Spook-tacular Shorts — The Game of Sinful Delights, featuring Dan Antion

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Saturday, October 8, 2022

Spook-tober shorts logo image by TeaganImage by Teagan

Hello everyone, and happy October.  I hope to use this series of short stories I’m writing to promote new books from indie authors, whenever synchronicity allows.  Today that happened with the second book in Dan Antion‘s trilogy, “The Evil You Choose.”  The title is what inspired my short story, although Dan has let me use several of his photos for illustrations (not necessarily related to his book). 

The Evil You Choose by Dan Antion The Evil You Choose by Dan Antion

Today I’ve created some new character-friends, and we’re up to a bit of Twilight Zone-ish fun.

The Game of Sinful Delights

“Round and round and round, she goes.  Who knows what evil you will choose!” the barker cried.

Dan Antion 2020Dan Antion 2020

The Pumpkin Hat Girls, that’s what we called ourselves.  Throughout each autumn season we went on adventures small or grand.  Aged 50 through 90, all…

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