On Two Wheels — CFFC

Before we even get started on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, let me fix a mistake from Saturday.

US flag outside our local Post Office.

OK, I feel better. Numerous people mentioned that I didn’t have a flag photo on Saturday. I had used it in a rare Friday post (for Veterans Day). Now, back to Cee’s challenge. This week, she suggested:

“This week our topic is Bicycles and Motorcycles or anything with just two wheels. Have fun.”

In addition to random pictures and pictures of my bike, I have some pictures from the NHRA (Drag Racing) Museum in Pamona, California. I’ve been a fan of drag racing since I was a kid. This past May, Larry “Spider-Man” McBride, recorded the fastest motorcycle run in drag racing history with a 5.618-second pass at 268.38 mph (432 kph) riding hos Top Fuel Motorcycle. That’s 1000′(305m) in less than 6 seconds!

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  1. The photo of Preston is my favorite; I’ve noticed that cats have a definite what’s-yours-is-mine philosophy of life. As for bikes, I can see only a faint resemblance between these and the one I rode once upon a time. Speed? Not a chance. I was as slow then as I am now, but bike rides were mostly about talking anyway, so the important thing was to talk and pedal at the same time. Good memories!

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    • I never rode fast, Maureen. I could manage a good distance before nerve problems in my neck may riding more than an hour a painful experience, but I was never going fast. Cats do have that view of the world – it’s all here for me – but Preston is such a cute little fluff, that I let him get away with it.

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    • That’s the case for me, too, Judy. Riding my bike leads to neck and shoulder pain. Also, I rode mainly on the roads around here, which no longer seems safe – at – all.


  2. Preston deserves an award for keeping your bike seat warm! Love this picture.

    Kudos to you and all those who put bikes together for less fortunate children. I hope they all pay that kindness forward some day.

    In my youth I spent fun times on my bike. Bike riding with friends was always accompanied by lots of laughter and hooting and hollering! Now if I hoot and holler it’s as I’m trying not to lose my balance on my feet! No laughing though. 🤗 But I still enjoy the good memories. I have the scars on my knees to prove how much fun I had!


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    • Throughout my life, I enjoyed my time on two wheels, Ginger. And yes, I have those scars. These days, it’s not a good place for me to be for very long. I miss riding and I keep hoping to find a way to make it not painful, but I think walking is probably my thing now.

      AIIM always included a community/charity support event at their annual conference. My first Board meeting was also their Annual Meeting and I was impressed when we took a break to assemble these bikes.

      As for Preston, he is a cutie. “You brought this for me…right?”


  3. Back in the day, I used to race triathlons. Was never really that good, but I enjoyed it. The thing is, triathletes are fanatical about their bikes. At one race, a guy was showing off a hardware kit he bought for $800 consisting of a couple of screws, nuts and clips, replacing the standard hardware with titanium ones to save a whole ounce of weight.

    “Every ounce is worth it on a 50 mile ride,” he beamed.

    “You know how I save an ounce?” another guy asked.



    “There, I just spit out an ounce.”

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  4. Oh what a fun gallery. I like your photos from the museum. We don’t see bikes like that in the US. We are too stuck on our cars. Plus we have the room to spread everything out here in the west. You’d have a lot further to ride in most places :D

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  5. Every morning like clockwork a group of bike riders come zooming past my window (around the curve and down a hill). I can only wonder what they do when the hit the two bumps in the road that the signs warn you about. Much as I have always loved riding a bike, I feel just a bit safer walking/running how. But Preston…that bike was made for you, handsome!

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  6. My mother’s boyfriend used to drive a 1973 Duster in NHRA stock eliminator series up and down the East Coast for a few years. As a result, my mom was a big drag racing fan. I never really acquired a taste for it, but if something record-breaking occurred in that sport she always would mention it to me to check it out. As far as the photos here, Preston has definitely claimed ownership of that seat!

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    • I was able to easily ride 30-40 miles on a Saturday morning, Gwen, but nerve issues in my neck have reduced my time in the seat from three hours to less than one before the pain sets in. I’m walking more, but I wish I could find a way to get back on two wheels.


  7. Hi Dan, nice pictures of two-wheelers. I used to cycle a lot before I had my sons. We used to ride 100 kilometer cycle changes and did the Cape Argus (relatively famous) twice. I don’t have time for cycling now as I prefer to walk and look at nature.

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