50 Steps – New Photo – CFFC

I thought I was just going to play with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for the summer, But I enjoy sharing photos from the archives, so I’m going to keep going. Also, I might be sharing some promotion posts for “The Evil You Choose” so maybe less writing from me is a good thing. In fact, I’ve edited this post to include a link to Sally G. Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog Magazine.

This week, Cee gave us an interesting prompt:

“This week our topic is celebrating Walk 50 steps or less and take a new photo(s). Have fun.”

I’m staying within 50 steps of home, office and where I parked my car (like in Great River Park).


  1. Great gallery! The close up of the Rose of Sharon is really beautiful. Maddie walked you to some of your best pictures!

    The Blue Heron taking flight is a great shot. Nice photo. The expression on the squirrels face having finally reached the peanut is priceless.

    The “field of daisies” is quite eye-catching.

    Old Glory still paying our respects to Queen Elizabth II…Our Grand Old Flag and England’s Grand Old Girl…friends to the end.

    Then there are the “tulips that were”! How nice of you and the Editor to provide your bunnies with a gourmet meal! Lol!

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    • I’m glad you like these, Ginger. Maddie took me to many great photo opportunities. She found leaves for Pam, sniffed out interesting things in the yard and she seems to have known when the squirrels wanted to be fed. She would take us out, for no apparent reason, and we’d have a yard full of squirrels. The squirrel count in the yard dropped after she passed.

      The flower patch outside our office was one of the nice things to see. The last nice thing on the way in, the first on the way home.

      Seeing how happy the squirrels are when they get a peanut is why we keep buying bags of them.

      England’s Grand Old Girl will be laid to rest today. May she rest in peace.

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  2. The time you’ve spent on writing your books can take a lot out of you without you even knowing it, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that you’re changing how you handle your blog. Is there a 3rd book in your future?

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    • There is a third book in this series. The first was the backstory. The second and third are coupled as story and sequel. All three were written in the past 2 and a half years. I was advised not to publish them before they were all written. It was good advice, as many changes were introduced as the story grew. I am editing the 3rd book now. Proof copies will head out to beta readers and proofreaders this week. I hope to release it in late November. I know three books in 9 months seems like a lot, but I will have had them for three years by then, and I’m ready to move on.

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  3. These photos are so good, Dan, especially the bird/animal photos. I love the heron, but then the blue jay with the nut in its mouth–great snaps, both.
    Congratulations on book #2! Promote the heck out of it–I think it’s wonderful!

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  4. I like the toadstool in the grass. Until last week I’d never heard of Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. Suddenly it’s everywhere– and there you are. See, I’ve been telling you for years that you’re a cool kid.

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  5. All those wonderful shots in just 50 steps. What a great prompt to get us out and noticing the world at our feet. And congrats on the second book. Wow, Dan. That’s a feat. Thanks for the link to Sally’s. I’m heading over. :-)

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  6. Hi Dan – I too miss Maddie as I imagine you all do each day. Beautiful images … and interesting your flag was lowered to half-mast for our Queen … strange to think we’ve moved from the New Elizabethan Age to the Third Carolean age: a mammoth change … interesting times – the thought of winter, even worse! Cheers Hilary

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  7. I am reminded of an especially dumb song from my childhood: “Found a peanut.” Boy, was that a great one to sing on family vacations, when the whole purpose of life was to annoy each other in a small space. I do applaud the idea of seeing what there is within 50 steps, and that’s often what’s so good about your photos: seeing the daily. There’s a lot to be said for the ability to see what’s there.

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