A Pothole for Two – #1LinerWeds

I grew up in Pittsburgh, and there isn’t a place in the US with more potholes than Pittsburgh had in the 1970s. I have seen and hit some pretty big potholes in my time. But, I have to say:

I never saw a pothole big enough to hold furniture

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  1. Your flag photo brought back memories of the front yard of my paternal grandmother. Almost made me cry with longing to visit it one more time–but it is no more. My father went back a number of years ago and reported that the house and farm had been torn down and apartments were there now. I’ve never seen a black squirrel before. So many great photos to comment on… thank you!

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  2. I don’t know…it’s hard to believe that any city has more or worse potholes than Indianapolis. What a claim to fame. Great captures in the gallery — that house under the big tree with the sun shining through the flag is almost a Norman Rockwell. My guess for the leaf is a very large blue jay on a very small elephant. I didn’t know tobacco barns were wrapped like that. I always learn stuff from blogs!

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    • I guess every city has its share of potholes. I had to laugh because the town had put a road cone in this one, and you could barely see it. Hard to miss a loveseat. Blue jay on an elephant is a good guess. I thought the rider was certainly a bird. We don’t live in a Norman Rockwell neighborhood, but it’s a nice thought. Thanks!

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    • Pothole season and pothole fixing season. The only place I ever damaged my car was on the way into Boston. One of those, Can’t move, can’t slow down situations. I’m glad you like the moon shot.

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  3. I’m laughing at the bench sitting atop a very large pothole because I won’t be unexpectedly driving over it! Holy cow!

    MiMi seems quite content peering out the window. Probably squirrel counting! And the squirrel peeking out of his tree house is adorable.

    They wrap up the tobacco barns when they heat them for drying! I always learn something interesting here.

    I think that leaf shadow looks like two court jesters about to kiss! The leaf with the sun shining through is a beauty, including those sunbeams.

    But Old Glory, flying at her assigned station, is a thing of beauty. It’s a Hallmark card in real time.


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    • Yeah, I don’t think anyone is likely to run over the bench trying to get to the pothole. MiMi was counting squirrels, and there were several to count. I don’t think they worry too much about her.

      I assume they wrap them for drying because after the plastic is up, several large propane tanks arrive. The aroma is amazing. I know it would be a bad habit to start, but if you handed me a cigar while I was driving by, I might.

      I had to scroll up and look at the shadow again. I see what you mean. I’m glad you like that flag. I walk past it everyday, but when the sun is behind it, I find it amazing.

      I hope you get over the hump of this week and are ready for rain, Ginger.


  4. Pittsburgh potholes are the worst. I remember a few years ago, a bus dropped into one. They were even selling Christmas ornaments (of a bus in a hole) to commemorate the event. That’s one thing about the city that I don’t miss.

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    • Thanks Jan. I think my reputation for carrying peanuts has spread around town. The bench was still there over the weekend. I use this road a lot, I hope the town gets the message.


  5. The lighting of the squirrel in the field o’ nuts is beautiful! And that little face peeking out from the hole in the tree is so cute!
    The wicker bench on the pothole–can’t you picture the city workers sitting on that while taking a break from filling the darn hole?! Unbelievable the condition some streets are in.

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    • Our public works crews are pretty good, but that bench would be tempting. I was trying to capture the light shining through his tail when he sat up. It was like I caught him in the act. The little guy in the tree is just so cute. He/she usually ducks back in as soon as I get near. I was happy he poked his head out.

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  6. Wonderful photos Dan. That’s some pothole! Never been to Pittsburg, I hope the streets are improving ! The worst potholes I’ve seen were driving through South Carolina. I’m looking forward to Thursday Doors 🚪! 🌺

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    • There’s another one up the road from this that’s almost as big but much deeper. This one would be annoying. The deeper one could do some damage. I hope you’re getting over the hump with ease.

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  7. That’s a big pot hole Dan!
    Those photos are wonderful this week those cheeky squirrels, a great shop of the squirrel in his home. I love the leaves too and your cat!
    The one where the leaf is casting a shadow and you ask who’s riding who… I see a vulture riding an ant eater!

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  8. Great idea to put old furniture over potholes. We have our share here and I have a spare plastic chair or two…. That’s an amazing daytime moonshot and an adorable squirrel tucked safely in the tree.

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    • They had a road cone in that hole for a while, but it was barely noticeable. I hope this got someone’s attention. It the hole gets any bigger, we can add your chair. That squirrel makes me smile every time he/she pops out. I’m glad you like the moon photo.,

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