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As the title suggests, we’re back in Granby, Connecticut today. Regular visitors will notice that the gallery has fewer pictures than I normally include. That’s because as I was looking for information about one of the buildings I planned to include, I found a lot more information than I expceted. I’ll be back with that building next week.

One photo I want to call attention to has some ordinary doors, but a rather extraordinary sign – Gifts of Love. I looked this us and found an organization that runs a food pantry, provides Thanksgiving Meals for families to prepare, sends weekend food backpacks home with350 low-income students, helps people pay for fuel in the winter and has a farm program (one of their farms is on the left of the photo). The farm program produces two tons of produce that is distributed through their food pantries. They also have a basic needs programs where they distribute household items, toiletries and clothing.

The other photos in the gallery are described by their captions. I hope you enjoy the gallery, and I hope you will take some time to visit some of the other participants. Each week, we have photos from around the world and we also have a few poets who share photos and poetry. Plus, all of the posts will be included in the weekly recap on Sunday, including a few that don’t leave a link/pingback here.

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    • It was getting close to the time of my meeting, and I wasn’t sure what kind of traffic was between me and my destination, so I snapped photos of the depot from my car. I’m sure I will return in the spring/summer. I love railway depots and I hope to learn more about the history of this area.

      I enjoyed your post today!

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  1. The main entrance to the Brignole Vineyards building is quite impressive. Love that chandelier! Their outdoor dining looks very inviting too. The scenery below not so much!🤗

    Hmmmm, l notice that the fish market stands all alone. I wonder why!

    Kudos to the Gifts of Love and all that organization has done and continues to do. Organizations like this are so desperately needed these days. Clearly they fill a huge need for many families.

    I like the railroad depot. Reminds me of the one where my grandparents lived in Hawthorn, NY .

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    • I had to lookup Hawthorn to see where it was. I like that the description says, “Hawthorne is a hamlet…” New York uses many interesting words for towns. We have many named places in Connecticut that are part of another town, but we just call them towns (even though they are not).

      Gifts of Love sounds like they have a good program.

      There are walking trails around that vineyard. The entrance says it’s part of Connecticut’s Wine Trail (which I didn’t know we have).

      I hope you have a great weekend, Ginger. Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your comments.

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  2. I can see myself lazing away a sunny afternoon on the porch on that greenhouse. That’s my kind of house. It doesn’t amaze me in the least to know what incredible kindness is out in the world. The Gifts of Love puts all politicians to shame. This should be done more. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Thanks Pam. The house without a door seems to be the clear favorite today. I know it is for me. Gifts of Love seems to have a great and comprehensive program. We do need more of this, and the government should take notice.

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  3. Granby is a really pretty town. All of these photos are wonderful, but the vineyard is gorgeous. I like the green house. How they have the roof framed with the wood coming in on either side… is that unusual, or is there a name for that?

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  4. That entryway with the arch and chandelier is gorgeous! The whole building is lovely but, that entry is really a statement piece.

    I like the Granby train depot it’s very Americana as are the light yellow and white houses. I just love that period.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what building and door you have for us next week.

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  5. The lighting on your photos is spectacular, Dan. Did you take them in the late afternoon sun? I viewed Gifts of Love website and was heartened by the good work that is being done. Sending out food to provide Thanksgiving meals gives hope in the midst of uncertainty. I have your next book on the next to read. I am excited.

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    • I was heading to a meeting at 5:30, Rebecca, so I was taking these pictures during that sweet spot of the afternoon sun. Gifts of Love is an impressive organization. I am happy to spread the word about them. The Thanksgiving meal kits and the weekend backpacks were my favorites of the services they provide. I am very happy to hear that you’re going to read the second book. I hope you enjoy it.

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    • I am sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope that heals quickly. I agree about the fish market. I wish I had more time to explore the depot. I was in a hurry, but I hope to return when I have more time.


  6. These are wonderful! I like Granby. I couldn’t help an LOL moment when I read that every town needs a fish market — what a motto for any place! But the one that made me gasp was that big house that appears to be green and brown with the magnificent porch. With a rocking chair and good coffee I could be very happy there.

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  7. Geee more things to like about Granby! 1) that green 2 story house with the big veranda gets a thumbs up … better yet, the decks facing away from the Brignole Vineyards restaurant. This view reminds me of the Brigantine Restaurant in Del Mar. The restaurant sits facing the ocean, adjacent to the roadway that runs north and south in front of the restaurant. The back of the restaurant faces the Del Mar race track so you can sit and have your lunch or dinner, watch the horses race, or just enjoy watching the Surfliner train roll through. Just beautiful… the sound of the ocean, taste of salty air, sun shining. Surfers surfing across the way. Can’t get much better than this–other than the Clam Chowder that’s being served at the Brigantine Restaurant.

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  8. […] Welcome to Thursday Doors, a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing your link in the comments below, anytime between 12:01 am Thursday morning and Saturday noon (North American eastern time). You can join in here: […]


  9. Hi Dan – what a great organisation to have in the town – Gifts of Love: great name too. Lovely buildings … while the vineyard I’d love to visit! Cheers Hilary

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  10. I love the time of day you took most of these pictures, Dan. They have the golden glow. Your post gave a great shout out to a wonderful program from the sounds of it. I didn’t get my post in on time, but I have a link anyway. Some challenge hosts hate that, so I hope you will forgive me. :)

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  11. I remember Granby as having many gorgeous homes and buildings, so quintessential New England. I always wanted one like the green home with the wrap-around porch. :-) And thanks for sharing information about “Gifts of Love,” Dan. Perfect for the season.

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  12. Love these captures!! The architecture is so cool!! Awesome. By the way on a side note: finished Knuckleheads this last weekend…..had a hard time putting it down. Loved it. You took me down memory lane of how things were “back in the day”. Anyway….loved the book Dan!!

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