Maybe Greenish—CFFC

I started participating in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge as a way of giving myself a break in the summer. I became addicted to it, so I’m going to continue participating, even if I have something else to share on a Monday. Since we’re getting closer to the big holidays, I’m trying to keep my posts short. Stop laughing. Cee is sticking with colors, which continues to be a challenge for me. See below for an explanation, but let’s consider what Cee gave us:

This week our topic is Pear Green Colors. Remember pears come in a lot of shades of green and yellowish green. Have lots of fun with this color.

In my version of Cee’s chart, I thought I’d explain what I see. The two bars on the ends look the same to me, and I would call them both brown. The bar with the arrow pointing down is one I would say is green. The bar next to it, I would say is yellow.

So, I have some photos I know are green, and I’m getting pretty good at selecting from the archives by searching for things I know must be green.


  1. Hi David – I love the prompt – but understand your choice of colours in the bars – equally you’ve chosen some great greens … the train especially … cheers for now – Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. We had to choose from all the sights in New England for one trip with David when he was here for a very short stay (he and I were traveling on business the next day). He’s from Ipswich, so closer to you than us. He loves trains.

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      • Yes – and I completely muddled up the D’s … ah well – and yes Ipswich is nearer me than you … but with our trains practically on the blink we can’t get anywhere … thankfully I’m happy on the south coast and sure hope he is happier now the thaw is a-coming in … cheers to all greens! Hilary

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        • I was proud of myself for figuring out how to walk from my hotel in London to the right train station for a train out to Bletchley Park when I visited in 2011. Then I took a train to Ipswich and back to visit David for a couple of days. I hope they get them all sorted.

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          • Hi Dan – getting out of London and return, to start again to another part of the country is ok, getting across country is another matter and now with the strikes everything’s messed up – I’m just glad I’m out of trying to travel. Well done to you for fathoming it out – but with your techie abilities … not too difficult I suspect?! Cheers Hilary

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            • I only made one mistake. I was walking, but I used the driving directions. At a 5-way roundabout, the directions said to use the second exit. Of course, I forgot that we drive (and apparently enter roundabouts) on the other side. After about 10 minutes, the directions didn’t make much sense, and I finally figure out my mistake.

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  2. “Stop laughing” got a laugh-out-loud from me! We’ve had a beautiful autumn and are barely (but clearly) into winter and yet it seems forever since I’ve seen such greens! That image of the quiet day on the canal, under a bright blue sky, is particularly welcome. It’s kind of sad that you can’t see all the versions of green that there are, but your camera sure gets them! That trestle looks good in all seasons.

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  3. You get a gold star today. I hope you can see that the star is gold and not some shade of yellow! 🤗

    Love all your choices of green, particularly Smokey on the big green egg and the train.

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  4. Here we go again with WP!

    I was going to say, before I was so rudely interrupted, Old Glory looks magnificent in that field of green surrounding her.

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    • Wow! When I tried replying to you, everything when blank. The Happiness Engineers must really have it in for you today, Ginger. I may not know what the whole range of green looks like, but I know where to find it.


  5. Heinz Field looks great. There is something about a ball field… I love getting lost in the hugeness of them.
    Little Smokey is so cute sitting proud on that Big Green Egg.
    Just curious how you do at traffic lights. With some being up and down and others being sideways…do you always hope not the be the lead car?

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    • The only time I have trouble is when the sun is shining anywhere near them. Then I go with bottom or right. I noticed a few places around here where they are adding a blinking red ring around the red light. That doesn’t really help, but I guess they are trying to make the lights more prominent. I’m afraid some idiot will treat it like a blinking red light and pull out in front of me. Smokey loves to sit on the Egg and eat his peanut.

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      • Oh, gosh–we have that blinking red ring that states “No Right Turn” as opposed to the green arrow that says, ‘Turn Left.” I never realized what a problem that could be. Yeah, and then there are the idiots that own the road…

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  6. Greens are the hardest color for color blindness. You did excellent with your greens. :D :D I love the baseball stadium. In high school, the LA Dodgers sent out tickets to “A” students in Southern California. So each year I could go to two different games for free. What was the best part, I was already a Dodger fan. :D :D

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  7. Everything is nice and greenish here, Dan. I will get to PNC Park one of these days…it’s on the to-do list. I love that Smokey likes to take time out from his busy day to have a nut or two while checking out the view atop the aptly-named Big Green Egg. I always thought that was clever marketing. ..what does it look like…hey, let’s call it that!

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