On the Surface – CFFF

According to Cee, the host of the aptly named Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:

“This week our topic is Texture. Anything that that you would want to touch and feel the texture or in some cases not want to touch. Have fun.”

Let’s see what we can find:

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  1. Some great photos here. I particularly like the bowl with a chunk missing. I think it adds to the bowl. Although this bowl looks like a wooden one, my daughter, who is an accomplished potter says, “Everything eventually breaks, it may break tomorrow or in a thousand years, everything will break. So don’t get upset about it.” She would approve of displaying a bowl with a piece missing.

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    • That’s a really good thought, Darlene. The chunk was missing, and I would have had to turn a very shallow bowl to get beyond it. I liked the grain patterns I was seeing, so I decided to work around the chunk. It wasn’t easy, as it was off balance, but I like the result. Your daughter has a great attitude.

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  2. I love the miscellany here, and the way it requires us to look at texture. Don’t tell MiMi, but I laughed out loud at that first photo; the look on her face most definitely did not invite a tummy rub. It will not surprise you that my favorite in this collection is the bacon, but the pine cone and woodpecker were close runners-up. Nice ones!

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  3. The look on MiMi’s face is priceless. Look at her front paws balled up ready to throw a punch!

    I love that you left the bowl broken instead of repairing it. It gives the bowl character and would be quite a conversation piece, and still very functional.

    I like the “diner in the tree” and the way MuMu is letting you know “hands off!” Dan, you’re not very popular with the ladies today. Lol!

    Old Glory is looking mighty good in that setting.

    But the one that really caught my eye and tastebuds is the pie, ice cream and whipped cream. Good grief, a heart attack on a plate, but what a way to go! 🤗


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    • That bowl served for many years as a candy dish in my office. No one ever complained about the gash. Who knows, it might have been caused by a woodpecker.

      MiMi does have a way of sending a message. I laugh after I do pet her and she sits up and cleans herself where I was petting – way to make me feel good, MiMi.

      The Monday challenge is always finding a flag that fits the prompt. The pie is high on my list.

      Happy Monday, Ginger, I hope you have a good week.


  4. The window photo with the flag is the winner for me. The sunlight on the glass is just beautiful. Yikes! The woodpecker has quite the diner there. I didn’t realize how deep they could ‘dig.’

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  5. I know why you saved that bacon for nearly last. Some folks might never get past it. 😍 And what kind of pie was buried under all that creamy goodness? All great and diverse textures, Dan. Happy Monday.

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  6. Hi Dan – I love your selections … good ones …. especially those fluffy put-cats (that’s what I call them at times – more polite than the other probably?!) … while the woodpecker is in full hole bludgeoning … cheers Hilary

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  7. I could feel the texture in each shot!!:)) Cracked up over rubbing MiMi’s belly….both of our cats love having their belly rubbed….they lay spread eagle just waiting for it. Might be a MainCoon thing…not sure, but because of their breed….they are big cats with very big bellies!!

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  8. I’d love to touch some of those (not all, mind you)! I watched a documentary about Jaume Plensa, a famous sculptor and artist from Barcelona, who’s worked everywhere (or almost) and he was talking about how he loves to touch and hug sculptures and says all those sculptures in museums, especially the ancient ones, miss being touched and get very dried up inside. He talks about his sculptures as if they were alive. Thanks for those great images, Dan.

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