That Time of Year – #1LinerWeds

Yesterday was hot and humid, but it seems the 90°f (32°c) and higher days are behind us. Leaves are turning in a few places, and despite heavy rain for days last week and this week, things are still generally dry.

On the other hand, college and professional football seasons have begun, agricultural fairs are happening, baseball continues toward the playoffs (despite my team being in the basement of its division), school buses are back on the roads, I am editing the third book in my series, and every brewery in the region is offering an Octoberfest or a pumpkin spice beer.

For my one-liner, I’m going to share the rallying call of my favorite football team. It seems appropriate for almost everything.

“Here we go!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Today’s gallery is a little squirrely, and a little reflective.

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  1. Here we go, right into Fall, which is just around the corner. Leaves are down here in abundance already.

    Are you absolutely sure that puddle reflection isn’t a portal into the Twilight Zone? The reflection of the playground equipment is really interesting. The squirrel in the tree is nicely camouflaged.

    Our flag at half mast for Queen Elizabeth ll with the sunbeams shining down around it is an exceptional picture.

    Have a happy Wednesday Dan. Enjoy the cooler temperature later.

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    • Let’s just say, that’s one puddle I didn’t step in, Ginger. We haven’t had a lot of puddles this summer, but that one was a little creepy.

      After two days of rain, the squirrels were everywhere.

      I didn’t notice the sunbeam around the flag until I got home. It seems appropriate.

      The windows are open and the air feels good – the best sign that fall is coming. I hope you’re having a nice week – enjoy!


  2. “Here we go” is exactly right! That was my thought when I saw Halloween displays in August. The Twilight Zone portal is a great shot, but I have to wonder which side of it we’re on. Meanwhile, I’ll spend a moment or two admiring that barn — it’s a beauty!

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  3. I left all the photos in the puddles. I would’ve thought you would’ve been experiencing more fall like occurrences than us right now but you’re about 7° warmer than we’ve been lately in our league started turning a while back.

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  4. The reflection photos are beauties, Dan. The little squirrel among the clover is so cute! I picture him holding a tiny rake and trying to get ‘the crops’ in order before fall. Such a great photo.

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  5. Our community Facebook group has everyone asking where the squirrels are. Some suspect the coyote population might be thriving. It’s good to see your squirrels are doing well. I love the photo of the reflection on the basketball court.

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    • We have foxes around here, but I don’t think we have coyotes. We have had them in the past. The squirrel population is down, but the regulars still show up for peanuts. I love reflections. I’m glad you like that one.

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  6. Reflections and a leaf, you know me so well my friend. That one reflection in the puddle stopped me for a moment. I saw it first out of the corner of my eye and it looked like the eye of a hurricane. That would be one hell of a photograph! Although I doubt you would be the one submitting it.

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  7. Such a profound loss in the passing of Queen Elizabeth. I’m not a British subject but her death has really affected me deeply. Thanks for the photo of the flag at half mast. Small tribute to a wonderful person.

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