What a Day For… – #1LinerWeds

One of the (mostly) technical newsletters I still receive had an interesting headline one day last week.

Does Daydreaming Serve a Purpose?

As you might expect, I couldn’t resist. You can read the complete article here, but the text below is the part I liked:

Daydreaming strongly indicates a healthy, active, and normal-functioning brain. In fact, scientists have correlated daydreaming with improved memory, higher levels of creative thinking, and effective problem-solving. During a daydream sequence, the brain detaches itself from the busy stimuli-ridden modern world and allocates resources to other pressing issues. Furthermore, research also shows that daydreaming can help elevate mood and improve productivity.


The phrase “has a tendency to daydream” appeared on many more than one of my elementary school report cards. I wish I could go back in time and show this article to my parents and to my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Green.

I guess it’s no accident that I chose to write a series of novels about a dreamer.

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Once again, I’ve attached some musical entertainment (one of my favorite songs) below the gallery and the ad placed by our marketing department.

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  1. The best report I have ever seen was my oldest brothers – would achieve more if he paid attention in class and not to the sparrows on the window sill 😂
    Great song, one of my favourites

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  2. It’s funny how some words take on a positive or negative connotation. Some would call daydreaming using one’s imagination, which should always be a good thing.

    I know Mrs. Green isn’t an unusual name, but I taught with a 3rd-grade educator with that name at my school.

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    • The good teachers recognized that definition. They still tried to draw my attention back to the chalkboard, but they also encouraged the daydreamer in me. Mrs. Green is the first teacher I remember trying to get us to explore our imagination. Thanks Pete.

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  3. Hi Dan – that’s great … my brain is constantly in daydreaming mode – but sends me off in interesting directions. Wonderful article to come across, then adapt for us here … also love the colours of your fall photos – Mimi obviously enjoys looking around – and is being specifically curious, rather than thinking about life out and about. Daydream – always happy to hear that song – Cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. As a fellow daydreamer, I always appreciate your thoughts. That is MiMi’s favorite window. I happened to be working outside in that area. We have had several cats over the years who seem to enjoy watching me work. I suspect they see me as the handyman. I have more fall photos, but they will be old, unpublished ones. I think three days of hard rain has taken care of this year’s crop.

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  4. Daydreaming…the best part of any day!

    MiMi peeking out from the curtains is adorable. Wonder what she’s daydreaming about?

    Beautiful capture of fall colored trees . Love the windshield shot! And your little red maple working hard at surviving. It won’t be so little come next spring!

    Happy Hump Day Dan. Hope the remainder of this week is pleasant for you and the Editor and the Tuxedos!

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    • Thanks Ginger. MiMi likes to know what’s going on out there. I don’t think she has any desire to find out firsthand, or firstpaw. I’ll be back out there to finish the project I was working on, after the rain stops. It is going to stop…right?

      Our little tree has survived another year. I hope it makes it through the winter. I’ll give it a little mulch to keep it warm. Mother Nature is taking care of water.

      I hope your ride into the weekend is an easy one.


    • There was always that one girl, Judy. I wonder what became of her ;-)

      I think fall fell this week. We’ve had so much rain. The forecast of “Possible Showers” turned into over an inch of rain, much of it falling in several thunder-filled bursts.

      I hope you have a nice second half of this week.

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  5. I was always afraid to put a toe out of line in school. But once I was on my own, I found daydreaming to be one of my most crucial tools in fiction writing. It would be interesting to see if kids performed better if given time in class to let their minds wander. Thanks for sharing this, Dan.

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  6. You captured the essence of fall in these photos, Dan. Daydreaming? It’s something I’ve always done. I have sparse memories of childhood because I spent more time in my dreams than reality. :)

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  7. Dan, I’m glad you’re a daydreamer. Your remarks about your report cards had me laughing in commiseration. I’m still waiting for my big mulberry tree to have more than a patch of yellow. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous trees there. They’re pos-i-lutely…. well, dreamy. Hugs on the wing.

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  8. Dan, so nice to see Autumn in New England. Awesome photos. And good to know daydreaming is worth something. I’d be in trouble if it was a defective trait. How would we write our books? How would we take breaks from the world’s madness? Your 3rd grade teacher had no clue about you. A creative mind way back then. 📚🎶 Christine

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  9. I’m sure that was on my report card too – one of my teachers called me Bojangles because I couldn’t stop with my feet – I was daydreaming about dancing! Looks like you’re getting lots of color!

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  10. There was a time when I used daydreaming as an escape, but there are worse ways to escape. Daydreaming in moderation and with good intentions can help manifest our hearts’ desires.

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  11. There should be a ‘love this’ button by the ‘LIKE’ button, for posts like this. Just stunning colors on the trees. Such a difference in how the seasons change in your neck of the woods (pun intended!) Thanks once more for making my morning smile!

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  12. Fabulous post, Dan. I really liked the part of the newsletter, because it’s all true. Daydreamers are creative thinkers and typically have big hearts to go along with their big thoughts. The fall photos are beautiful.

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