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In the past many weeks, I’ve been sharing some photos from deep in the archive to satisfy Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Today I’m adding a few new photos to the mix. Cee’s challenge this week:

“This week our topic is Circles and Curves. Have fun.”

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    • I’m glad you liked that. I can’t help myself. I look at something like that and I think “it has to be good for something.” The problem with that breakfast is, that’s one from the archives. All I have today is the toast. I hope you have a nice week!

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  1. I’m with Judy — good one about the Fred Flintstone wheel, though I have to admit it took me a couple seconds to get it. With only one cup of coffee (so far) I’m not too quick. However, I’m quick enough to appreciate that portrait of breakfast! Those tomatoes make it a real eyeful. And it looks like rye toast. But where are the grits? As for curves, I really like those benches. Benches seem so neighborly.

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    • Sorry to disappoint, Maureen, but grits aren’t happening here at No Facilities. I went to school in Georgia for one year. I tried – I really did – to like grits. I just can’t. They are an option at one of our regular breakfast places. I haven’t tried theirs. That is rye toast, and it’s always a good choice, unless they offer sourdough. I hope you have a nice week.

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  2. You nailed this prompt!

    “….and a spare tire for Fred Flintstone.” I can’t stop laughing. MiMi’s tail curved around her while she’s shooing you away so she can continue to nap! Those windows are beautiful. I want them!

    I like the curved chain with Old Glory in the background.

    Peanut Butter flavored whiskey! Seriously?

    Hope this week doesn’t throw you any curves or has you running around in circles!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed these, Ginger. I rarely have anything at the bar other than beer, but the peanut butter whiskey was a new thing and the bartender was offering samples. I could find myself in need of a ride home.

      I’m glad you liked the flag behind the chain. Finding a way to include a flag photo in these challenges is often the hardest part. This one worked, but required getting low without kneeling on wet grass. Let’s just say, it was good no one was around.

      I’m still running around finishing some projects, but hopefully I’ll stay on the straight and narrow. I hope you have a good week, too.


  3. Yay for the shout out to old Freddy-boy!
    Peanut butter whiskey…I don’t think I have ever had whiskey, but that flavor sound so good.
    We have a Krispy Kreme just down the street from me, but where we head for donuts is Parlor Donuts. Oh my gosh. They are really a croissant and donut mix–cronut–but the flavors are unreal. If you come across one in your travels, I highly recommend stopping in…for a dozen or so. Have a great week, Dan.

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    • As soon as I saw the piece that came out of the drill, that’s all I could think of. I don’t drink whiskey very often, and I never thought I’d like flavored stuff, but that was an amazing taste, It’s a good thing I was getting ready to leave. Cronuts? That sounds like something I’d have to try.

      I hope you’re not in the path of that storm.

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      • Thanks, Dan.I’m up in the Panhandle (NW Florida) and while we were just on the edge of the cone of uncertainty, it now looks like Tampa is going to get hit by Ian–their worst hurricane in 100 years. Ian looks to be a Category 4; the strongest hurricane I’ve ever been in is Cat 3. Way too scary to even think of what Tampa will look like when Ian leaves.

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  4. Such a niceLy diverse selection of curves and circles Dan. A man and his tools… I think Ilove the snow covered bush circle tunnel most of all. While I love whiskey I might have to pass on the PB flavored one. I’ll bet it’s used in shots a lot though. With Chambord would make a greatPB&J shot!

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  5. Hi Dan – great selection of curves and curls or circles … and yes I love the bay-square (!) windows … but I’d rather not have a drink there especially if it’s ‘Peanut Butter flavoured whiskey! Seriously?’ per Ginger. Is that Mumu or Mimi that’s telling you off ?… cheers Hilary

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    • Hi Hilary. I’m not a big whiskey drinker, and not a fan of flavored drinks. It was tasty, though. I made those windows for a customer of a cabinet shop I owned in 1985. That’s MiMi giving me a little attitude.

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  6. I love circles and curves, especially if they become spirals! I think my favourite shape of all time is the spiral staircase. I seem to make something with a spiral in almost every graphic I make. :)

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  7. You’re 42 miles from the nearest Krispy Kreme, but I’ll bet you’re never more than two blocks from a Dunkin’ Donuts. I like them both, but I gotta give KK the edge. They are sinfully good.

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