Soon and Now – #1LinerWeds

As Teagan Geneviene and I mentioned on our respective blogs last Saturday, “The Evil You Choose” – the second book in the Dreamer’s Alliance series will be released soon. In fact, if all goes well and my Amazon KDP process navigation skills have improved, it will be available near the end of next week.

Many of you have read “Knuckleheads” – the first book in the series and have mentioned looking forward to the second book – thank you! All of the people who have (beta) read the second book agree; they were glad to have read “Knuckleheads” first.

So, for those of you who haven’t read “Knuckleheads,” I am adding the small incentive of a lower price for the next week.

“Knuckleheads – the first book in the Dreamer’s Alliance series is now on sale (Kindle edition) for 99¢.”

You can buy it here.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Today’s gallery includes some photos from my drive to Pittsburgh, and from the most welcome rain we had Monday and Tuesday. But first, some shameless self-promotion.

If you like magical realism with suspense, action and a bit of family sarcasm, you will enjoy these books:

The Evil You Choose
When Evil Chooses You

Series page on Amazon

My profile page (and books) on Lulu

All available on Kindle Unlimited!

Watch this cheeky little video to see what people have been saying about Knuckleheads

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  1. Dan, what great photos of your trip to PA with your brother. So glad to know your second book will be published soon. I’m happy that I read Knuckleheads first. And your rain drop flower photos are lovely. 📚🎶 Christine

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    • Thanks Christine. It was a very good idea to wait and start publishing these books after all three were written – there were so many changes going back and forth as plots and characters evolved – but it’s hard sitting on them ;-) The third book will be out around Thanksgiving, and then I’m done for a while.

      I love seeing water drops, especially given how badly we needed rain. I hope you’re having a great week.

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  2. Hi Dan – downloaded Knuckleheads … and am glad you had a happy time with your brother. Love the photos – and being diverted is a pain … but I always enjoy the side-routes … cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I hope you enjoy Knuckleheads. With the exception of two sporting events, our week in Pittsburgh was unplanned and without deadlines. Detours and diversions were taken in stride. Cheers.

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    • Those storms were weird. The town just to our north got very little rain. The airport (2 miles from us) recorded less than half what our weather station recorded from the first storm. That sign does make you think ;-)

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  3. Beautiful countryside views in Pennsylvania, especially the detours! The Three
    Sisters are always fun to see.

    Raindrops on leaves and blossoms…a very welcome sight. We had some rain Monday, none yesterday. Sigh….

    Summer and road construction…a marriage made in Hell!

    Glad you got to spend some quality time with your brother.

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    • Thanks Ginger. We had more rain yesterday than Monday, and even more last night. I don’t think you can walk across the river today. It was wonderful to see raindrops.

      We always run into construction on the way to Pittsburgh. I check and try to plan the route around it, but one part of I-84 has been under construction forever. They force all the traffic into the eastbound lanes and there’s no way around it that I know of.

      We had a very good week. I hope yours is going well.


  4. I love the picture at the top — the curvy road under that blue sky with lots of greenery and maybe three cars — my idea of traffic. Congratulations on being so close to Book #2!

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  5. That’s quite a large house on the road where you had to detour. I always feel sorry for those houses. Imagine telling the kids to ‘go out and play.’ I’d be frantic!
    Our weather is just the opposite of yours–the rain will not stop. We are water-logged down here!

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    • We lived on a corner lot when I was still playing outside. My mother kept close tabs on us if we were playing near the road. Our summer started out with a lot of rain. Then the temperature hit the roof and the rain stopped for about a month.

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    • Thanks Jan. I’m glad you liked the video. That was my first attempt at something like that.
      All three books are finished. People who knew better told me I’d be sorry if I released book-1 of a series before writing the others. There were a lot of changes up and down the line as I wrote them, so I am glad I waited. Now it’s just a matter of editing. Book-3 will be out around Thanksgiving.


  6. I especially enjoyed all the flowers and leave with drops. :-) We’ve actually had a good amount of rain here which is truly a blessing. But getting drop shots from cacti isn’t easy. :-) Glad your book’s doing well, Dan. I haven’t read my copy yet but I will and while we were at the cabin, Deborah told me she enjoyed it and was looking forward to the next book.

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