Two Colors – CFFC

I’m going for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge again this week. According to Cee:

This week our topic is celebrating Basically two colors in your photo(s). Try and stay away from black and white. Have fun.

I did have fun with this, but I have to call attention to a couple things. 1) I am partially colorblind. So, you might see more than two colors in some of these, but I don’t. 2) I’m not sure if Cee wanted black and white photos to count, but MiMi, MuMu and Smokey all felt they should be included. 3) I picked a few more photos than usual.


  1. The moon shot is fantastic! And black Smokey with the snowball nose…too cute. MiMi and MuMu are always winners, no matter the pose. Exceptional shot of the fireworks! Love it.

    You met the challenge in spades Dan, as always.

    Very hot and sticky here already. Ugh! But cooler weather beginning Thursday “so they say”. Fingers crossed.

    Happy Monday and happy closing out of August.

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    • They keep saying cooler weather is coming, Ginger. They’re selling Halloween candy and Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest – shouldn’t it be cool?

      The girls thank you for noticing.


  2. Smokey with the cold nose is so cute! That might be the wrong setting for fireworks, but I love how it turned out. I don’t think Cee would have a problem with MiMi and MuMu–you did take their pictures in color–and black and white is their color! 😸

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    • They were adamant about pointing that out, Lois – “This is our color!”

      Two of my favorite photos are the result of choosing the wrong setting on my camera this one, and a total over exposure that ended up looking like a line drawing.

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  3. Hi Dan – great selection … loved them all – but the ‘please can I have a peanut … it’s mighty cold out here’ – is good …cheers Hilary

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  4. Solid little collection of pics, Dan — thanks for sharing! That red arched door on the train is my favorite (no offense to MiMi, who IS cute). Great shot. Neat, too, to see that daytime moon.

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