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Today, I’m participating in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and she has given us the following:

This week our topic is celebrating things that Connects you to the present moment This is the last of our scavenger hunt series. I have a list of 10 things that Deepak Chopra suggests for connecting in the moment. They might help inspire you. What keeps you in the moment?

  • listening meditation
  • keep a journal
  • eye gazing
  • object meditation
  • be one with nature
  • switch up your routine
  • drive in silence
  • unplug from technology
  • create pauses
  • connect to your senses

All of the photos in the gallery have been mined from the No Facilities Archives. Several are from Great River Park, where I used to stop while on my way to work. Others are when I’ve been hiking with our daughter or while traveling for business.

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  1. The gallery today covers most of “what keeps you in the moment” list. It’s a shame that most of us, maybe all of us, have to remind ourselves how to get back into the moment.

    You know I love that reflection shot of Old Glory. Impressive craftsmanship at the tender age of 10 Dan, dad’s help not withstanding. Now there’s an “in the moment” memory that proudly hangs in your workshop to this day.

    Enjoy our continuing great weather while it lasts. And enjoy all the great moments that come your way, especially the unexpected ones!

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    • Thanks Ginger. I can’t remember what percentage of the cutting I did on that plaque, but I remember doing some, and I remember a lot of instruction. It reminds me that woodworking should be fun.

      It is a shame that we have to force ourselves to take the time to do these things. It should be easier. I hope you have a great week.


  2. Night lights reflected in water, wooded paths, the edge of Lake Superior — they all work for me. It’s a good idea to know what grounds us and seek it out. Too much quicksand in life right now. Thanks to you and Cee for the reminder.

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  3. Our “new” RV sitting in my driveway, the emptying of certain belongings around my house, quiet moments alone to read emails with my dog curled up beside my legs, and the knowledge that while it’s still hot in Texas, I can feel the season changing as the nights cool down and the days grow shorter.

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  4. ‘Be one with nature’–you did that and more. These are wonderful, Dan. I especially like the heron photo–beautiful lighting. The plaque you and your dad made…best connection of all.

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    • I used to feel good for several hours at work on the days I’d see the heron, Lois. Just being by the river helped drain off the stress from the highway. I would go from that park to work via back roads, to keep the stress level down.

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