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I love birds. I don’t get to see too many exotic ones, so be sure to check out Cee’s own entry for the Fun Foto Challenge, where the order of the week is:

This week our topic is Birds. Have fun.

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  1. We used to own a large birdhouse with twelve rooms. They were designed to attract purple martins, a bird similar to swallows. We got some, but they competed with the sparrows who loved to build nests inside the house too.

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    • Yeah, competition for a good home is fierce. The sparrows don’t like the deep floor, but they just fill it with grass and twigs to get the floor where they like it. I’m a big fan of D-I-Y projects, so that works for me.

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  2. Birds are such fun (except the geese, which are no fun at all), and these are great takes on them. That capture of two on a wire with the moon between them is most impressive. Nice timing! The photo of the photographer looks like something out of Life magazine — was she saying “look at the birdie,” by chance?

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    • I don’t remember what she was waiting for, but I’m sure her photo of that bird was better than mine. Still, I got a very good photo of her (and I didn’t get my pants soaked). I never really liked traveling to Florida, but I did like seeing the birds.

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  3. Well Dan those are fantastic shots of the birds..

    I have never known a sparrow use a bird house, I love that snoopy has decided to change the rule.

    The starling on a wire looks like he is accompanied by a junvinile song thrush perhaps?

    As for the Turkey Vulture well he scares me we saw lots of them when we visited Florida pre pandemic.

    Lovely photo of faith sharing your full …did she capture you as well? 👌💜

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  4. Wonderful, Dan. I love birds. During my early morning walks, I chat with the ravens and always pause to say hello to the road runners. Then there are the quail families…so sweet. Yep, I love birds, and watching them is a joy. Have a great day! 😊

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  5. Hitchcock would love your post today Dan! The two shots of the moon and birds is incredible, as are the shots of the herons/reflections.

    Faith is a trooper….that’s why she gets such great photos. Those captures of birds in flight are beautiful. And, of course, who could resist Snoopy or the “squatter” in his house?

    Terrific collection and response to the prompt.

    Ya know, I was just thinking you were for the birds. Guess I was right! 🤗

    Have a great start to a great week.

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    • I always think to that movie when a big bunch of birds decides to swarm down and land in the yard (or take off when I step out). Even the little ones could do some damage if they wanted to.

      Snoopy is our favorite. It’s fun to watch her chase blue jays and crows out of her territory. She flies off to gather bugs for her babies. Blue jays will sometimes sit on the house (waiting to steal peanuts from the squirrels) but she chases them off, and she runs them out of the yard.

      Faith works hard to get great photos. I’m lucky, I can just take a picture of her and everyone loves it.

      I hope your week is a good one, Ginger.

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  6. These are wonderful photos, Dan. I especially like the ‘racing’ photo–gosh, those guys look ready! The ‘tight fit’ photo made me laugh. He got in, but can he get out?! 😆 Such great timing to snap that one.

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  7. Beautiful birds, Dan. Snoopy looks like king of his castle. The moon shot… 👍🏻I miss the terns. They have so much character. I’m in the Faith school of photography I’m afraid. Most,y whatever it takes.. lol

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  8. I’ve only ever seen a red-winged bird once and its eyes were solid yellow — strange looking creature. As for that Turkey Vulture, a flock of them were circling over our house the other day. We’re in the flight path of their migration pattern. Bizarre and slightly scary to see them circling the house! Shades of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds”! LOL

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    • When I added onto our house, I didn’t get the soffit covered before winter. I stapled some plastic up. Om goodness, in the spring, we must have had 20 nests. They just threw leaves and grass in. IT was laying on the plastic and bumped up against the 2x4s.. They loved it. It was like a condominium complex.


  9. Great selection Dan. It’s funny but the older I become, the more I appreciate birds. I would love to have my own garden in the future and have a few bird houses, to create a little oasis for them. Hopefully a garden with no cats 🙊.

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  10. These our so good. We have a bluebird box just outside our patio door. They raise 4-5 clutches a year. One year Mr. Bluebird had a second mate looking around and Mrs. Bluebird ran her off. We loved watching the girl fight.

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