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Welcome to December. Don’t ask me how it got here so soon, but it’s here and when it goes, it’s going to take the whole 2022 calendar with it. Before it leaves, we’ll have a chance to celebrate some holidays and we get to officially welcome Winter. In the meantime, David and I are going to celebrate the end of a busy week. While we do, we’ll see if we can deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘twin/tween.’ Use, ‘twin’ or ‘tween’ any way you’d like. Bonus points if you use both. Enjoy!”

Bonus points? You know we have to try to get them.

If we were having a beer, you’d be thinking ahead.

“Congratulations, Dan.”

“Congratulations? What? Did I win something?”

“He’s probably congratulating you on the release of your book, Dan. Your first beer is on the house.”

“What about my bourbon, Cheryl?”

“Did you write a book, David?”

“No, but I’d like a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon. He wrote some books. I read them.  Can I slide in that way?”

“Did you read my books, David?”

“Of course, I did, Dan, and I’ll read your new one as soon as I get a copy.”

“You can buy it on Amazon.”

“I already did, but it’s not here yet. Now can I get a bourbon, or are you going to tell me about the book?”

“I’ll let you read it without spoilers. Cheryl, give David a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon. So, is that what you were congratulating me for, the book?”

“No. I saw that you have all your snow stakes in the ground. I figured that means you’re done with all that winter prep work.”

“I am. I think we’re ready for winter.”

“Here’s your Corona, Dan. David, here’s all the stuff you drink.”

“Corona? What happened to Modelo?”

“The keg kicked, but Modelo, Corona, Dos Equis, there all brewed in the same place. Modelo and Corona are practically twins. Have this now, and I’ll get someone to replace the keg.”

“That sounds like a deal, Cheryl. I do like all those beers.”

“Any plans for the holidays, Dan?”

“Nothing special. You know me David, we do holidays quietly.”

“What about the tween-time?”


“You know, the time between Christmas and New Years. You used to take that week off, didn’t you?”

“I used to use my leftover vacation days. Then they made us use them before November thirtieth.”

“November? Why November?”

“That was the company’s fiscal year-end, and…”

“Unused vacation time is an accrued liability. They wanted it off the books.”

“Something like that. But then, because the thirtieth was year-end, they didn’t want those of us in IT to take any time off.”

“That stinks. Is that why you always took time off in October?”


“That makes sense. But it still doesn’t answer my question. What about that tween-time?”

“Before I retired, I worked so the young guys could take it off and be with their kids. Now, it’s just another week, David. I might watch some football. I’ll watch the Twilight Zone Marathon if it’s on.”

“No big celebration for New Year’s Eve?”

“No. We let one year slide into the next. Twenty-twenty-three doesn’t need me to escort it past the old man with the scythe.”

“No escort? No fanfare? No Thursday Doors—hey, that brings up a question. Cheryl, can we come here on New Year’s Eve?”

“Sure, David. Why not?”

“Don’t you guys have some big party?”

“Yeah, but it starts at seven. I’ll be home tuning into the Twilight Zone by then.”

“Who tends bar for the party?”

“Skippy and a couple others.”

“Please don’t leave without us that night.”

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  1. I always wondered about those edicts of “use it or lose it” and now I know. Bizarre…Time is time is time… You realize I live vicariously through your photos, don’t you??? Not yet able to venture out and our oak tree leaves are teeny tiny compared to your beautiful ones. Thank you…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Dan you got your points there. And sounds like you’ve booked your New Year’s drinks too!
    All you winter prep done you can kick back now, I remember we were under the same regimé of use holiday or lose it! Infact when I was a window dresser in a Department Store we had to go in to work on Boxing Day to change the windows from Christmas to New Year sales!
    Lovely photos, have a good weekend 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the photo of the crows atop the bare trees! Even without their leaves, trees are impressive. Now if the crows could learn to sing, the whole scene would be even better. As for celebrating New Year’s Eve, I’ve noticed that the word “celebrate” changes as we grow older. As does that which we celebrate. Skippy on New Year’s Eve? That should be good!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wish I had a recording of those crows. They were calling out, and the ones on the ball field lights were calling back. One can only guess about the subject. New Year’s has never been much of a celebration for us. Maybe Skippy can provide some entertainment.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “Use it or lose” is applied to vacation time and so many other things in our lives, including food!

