I Got Nothin’ – #1LinerWed

Spelling has never been my strong suit. Despite the humorous intent of the meme at the end of this post, I do rely on spellcheck and in many places, I have autocorrect turned on.

Occasionally, I get some interesting/humorous/embarrassing “corrections” but I haven’t posted a serious mistake for a while. On the other hand, I do seem to be able to stump the spellchecker from time to time. It comes back to me with the sentiment expressed in the title.

The other day, I spelled dilemma so badly spellcheck suggested lemonade.

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  1. Thank you for the laugh! It’s us against the machines; they are not the big help they’re supposed to be — sometimes they’re so goofy they’re downright human. I love the shot of the trestle in the fog!

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    • Thanks Maureen. Technology helps, but it pales by comparison to asking someone or actually flipping through the dictionary. Either way would have led me to ‘dilemma’ in less time. The first time I drove past the trestle, it was completely hidden. I tried again after an appointment and I got this (and a few more) shot.

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  2. Being dyslexic, I rely on spellchecker so much. However, I’m with you in that it does not always offer me the correct world I am looking for. It’s still a godsend to me, though.

    What I dislike the most is when two words are so close to each other in how they are spelt that the spellchecker can’t help. For example, the other day, I used the word ‘Slop’ instead of ‘Slope’ in a post. It wasn’t until the next day that I spotted it! And by then, the post had been visited more than 250 times!

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    • That’s funny, Hugh. Of course we don’t notice until the post is up, or worst, push “Post Comment” on someone else’s blog. Slop and slope aren’t interchangeable, but I wonder how many people noticed.

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      • I dread to think how many readers noticed the mistake, Dan. At least one reader did because he left a comment asking how he could let me know of an error he’d spotted in the post. I told him to contact me with details via the ‘Contact Hugh’ button, but I never heard back from him. Maybe he noticed I’d corrected the error before he had a chance to let me know.

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  3. LOVE the meme! You never know if spellcheck will be friend or foe!

    Rustina is a beauty. The cat on the hay bale, sometimes known as a gay bake, is a hoot!

    Love the look of the leaves through the fence slats.

    Old Glory looking bright even on a cloudy day!

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    • Spellcheck lets me down sometimes, but usually when I’m not even close. That’s when I pick up the old pocket dictionary.

      Rustina is very cute. She seems to know that we love seeing her. She comes to the front yard as well as the back.

      The flag was waiting for the sun on the last day of DST. I felt like I was walking at night. I do prefer standard time. I like to walk early, and a little sunshine feels good.

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  4. I know what you mean about the spelling. My eyes get crossed when I click on the word and the computer has no suggested spelling, but do I want this included in my dictionary? Just how badly did I spell it anyway?

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  5. That meme is hilarious! Sometimes spellcheck offers some very questionable words, but I really like the grammar check. I try to figure it out before I give in, though. What if I don’t want a comma there, grammer checker?! 🤨
    The fog photo with the trestle–very, very pretty.

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      • Haha – Lois, I want so badly for WordPress to add an edit function on comments. I almost never see my mistakes until I push the “Post Comment” button. I used multiple grammar checkers (well, two) when editing my books. I love it when they disagree, which is more often than you’d expect. When my daughter weighs in, I take her word for it without question.

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  6. Ha ha! I’m laughing because your title is the name for the post I wrote in my head last night. I must admit that I was actually unconscious at the time but damn it was a good post! I think. And as for spellcheck… His name is Billy and he lives in his mothers basement, wears socks and sandals, his pants are around his hips and he is a moron. I shouldn’t say that because he’ll change my my wording. He does that. I’ll just go back and check what he did. I love the moodiness to your pictures.

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    • Thanks for the return laugh. I always expect Billy to say that when I spell one of those words so badly. I picture the emoji with frustrated hands up in the air. The post you did write was pretty good.

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  7. I have a love/hate relationship with Spellchecker. Sometimes I spell words so badly it can’t figure it out and other times I’m so close to the correct spelling it still can’t figure it out and I’m thinking, “why can’t you get this I know I’m close!” I rely on my dictionary just as much.

    The Squirrels nest caught my eye straight away. It needs a remodel. 🤣 An old-time birding friend says Crows are happy fliers as they’re always flappin their wings, and are always in a group. Verses the Raven which is usually alone.

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    • Spellcheck does seem to get dumbfounded more often than it should. I keep a dictionary handy, as well.

      The crows frequently sit on different light poles and talk back and forth. Then they all leave together, join up and fly together. It’s fun to think of them as happy fliers.

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  8. Auto-correct doesn’t catch them all, but a good pair of eyes with a grammar background does wonders. ;) And I’m fairly sure that vibrantly red plant is actually a poinsettia. Looks like one.

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      • I think that’s why I want a burning bush- it delivers when most everything else has gone kaput. We’re on the same page with autocorrect. I remember a post you wrote long ago about words and names that were ‘torched’ with autocorrect. Ya gotta laugh!

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