Leisure and Graditude

Yesterday, our daughter Faith and I attended the Great New England Fair, a.k.a. The Big-E. It’s an annual agricultural fair. I think the photos in the galley show that I attend this fair for the cultural and agricultural offerings.

While Faith and I were at the Big-E, the blogger we know as Willowdot21 was holding a tea party. Her guest? Me!. Willow interviewed me about the books in the Dreamer’s Alliance series. She has read the first two books, and invited me to tea, much the same way I like to invite authors to the bar. I’ve never been on the other side, and I have to say, it was a thrill. So, my one-liner today is an easy one:

“Thank you so much, Willow!”

After looking at the photos, I hope you will visit Willow’s blog and check out the tea party.

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  1. Wow… I can’t imagine the drinks that were being sold there. LOL I’d be under the table in a heartbeat! The Lobster roll wasn’t what I was expecting, however. Hmmm… and I should have had the Westover air base on our travel bucket list! Thanks!

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    • The 32oz Rum Bucket seemed like a scary drink. We start with a small Bloody Mary – that’s enough. The lobster roll is my favorite stop at the fair. This particular stand offers a very simple roll, and a better than average price. I am hoping that next year, Westover will bring back “The Great American Air Show.” We have gone to that, many times. Our daughter began seeing that air show from a stroller.

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  2. Hi Dan – looks a wonderful day out … I’m surprised you could walk round the fair! Please tell me what are Palin fries ?… if necessary politely! Lobster roll – I still need to try one of those … the Clydesdales are one of the breeds that are being saved over here … the Queen was a great supporter and owner of some. What fun … now off to find Willow – cheers Hilary

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    • Hilary, I must apologize for the typo. That should be “plain” fires. They came in so many varieties, with an almost infinite list of toppings, but we just wanted plain old fries. I love seeing the Clydesdales. We were there one year when they were hitching them up for the parade. What an incredible amount of work that is. Thanks for visiting Willow.

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      • oh dear … I wondered about the Palin reference … made me smile – but not think! The Clydesdales are superb horses … they’re used here for pulling the beer kegs around the cities … well some are! I’ve yet to visit Willow – she was still recovering from your visit and hadn’t appeared – I’ll be back anon. Cheers Hilary

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  3. I can indeed see that you attend for the cultural offerings! French fries and ketchup would be high on my cultural list too! With trains, no less! I can’t help feeling sorry for that horse — does he have that braid dangling in his eye all the time? I will be stopping in at the tea party.

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    • I think the horse’s name is Major, and he had just shook his head before I snapped that photo. HE shook it again to move the braid, but then there were people in front of me. It’s tough getting pictures at a crowded event. Cultures are best explored through their food – at least for one day a year.

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  4. Dan, it’s easy to see that you are just “eating up” all the cultural and agricultural aspects this fair has to offer. Lol! They probably brought over one of those magnificent Clydesdale to transport you back to your car!

    From your photos this fair looks well attended, and that’s nice to see.

    Any one of those Deep South Cocktails would have put me deep under a table and into a deep sleep!

    Glad you and Faith could attend. That father/daughter bond always warms my heart.

    Congratulations on your interview with Willow, and at a tea party no less. Hmmmm, me thinks nothing from any of those Deep South Cocktails made its way into Willow’s tea!

    Happy Monday. Hope it’s the start of an enjoyable week.

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    • If I had tried the 32oz Rum Bucket, I would have needed the Clydesdales to haul me back to my car.

      Me at a tea party is a bit like a bull in a china shop, but those beef and horseradish sandwiches sound delightful, not to mention that spongecake. Willow was very kind to set that up. I think we’ll have to get her over to the bar at some point.

      The fair was crowded, especially for a Tuesday, but we managed to see everything we like. We have our path around the exhibits and vendors and we have our food and beverage stops along the way. We ended with a nice iced coffee from Dunkin’

      I hope you’re having a nice week.


    • We were joking about those tater tots being the reason we park where we do. We go in that gate and start eating at that booth. Willow was so kind to feature me at her place, Frank. I have been helped by so many writers and bloggers, it’s a remarkable feeling.

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  5. Thanks?! We always make sure to see the horses. We got lucky one year and watched them hitching them up for the parade. Seeing them with people working around them makes you realize how big they are. We started getting the tater tots several years ago. The first year, we tried splitting an order. Pffft, we’ve never tried that again.

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  6. LOL, I admit that after a nonverbal “wow/yum” my first thought was about the indigestion I’d have. But that doesn’t change the fact of how good that fair food looks. Ah for the cast-iron stomach of my youth. :)
    This was a delight, Dan. Clicking over to join you and Willow for tea. Hugs on the wing.

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  7. They are such beautiful creatures. I have been blessed to have been up close to them in the past. What impressed me most was that they are so incredibly gentle. Intimidating to look at. So you went to the fair and there was absolutely no food available, how unfortunate. I’m sure you muscled through…

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  8. Now I feel hungry looking at the photos. I only got to eat lobster twice in my life and the first one I ate was in Boston. It was good, but I still want more if I ever get to go to other cities in New England.

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