Veterans Day 2022

Note: If you’ve come looking for Thursday Doors, they are here.

Today is Veterans Day in the United States. A day on which we honor all those who have served in any branch of our military service.

Regular visitors to this site know that I walk through Veterans Park in our town every morning that weather permits. Most days, I walk to or past the actual memorial. Earlier this year, Travis Brown, member of Boy Scout Troop 263, in pursuit becoming an Eagle Scout, erected a burn-pit for the proper disposal of worn US Flags. Later this summer, the pit and surrounding patio was dedicated in honor of Master Sergeant John A. Chapman who was killed in action in Afghanistan. He posthumously was awarded the Medal of Honor for his action.

The gallery includes photos from the park, and the memorial. I don’t think they need captions. I regularly include a picture of the US Flag that flies in the center of the memorial. I frequently include the caption,

One Flag — Every American

This park and the memorial within honors the brave and selfless men and women who fought under that flag to attain and protect our freedom. Today, I thank them for their service.

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  1. A beautiful way to remember all that serve. Thank you for sharing Dan. Today the 11Nov is our Rememberance Day for all our forces who served in all wars too.
    On Sunday there will be services and parades but it makes me so sad that the world has learned nothing and war rages on. 💜💜💜 Lest we forget.

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  2. Today is Remembrance Day in Canada. I know you have two, one for those who served and one for those who died in battle. We do the one for all. They are all worthy dates to remember.

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  3. I’m with Willow, above: we seem to have learned nothing from our vast history of wars. But then those who serve do so in peace too, yes? I hope they are not discouraged. Your photos tell a poignant story of how personal remembering is.

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  4. Today’s post is a perfect tribute to all those who have served and are serving today. Kudos to the fine young Scout for his burn pit project. Well done young man.

    May Old Glory continue to fly in peace over our country. May we continue to honor all those who serve. May we finally learn to live in peace with each other. 🇺🇸

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    • I featured the burn pit in June. I thought they were done after a dedication on Flag Day. I didn’t realize it was going to be dedicated, which didn’t happen until September (I think the town did that work). In any case, it’s appropriate. I echo your hopes, Ginger. Especially that last one.


  5. Nice tribute to the troops, Dan. I like how Armistice Day developed into Veterans Day, giving us a chance to pay tribute to all who served, like my father (Army), who was stationed in Korea in the early ‘60s. My hat is off to all of them today.

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  6. Thanks for honoring those who served. My husband and I are both vets, and our fathers were too, as well as uncles and cousins, etc. I’m proud to have served, even for a short while, but yes, I wish there were no need also. Great pics as usual! ☺️

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  7. Hi Dan – what an excellent post for today – Armstice Day, your Veterans’ Day – and for the memorial you’ve given us about Master Sergeant John A Chapman … what a brave and heroic man saving others’ lives. The park is enhanced with his memorial … with thoughts – Hilary

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  8. Thank you and God bless you, Dan, for posting this today. You know my husband is a Vietnam Vet yet I do not normally address in any of my posts this day. I do so privately with this man who himself has the Bronze Star for bravery. Does he talk about this? No. I thank God he made it out of that hell alive so that we almost married 40 years now, could heal our inner wounds together. He is the strongest man I know. I am really touched by your post.

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  9. As. Vietnam Vet and AeroMedic bringing back our wounded and seriously wounded.

    A have so much respect for those men and women that gave their all and served us to the best of their ability. Thank you! I still visit our men and women who served at two VA hospitals on a regular basis. Still offering my services as I have not forgotten those still in their personal fight. Remembering all our Vets on this special day.

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