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Things are getting busy around here, as we get a late start on the projects we postponed in trying to escape the high heat and humidity. You might think doors associated with errands would include hardware stores and other such retail establishments. Oddly enough, many of mine are associated with the errand of getting food. Then again, if you’ve followed me for a while, perhaps that doesn’t seem odd.

The photos are explained in the captions. If any appear truncated, you can click the little ‘i’ in the circle to see the entire caption.

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  1. I have to admit to chuckling a bit when I saw the ’95’ above that doorway, thinking it was going to a 2-for-1 comment (with door photo to make it legal) about the temperature that day. But alas, it was merely the actual address for the company. But you have to admit, it would have been a good two-fer!

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  2. Somehow I think you were quite happy to be walking through #95 again, but now as a visitor, not an employee!

    That looks like a great diner. Great entrance to great food!

    Although I hate that tobacco barns are cancer factories, there is, nevertheless, something magical about these buildings. I love the huge barn doors and am intrigued by the ventilation slats. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone came up with a way these structures could be used for our benefit?


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    • I have visited 95 a number of times, Ginger. It is fun, but there are so many new faces. It was good to see a friend, and I so appreciated his feedback.

      The tobacco barns are disappearing as cigar smoking wanes, but the still make nice photos,m and the smell is amazing – I can see how smoking could be addictive, but not giving it a chance.

      That diner has great food. That’s the place with the simple fish & chips dinner I feature from time to time. They have a sign inside – “Just like Mom’s – you’ll eat what we give you!”


    • Woo hoo – it’s my lucky day. I love it when you can join us, and it’s extra special that you can also join Cee’s challenge. You brought us some great photos. Let me know when you go back at night ;-)

      As for my doors, the best errands are running out for food.

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  3. I always enjoyed your photos of barns. It was good to see this one.
    The German Smear gave me pause…my next-door neighbor had the exterior of her house done in Italian liming. It is really pretty…and she let me know it is very expensive. The German version has the brick covered up way more than the Italian version. Who thinks up these names for brickwork??!!

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  4. I’m all about that diner. Somehow a good diner makes the interior the exterior too; it’s all of a piece. I especially love that giant cup of coffee over the door, but the rounded corner is great too. Once again you’ve demonstrated that there’s a lot to see in the daily. However, now I’m hungry for meat loaf and mashed potatoes.

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    • I replied to someone earlier that the diner has a sign inside. Something like, “Just like Mom’s – you’ll eat what we give you!” The fish and chips I post pictures of (in the paper tray) are what I usually get there. We go past, in and out a lot of doors on our daily rounds. I’m glad you like these.

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  5. Great doors Dan. So how many barns does OJ Thrall have left after Amazon cut into the size of his farm ? I love the big ‘expensive’ roof repair on the barn roof ! The cigar business must not be what it used to be. A good thing as long as one is not Mr OJ Thrall. And speaking of recycling was the old gate recycled from previous air handling unit fence ?

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    • I think he has 4 or 5, including one they jacked up and moved across the road. He has another farm, and he rents space in some old barns in other places. I’m not sure where they’re growing the tobacco, but it’s all coming here on a trailer towed behind a tractor.

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  6. I also love that exterior shot of the diner. And they have the fish & chips! Our local, 24 hr. diner used to feature that as well, and they served some very generous portions for a reasonable price. May bring it back soon from what I know. Great we still have these diners around.

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  7. Thank you for sharing your errands with us. I’d be curious to know if you ever shared your office door with us before. I don’t remember seeing this remarkable entrance before. I also think that the bar and the barn go together well.

    I’m back in Tuscany but this post isn’t. My tour of Maribor continues with some of the doors and arches from one street in the city center. There is also some fascinating news from Piran. Welcome!ška

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    • I think I shared the doors before, but perhaps not the full entrance. I also think they’ve painted the doors since I retired. I drive by those barns on the way to the bar, so they go together very well.

      Your doors are wonderful!


    • This will be a busy autumn for a lot of us. I normally get a lot done in the summer, but this year was just too hot. I think I have to adjust me schedule and plan more of these projects in the spring.


  8. Errands about food are the best kind, aren’t they? I like the coffee cup sign and a motorcycle with sidecar is always fun to spot. We used to see some on our way to Wyoming when we’d go around the first week of August when the Sturgis Rally was on.

    OK, get ready for some color today: Schwerner


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    • I love seeing the barns in their various configurations. At some point, they will wrap the whle barn in plastic and turn on propane heaters to help with the drying.

      Prayers going out in support of your mom’s recovery.

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    • I drive by the tobacco barn almost every day. There are four or five now. There used to be over 20, but they were torn down to build an Amazon warehouse.

      I enjoyed tagging along your ride through he monsoon.

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  9. Typed my comment and then exited … kind of clever! My door would be the sidecar’s … and thank you for the half=mast to the Queen. Those barns are lovely to look at – thanks for the overview of running errands – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I just visited your blog. I have stopped receiving notifications, but I tried to catch up a bit. I was proud of our country for showing respect by lowering the flag to half-staff for the Queen. I do think the opening in the sidecar counts as a door, and I wanted to include the flag one more time. Thanks for your support.

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      • Hi Dan – I realise my blog posts seem to have dropped off somewhere … I hope they’re lounging on some sunny warm beach – other than being lost in the myriad of internet muddle out there … sadly the latter me thinks! I’m having to be more careful with friend’s posts – that have disappeared off my reader – I’m going to try and find out why … but may not be til Christmas when my life once again quietens down … cheers and thanks for popping over – I’ll go see now! All the best – Hilary

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the tour, Deborah. They seem to have tobacco drying in three barns, but it’s a far cry from what it was when I moved here. When the restaurants were closed in 2020, the owner expanded the patio and remodeled the inside. I’m not thrilled about the white walls but I guess it will grow on me.

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    • Don’t worry about the time, Brenda, especially with the doors you had today :-) As long as you’re here before I generate the recap, you’re good.

      I’m glad you like my ordinary doors.


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