Drops Dirt and Dust – #1LinerWeds

Yesterday was a beautiful, cool, blue sky sunny day. However, when I walked at 7:15 AM, the sky wasn’t as high as some of the trees I saw. The sun was earning its celestial pay burning off an overnight layer of soup.

Later, I did some work on the small fence I am building around our new air conditioner compressor. This is the second such fence I’ve built, and like most projects, the second time is easier to get right – I know what not to do. One of the problems with the first fence was trying to trim the grass around it. There were actually two problems: 1) the trimmer line would get tangled in the fence. 2) If the line slid under the fence, it might fling marble chips into the side of the compressor. To avoid these problems, I decided to put a paver border under the fence.

Despite the small size of the fence, this project was dirty work in the hot sun. The border looks good. I’m sure the fence will look good. No one will know (unless they read this) how much work was required, or how much I enjoy this kind of work.

“Whether it’s a beautiful day or a completed project, we look at the result, not what went into it.”

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    • Thanks Judy. We’ve been adding these simple pavers around the house and around things I don’t want to hit with a string trimmer. My goal would be to have a yard I could mow without having to trim around anything. I love water drops and fog.

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  1. Bordering the compressor with pavers is a good idea and it gives the entire unit a professionally finished look. Can’t wait to see it with the fence in place.

    Soup is right! That’s a fog and a half! But it makes for great pictures.

    The cat that didn’t get along with Maddie is looking a bit sad to me.

    The birds on the lines would make Alfred Hitchcock proud!

    The rain drops on the spider web look like seed pearls! Love it…the web, not the spider!

    Old Glory, even in that sun glare, is still an impressive sight.

    Happy Wednesday Dan, and happy work projects.

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    • I was wondering if that cat misses Maddie, Ginger. Maybe in some way, she liked it when we walked by. I left early so I could get out before the sun cleared the fog and dried up those drops. I was surprised by the number of spider webs, but like the flag, the sun was too bright to see most of them.

      I’m hoping to hang the fence fabric today. Once that’s done, I have to build the little roof we use in the winter. That will be harder, but also fun.

      I hope you’re having a great week.


  2. Nice job with the pavers, Dan. The raindrop photos are so pretty, and the cat with the sweetest face…but I can picture him having a little fit when Maddie came down the street. Oh, cats…
    I’m guessing Jinx and the boys didn’t get much play time in this year. Still good to see them up there in the fog.

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    • I wish I could have reinstalled the old fence, but this compressor is bigger. Still, this fence will be nicer, and the last compressor was here for 25 years. If we get anywhere close to that, I’ll be thrilled.

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  3. Your one liner holds true for so many different projects. My friend and I were talking about the hours we put into making one of a kind jewelry pieces. No one understands why the pieces are expensive compared to mass produced pieces. It all starts with a plain old piece of metal. Your work is always high quality and precise. Good thinking on the paver solution.

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    • Back in the late 70s, I had two pieces of jewelry made at a custom shop. Once the woman explained the process, I got over the sticker shock. People always complained about the price of custom furniture when I had my shop. They would ask, “What if we go with a cheaper wood?” I always had to explain that the material was a small portion of the cost. Custom craftsmanship takes time and tools and knowledge and skills and…

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      • Custom furniture is another great example! It is always worth the cost but so many people do not understand what it requires. Do you miss having your shop?

        My grandfather made furniture from ebony he brought back from the Phillipines. It is priceless for so many reasons. Carpentry was his craft, his love, his way of expressing himself.

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        • I miss having my shop, but I don’t miss working for people. We had lots of repeat business, and many delightful customers, but we had a few people who made me sad to work with. They liked the work, but wanted it at a lower price. Ironically, the people who had the most, wanted to pay the least. I had people who had to save for months to be able to pay, and they were wonderful.

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  4. Applesauce, Dan! When you said you were building a fence around the compressor, I didn’t think about it being such heavy work (the stones). That’s one deluxe fence. Awesome work, my friend. Since I have everything to either do myself or not get done at all, I’m very well aware of this. All the things you do, build, and create just amaze me. I’d be envious if I weren’t so awed. Hugs on the wing.

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  5. Hi Dan – good job done by the look of it … I appreciate work well done, and get so frustrated by the ham jobs. That leaf is missing Maddie, much as we all are … sad, but that’s the way of the world. Cheers Hilary

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  6. What we rarely see is the incredible pride and self satisfaction that goes into a job well done. And I must ask… Are those squirrels posing for you! I know you feed them peanuts but it seems to be enough.

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    • Thanks Pam. I think some of the squirrels like to pose. You know, “Show the world how darn cute I am.” I can’t say no. This fence has to be strong to protect the compressor in the winter. It’s hard work, but I might as well get it right.

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    • Thanks Dan. I’ll have the completed fence photos on Saturday. Later on, I’ll have pics of the protective roof that sits on top during the winter to protect the compressor from snow and ice falling off the roof.


  7. “Whether it’s a beautiful day or a completed project, we look at the result, not what went into it.” I think that’s true to an extent but if you’re familiar with the sort of work that went into what you’re viewing, I think you appreciate that as well.

    Lovely photos!

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  8. I can imagine how much work went into this project! You know how much I enjoy your projects. I hope you show more next week, like what you will put between the pavers and wood. Love the drops photo and the foggy flag in the sun photo!

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