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On Saturday, when Cee visited the bar, we talked about her challenges and how easy she makes it to participate. Many of you agreed in the comments. Now I’m back again playing with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I hope you like the photos I’ve selected. The prompt for this week:

“This week our topic is celebrating things that Reminds you of nature’s beauty. This is a perfect challenge for us photographers. We take photos of nature’s beauty all the time, our photos are our reminders of it. There are endless possibilities for this week. Have fun and don’t forget to smile along the way.”

I’m keeping my scope local for this post.

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  1. I always appreciate people such as you Dan who know their way around a camera and take photos of usually overlooked things in nature and bring them to the forefront for us to enjoy. This is a great example of “stop and smell the roses”.

    Happy Monday.

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    • I’m glad you like them, Ginger. It is the simple things. I miss having Maddie to point things out for me. Every time that dog took and interest in something, people liked the photo.


      • Maddie is still pointing things out for you Dan. She quietly was training you for the last couple of years and did an excellent job. The Redhead is still on the job! When I saw the frozen leaf all I could think of was that was Maddie’s leaf. Her fan club won’t fritter away.

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  2. In the midst of this current sauna, it’s nice to be reminded that there ARE seasons and this won’t last forever (it just feels like it). Some really lovely silhouettes here! A turkey buzzard is quite the unbeautiful bird, but that photo with him in it is very beautiful; I like it. Also the late afternoon river image. It’s wonderful to see those happy butterflies!

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  3. Beautiful photos, Dan. Nothing gives me more peace or hope than time in nature. We’re surrounded by Divine love. We just need to open our eyes to see it. 🌞

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  4. Nature has got the be the cure for whatever ails you. These are so pretty. The twin butterfly shot…!! And the colors on the path you and Maddie walked are amazing. Have a great week, Dan.

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  5. The backlit leaves caught in the fence is breathtaking. They’re all good. They are all good photos and certainly fit the brief but I will always gravitate to the leaves.

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  6. Nice photos, Dan! I would have loved to take part in this challenge, but another busy week is upon me.

    I hope you have a lovely week and sorry I missed you and Cee at the bar. Maybe I can squeeze in a post for next SoCS.

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  7. Oh, the monarchs drew my attention, Dan. Are they clone flowers? I’m kind of on vacation or getting ready for it. But I’ll check out the bar with Cee’s visit before I take off. Did you get my email with the tour material? I sent it to your Gmail from my Gmail with the subject The Winding Road material.

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  8. Awesome gallery, Dan! Now I KNOW these images are not just from Summer. I paused at the Autumn one and said …. what? Ya got me. Yes there is Autumn in the air but BUT the foliage has not turned colors except for some leaves that have begun a slow yellow phase. It’s too early but who am I to say?

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  9. Oooo…I love this! Well done on the challenge, Dan. The wildflowers and monarchs are my favorites. So, what is your first favorite flag? The second favorite is pretty darn good.

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