Out of My Comfort Zone – CFFC

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is “Catching People Unaware” and it’s not something I normally do. I should have bargained with Lois for photos, she in an expert in this area.

Still, I did manage to get a couple this week (sorry to whomever I snagged if they don’t want to be here) and I’m sure I can find some in archives.


  1. The surfboarder is a perfect “unaware” moment!

    Dan, if I was coming out of the Ladies Room and saw a stranger taking my picture, I’d have to turn around and use the facility again! She was a good sport.

    How proud you must have been to be sitting in the audience witnessing Faith’s presentation. Priceless moment for both of you.


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  2. Dads and Daughters. It’s all in that photo. She is lovely, and looks so poised. I bet people were picking up your buttons all over the place. These are great people pictures, and I especially liked the one in the diner. I loved the perspective from the long counter — the view from the ketchup!

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    • Thanks Maureen. I have many good photos of Faith, but she didn’t know I was taking this one (well, I guess she probably knew I would). The diner shot is the most recent photo. I took it on Friday when I realized I don’t have many pictures of people.

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  3. Incredible pictures, Dan!! I’m sat odds photographing people so I know what uncomfortable is when I do so I applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone. How proud you must be of Faith! You saved the last picture to be the best one. Really great post! Thank you!

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    • Thanks Amy. Most of the others are random photos that just happen to have a person in them, but the picture of Faith was intentional, and although she knew I would take one, she didn’t know when. I’m glad you liked this post.

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  4. The photos of the metro/subway took me back to a number of visits to D.C., where I used that method of transportation often to get around. Don’t know if I’d want to try the NYC subway without have a guide the first few times. You’re used to it, but I bet it can be daunting for newbies. Nice photo of Faith, that had to be wonderful listening to her speak as your daughter.

    Happy Monday and Halloween, Dan!

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  5. These are great photos, Dan! The surfer photo…wow. Perfect timing on that one–what a shot! The Javits Center–what a beautiful place that is.
    Hi Faith! Dan, I can picture you snapping a photo and saying, ‘That’s my daughter!”

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  6. Oh! I remember the church one from Brother Love. Thanks for letting my use your photos for the serial version of the story, Dan. Those are good memories.
    I like the irony that the photographer was in fact the one caught unaware when the woman opened the door. LOL. Happy Halloween hugs.

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