Smooth as Ice – CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Smooth. I figured I could dig through the archives and find some smooth photos, but I need to add two other thoughts about the word smooth.

The first is the classic insult delivered after a klutzy action – “smooth move…” There was always something appropriate added to the end, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

The second smooth reference is a line I remember from Star Trek – Next Generation. During the episode, “Pen Pals,” Chief O’Brien is being asked to beam Commander Data back to the ship if something goes wrong on the planet below. First Officer Riker asks Chief O’Brien if he knows what to do. O’Brien says: “No problem. I’ll have him out of there as smooth as ice.”

Now, for some images of smooth.

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  1. Ya know, I remember the last time you tried to convince us those glasses were smaller than they looked! Smooth try Dan, but I still don’t believe it. Lol!

    Love the duck hauling the light behind him, and the reflection in the frozen raindrop.

    Dan, don’t be laughing at me, but I thought that one photo was of two hunks of cooked roast beef! Until I read ‘waterlox finishing oil’! 🤪

    Old Glory against that smooth blue sky is stunning.

    Happy Monday with a terrific week to follow. Happy Columbus Day.


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    • The roast beef are bookends, Ginger, but now I’m hungry. It’s a little early for roast beef and flights of beer, but…

      The hardest thing about Cee’s challenge is finding a flag that fits. I thought it was a smooth scene, and I like seeing it on Monday morning.

      And the flight of beers were 6-7 oz. Really.

      I hope you have a great week.


  2. The night before last was our first experience waking up to frost this year. Nothing like what you show in the photo about your Saturday though. Here on the plateau in the Cumberland Mountains the threat of hazardous ice on roads and everywhere else with be rearing its head soon. It’s pretty to look at, but treacherous to deal with.

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  3. The ‘otherwordly’ photo is a good one, Dan. So are the rails along the levee. I love playing with light and reflections in photos. Lotta good ones here. Smooth. Very smooth. 😉

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  4. I think of debonaire man has being smooth and then of course there is the whiskey. I love it when somebody whispers deeply that the whiskey they have just tasted was smooooth. As always, I love your pictures.

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  5. Okay I have to finish that for you and it is PG rated. My sister and best friend used it so much it is branded into my brain! “Smooth move, Ex Lax.” I may never get over that one. 🥴 So many wonderful images denoting the challenge. And I thin 6 or 7 oz is a nice size for a flight glass. That one does look enticing, BTW. Those wood pieces look familiar. I’d say the bar top is only half as smooth as the bottle sitting in the corner. 😉And the flagpole shot is just brilliant. Could we not talk about ice and snow just yet? I’m already shivering empathetically for you guys. 🥶

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  6. Nice reflections and an unusual POV for the flag (which I like) but I’ll take a smooth beer. Bad news on that front as my favorite beer (Cashmere Hammer by 3 Sheeps Brewing of Wisconsin) has been retired. I was planning to stock up when I get back to Naperville in a couple of weeks. Guess I’ll just have to enjoy researching my next favorite dark beer. :-)

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