I Come to Serve – #1LinerWeds

Our daughter is on vacation this week, and I am taking care of Preston, a.k.a. the fluff. That’s him in the window.

“That’s my food in that box. Can you bring it in?”

The plan was for me to get here each afternoon, feed the fluff, spend the night, feed the fluff and then leave after breakfast. That worked on Saturday/Sunday. Then, Monday morning, mother nature got involved. My phone blared out news of a flood watch around 4:00 am.

The road here runs along the Farmington River. The river was at 10′ (3m). Flood stage is 12′ (3.6m). The road seems to be at 12’ 3”. Faith has ended up living on an island several times. To avoid being unable to return, I decided to stay Monday morning. At the time of this post, I’m still here and it’s still raining.

It’s good duty. Preston and I have eaten well, napped a lot, watched some movies and caught up with some blogs. I’ll be going home this morning (Wednesday), after I feed the fluff, but I’ll be back.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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    • I hope you can keep up with the hair, Robbie. One of our cats, MuMu, loves to be brushed. She demands to be brushed, even though the brush will come up empty. Her sister hates to be brushed.


    • I think he knows. The fridge was packed when I got here. Movies and streaming choices abound, and I received a gift card to my favorite pizza place in this area. All in all, it’s a pretty good deal for both of us. Guy time :-)

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  1. The “dollop of cat food” caption got me. A good morning laugh — thank you! Nothing to laugh about regarding that rain, though; it’s downright scary when you see water near your home rising like that. Preston owes you a Corona or two. That photo of the flag seems different; to me it looks tired. and I would not be surprised if it is.

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    • It was early when I took that flag photo. Maybe she likes to sleep late. She deserves to. Preston has the fridge well stocked. I think he said, “There’s cold beer in the fridge. Help yourself, after you fix my plate.” The oddest thing about the river flooding situation, is that the town built their Safety Complex on the river side of this road. I’m guessing the land was cheap, but…

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  2. Hi Dan – you made the right choice … couldn’t leave Preston marooned … the rain is being fairly interesting recently … but at least we have some. Glad you got caught up on a few movies, blogs etc … thank goodness for the internet … cheers Hilary

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  3. You are a good cat grandpaw Dan. Preston needed you to be there with him during the storm and you didn’t even question if you should stay or not.

    I love the picture of him curled up in your lap watching El Dorado with you. The picture of bliss.

    What would cats do without windows? He knew you were coming and he was afraid you would miss his Chewy package by the front door!

    Wouldja look at those sunflowers! Usually by the time they’re that tall they are falling over.

    Yes, Old Glory is at her post no matter the weather. Always a beautiful and comforting sight.


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    • He’s an easy cat to care for, Ginger (as long as you feed him small portions, often, rather than a big bowl). When I pull up and he’s in that window, I feel good. He did seem to notice the Chewy box.

      Faith had the place packed with snacks and beverages and viewing choices galore. Preston and I have a good time. She will find him a bit spoiled when she returns, but…

      I’m always amazed by how the flag seems to have moods.

      I hope you’re having a good week.


  4. Does it usually rain a lot up there this time of year? We’ve had more than our share of rain down here and most years it’s been relatively dry around the first part of September, sometimes going in to October. I wonder if there’s been a shift in the axis of this old planet.

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    • I’m not sure what usual is anymore. We used to have “normal” amounts of rainfall throughout the year. Then we had a few drought years, particularly in the summer. Then we had several years with wet springs and falls. At this point, I’m happy if we can avoid the extremes.

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    • Thanks Jan. They always said the New England weather was unpredictable. Now, that’s more the case than ever. We’re doing well, so I won’t complain. I know you guys have had a rough summer.


  5. Preston, you are adorable. My girls are all waving their paws ‘hello, Preston!’ I had to laugh at ‘My name is Dan. I’ll be your server.’ 😹 Look at all the raindrops on the leaf photo. A beauty, Dan. I’m singing ‘Tiny Bubbles”…

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    • Haha – now you’re sticking songs in my head from comments. Way to go , Lois. Preston has such a routine. He gets three treats in the kitchen, then he goes and waits for his dish to be delivered. Of course, I comply, so…

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