over a month just so that the bees can feast on the clover. That is how I got stung, FYI as I walked across our lawn in sandals.
    And then those pancakes …. oh heavens my mouth is still watering. LOL

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    • Thanks Amy. When they hover around the Bee Balm. they really don’t seem to care how close we get to them. I have lot’s of those shots, from the past few weeks,. Sorry that you got stung. There is no pain quite like that. Those pancakes were very good.

      PS, welcome back.

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      • Thank you, Dan. It feels right to be back now. For so long I gave my everything to Charlie and my family. Something had to give and so my blog and my photography I let go of. Slowly I’m coming back “home” to me. (smile)

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  11. Yep. These are ugly buildings. I thought of a mural, too. Better yet, they should plant some trees along the road. Trees that will grow big. The clouds are nice, especially the ones of in the reflection on what looks like a covered ? well?

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