    Love the banter tween the crows! Great shot of the sun peeking through the soccer field. And that
    frosted leaf is just waiting to become famous in one of Pam’s poems!

    Old Glory looking mighty spiffy. Unlike so many people, she’s on the job every single day no matter the weather.

    Glad your pre-winter chores are taken care of. Always a feeling of accomplishment.

    Hoping you enjoy a pleasant weekend Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. Those crows were yelling back and forth to each other. I worry that they might be trying to figure out how many they would need to haul me away.

      Not too many leaves left, but the ones that avoided the bag seem to be ready for winter. They wear their frost coat well.

      Flipping the shed from mixed activity to a focus on snow clearing is always the sure sign of winter for me. The machine is tuned-up and ready to rumble. Gas in the tank and the cup holder is firmly attached ;-)

      I hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Skippy tends bar on New Years Eve?! Oh, that’d be fun to watch him in action.
    Glad you are all ready for winter. Kind of a good feeling to look outside when it is freezing cold and realize the yard is all cleaned up. That gives me a certain satisfaction.

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    • It’s been a while since Skippy worked a day. I hope he can entertain us. It does feel good to look out and know that I’m ready for snow. It’s pouring today, but almost 50 degrees, so I’m more glad that I cleaned the gutters. You guys fight Mother Nature in big glorious battles. We fight in ongoing little skirmishes. I hope you have a god weekend, Lois.

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  6. Thanks for reminding me how thankful I am to be retired. I gave up a lot of “sick time off” they would not pay me for. Should’ve taken it. Oh well. I had no idea squirrels “cut” sections off trees. Now it all makes sense! :) Love the leaves!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t realize they cut them until one hit me in the head in October. It had about 12 acorns on it, and it gave me a good whack. Later, I saw the squirrel nibbling on the acorns. About half of them were cracked open and empty. Others had been pulled off and buried, I suppose. I guess it saves them the trouble of working in the trees.

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      • Interesting. Around here, squirrels are safer in the trees. You just reminded me that a couple weeks ago, something fell out of a tree on to Marley’s back with a “wack”. I assumed it was a branch until I saw a squirrel scampering away from us back to the nearby tree trunk. We were both stunned. It was pretty bizarre.

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  7. I am listening to the wind howl so much so one would think Skippy totally screwed up David’s drink. I think our local image of Old Glory would be stretched out flailing and taught all at once. And the leaves of course will not be in a posing mood…

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  8. He-Man’s past employer had a Holiday shut down between Christmas and New Year so he’d save some of his vaca to cover that. Now that he’s retired everyday is a vacation day. 😀

    Congratulations, on the last release of your trilogy series, Dan! I’ve got my copy!

    I love the backlit leaves.

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  9. I remember those last minute scrambles to use up vacation time… always made me wonder why I didn’t take more vacation during the year.

    We are having all of the telephone poles removed in our area. Everything will be undergrounded. Although I won’t miss the eyesore mishmash of all the poles and wires overhead, I will miss seeing all the birds lining up along the wires.

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  10. Tween-time? Hmmm. Seems a bit of a stretch but okay, it’s almost Christmas. :) Don’t you wonder how birds decide which lines are “the” place to perch? They’re almost always on the same one or two. Enjoy the weekend, Dan.

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  11. Not ready! I’m just… Not… Ready. I’m hanging onto July by my fingertips and I’m slipping. I know it’s December and I’m trying to work my head around it but… No! And my friend, your leaf pictures are becoming more exquisite and more artistic every time. You are teasing me!

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  12. I’m off to Amazon to get your newest book. Woo hoo!!

    This line here has to be my fave “Twenty-twenty-three doesn’t need me to escort it past the old man with the scythe.” NYE quietly is the way to go

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Dan, I liked reading about leaving some leaves, twigs, and twine for the wildlife to make use of. Very thoughtful. I also like how Smokey is so comfortable within your environment he has time to give his food a once-over check. That guy is living his best life for sure!

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  14. Yay, congrats Dan. I placed my order for books 2 and 3. This announcement nudged me to use my birthday $ to buy the books. They’ll be fun to read in 2023! A low-key tween-time season is a good thing IMHO. I enjoyed your frosty photos and of course the close-up of the flag in the morning light. Cheers to wishing you wild success on your book release!


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