Less is More – #1LinerWeds

Of course, that’s not the title my regular readers would expect to see from me. “Less is more? Dan? Ha ha, no. Dan is a more is more, and the more more the better kind of guy.” That’s not the one-liner, though I suppose it could have been.

My one-liner is below, in the photo that inspired this post – see if you can find the typo. Finding typos is what I’ve been doing lately and is probably what I’ll be doing between now and the end of the month. I’m trying to get Book-2 in The Dreamer’s Alliance series ready to release. I’m getting the last round of feedback from proofreaders, and beta readers and I’m going to blend that into the word-soup. I am also going to visit some family during that time.

More as currency

So, for the next two or three weeks, you will see less from me – not to be confused with less of me. I’ll still be here four days a week – EXCEPT FOR AUGUST 18TH WHEN THERE WILL BE NO THURSDAY DOORS! – but I will likely use fewer words (except for tomorrow). And, due to the nasty heat wave that has hammered us, you might see fewer photos as well. OK, time for some of that less.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. We have had a wicked heat wave, but supposedly it is going to be a little more comfortable. Hope your next couple of weeks is enjoyable. A family visit is always a good thing. Travel safely, Dan, but enjoy some good laughs and some delicious food. You always find the best comfort food. :-)

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  2. Good luck with the word soup! Typos can be such fun — I’ve made some dillies — but not when you’re publishing. You are wise to work a family visit in with the proofreading; that might keep you from proofreading delirium. Those white Rose-of-Sharons are gorgeous!

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  3. Typos are sometimes the funniest things going. “Of” instead of “or”….makes you wonder how that got missed and who did the proofreading! Who knows? Maybe the typo was on purpose to attract more attention to the sign!

    Love the bees nestled in your flowers. The flicker in the birdbath is a great picture, as is Smokey, heat or no heat, always ready for a peanut! Old Glory against that bright blue sky is a beautiful capture.

    Enjoy those family visits and enjoy this break from the heatwave. Wishing you safe travels.

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    • Reading our own words, Ginger, we tend to see what we think we wrote. But, an ad that’s going in an email to a few million fans – you’d think there would be a proofreader involved.

      The bees have moved from the bee balm to the Rose of Sharon. They love those blossoms and we love watching them. We’ve been watering everything in this heat. They keep forecasting rain, but so far, it hasn’t come. That flicker seemed like he didn’t want to be watched – I get that.

      I’m going to enjoy whatever time away from this keyboard I can get. I hope you enjoy the cooler temps, and I hope we get some rain.


  4. Some typos are hilarious, and you have to wonder if they weren’t done on purpose to garner attention. But you know what gets me? The ‘free’ offer until you read the fine print–in this case it’s free if you spend $75. Tell me how that’s free?! Your ‘more more the better’ made me laugh. Yup! And we keep coming back for more. Have a good Wednesday, Dan.

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    • Agreed, Lois. I also get frustrated with the (up to) 65% off – and you click on the ad and there’s one item that’s 65% off, and it’s a extra small. Yeah, this was free for $75 of more :-)

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  5. Loved the photos, Dan Best wishes on the next book. I don’t know how many times the word “of” shows up where “or” is meant. Having the f and r on different lines of the keyboard doesn’t seem to help.

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  6. That’s definitely $75 of more of the money I don’t have to squander on this stuff. Beautiful Rose of Sharon. God’s speed on the editing Dan. The devil sure is nipping at my heels on mine. 😉

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  7. I see summer is in full swing at Chez Antion! Nice pics, Dan. And oof, that typo. A common one, sure, but that’s no excuse. I’ve found that reading things out loud can help. Forces one to slow down and notice mistakes. Our minds are so good at “fixing” things for us.

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    • That is te issue, isn’t it, Paul. We see what should be there. I’m surprised with this on, as it was in an email that is sent to about 6 million fans. You’d think they could proofread it.

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    • Thanks Janis. I’m sure a few typos slipped through. I’ve collected a short list of things to fix with the first book. I’m hoping that, having been through the process, the second one will go smoother.

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  8. It’s wonderful to hear you’re editing your next book, Dan. All the best to you. And as for the typo, hopefully, the Steelers took it in stride and had a good laugh. 😊

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  9. We’ve all been hammered with the crazy heat. We finally got some much needed rain here today. It’s great to hear you are working on the second book in the Dreamer’s Alliance series! I look forward to it! Enjoy your short break!


  10. Interesting perspective on that first Rose of Sharon photo. After weeks in the 90s, we are in the 80s yesterday and today. It’s quite a relief. Yours will come, too. Stay cool.

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  11. Hi Dan, enjoy time with your family. I can’t believe the typo on the bag. How many people missed that before it went to manufacturing? Sheesh! Lovely photos! At least we get a few cooler days this week.

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