Review of the first Two books in Dan’s Trilogy The Dreamers Alliance.

After the delightful tea party, Willow and I head down to an English pup where she shares her review of the first two books in the Dreamer’s Alliance Series. I am thrilled.

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“Hey Dan you made it’ how are you doing today? I am impressed you found our Local welcome come on in. Meet Jim our host and his staff. “
“Hey everyone, it’s good to meet you, this place is quite something has it been here long Jim? “
“It certainly has Dan. Beer was first sold here in the 1850s when the railway arrived and we’ve been here selling food and drink since then…. Well Obviously not us personally!”
“Ha! well that’s good to know you’d be pretty tired by now if you had! Well it really looks the part”
“What can we get you Dan, willow tells us you like a Carona with a twist of lime…we can do that and willow your usual glass of Shiraz? “
“Yes please Jim and a couple of menus too “
Well Dan let’s sit by the fire and you can have…

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