Two Favorites – CFFC

Cee has sent us looking for two of my favorite photo subjects this week:

“This week our topic is celebrating Reflections or Shadows. Have fun.”

Of course, I’m still mining the archives, but I’ve gone back (in most cases) pretty far. There are a couple of recent photos; they include my favorite reflection of the flag at the Veterans Memorial and a bunny sitting next to a puddle.


  1. I’m a big fan of reflections and shadows also. My favorite photo today is the reflection in the puddle. No rain since July? We’ve actually been getting quite a bit and just had some more today. I’m very thankful for that! The last 2 1/2 years we’ve hardly had any.

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  2. Reflections and shadows make the most interesting pictures and you captured some of the best here! The reflection of Old Glory in the fire pit. The turtle on the log and of course the beautiful bridge. Also like the shot of the “long shadows” and the grass on the leaf.

    My favorite though is the puddle in the park. That is outstanding! Mother Nature is an amazing artist.

    We actually got some wet stuff during the night. I think it’s called “RAIN”! Maybe more today. I actually heard my burnt lawn laughing…sweartogod! And I saw a squirrel out there with a bar of soap and a towel!

    Happy Monday Dan.

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    • I’m laughing and almost choking on my toast, Ginger, at the thought of the squirrel.

      I’m glad you like these. I love puddles and that was a beauty.

      I have so many long shadow pictures of me and Maddie, but I can use them yet. I miss her too much.

      We might get some rain today. I hope you get more.

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      • I understand completely about Maddie. Murphy went over the Rainbow Bridge about a week before Maddie. I knew she would be the hardest loss to get through, but I now know I had no idea how hard. We loved our girls deeply Dan, and the wounds are still fresh. They were both special girls with issues. But we will come out on the other side and the pain of our loss will subside. I’m so glad you have an entire library of photos of everyone’s favorite redhead! I miss seeing Maddie too Dan. A photo of her lit up my day. When it’s time, we’ll see her here again.


    • I miss seeing those lights, Maureen. First, I retired, then they started locking the gates to the park after people were staging impromptu pandemic parties there, complete with gunfire.

      I do like looking at snow.

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  3. You started off with a bang, Dan. We have a lot of cranes here, but I’ve never seen blue ones–and reflections, too! I cannot pick a favorite–they are all great photos.

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  4. Oh, do you get bonus points for both the shadow and reflection of the bunny? I hope so that’s cool to have both.

    I love that arched bridge, and the crane reflections but my absolute favorite in this gallery is that puddle reflection of the trees, clouds, sky, and leaves during golden hour. WOWZA!!! That’s gorgeous.

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    • Thanks Deborah. I don’t think Cee gives bonus points, but I was thrilled to have this as a topic. That puddle is getting the most traction today. We finally got some rain today, but the puddles will dry up before morning :(

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  5. Hi Dan!
    Fun variety! Of course the bunny next to the water was great and the squirrel’s jumbo shadow was fun.
    But too takeaways are the different seasons (fun to snow right now) and the sky in the fireplace cover was brilliant

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