Keeping it short for the holidays.

One of my favorite traditions is getting a haircut and then meeting my friend John for breakfast. These days, it’s very easy. I get my haircut at 7:30 a.m. and our favorite breakfast place is between his house and my barber.

John has been enjoying the books in my series and I promised to bring him a copy of the third book. I guess you can say.

“Will write for food!”

When Evil Chooses You

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The Evil You Choose
When Evil Chooses You

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  1. Will write for food! I like that! Of course, the food must be something like that sturdy bacon. Now THERE’S a tradition! That’s a nice shot of the winter tree with the caption about night coming faster — I like the effect of the clouds encircling the tree.

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  2. Hi Dan – I”m thinking the devil has beguiled you both into eating unhealthily! But yes – write for food – great to see your book there … as too the photos – I hope the poles and wires are finished before any storm arrives … enjoy those walks … cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. It may not be healthy, but it’s only once a month. I remember when they stopped this sort of work during the winter, but no longer. I’ve been amazed that they’ve been able to move the wires to a new pole, often several feet higher, with no outages. I give them credit.

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    • Sorry about showing the breakfast. I’ll be having toast today, bo it hits me, too. I do love seeing those crews putting up big things. I always feel like you would actually feel like yo accomplished something on those jobs (often unlike the way I felt in mine).

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  3. “Will write for food”! Great one-liner. Sheeesh Dan, I hope it never comes to that! 🤗

    Breakfast looks so delicious we’ll overlook the unhealthy. 😳

    Love those tinted pink reflection shots. Wish I had the warming system those ducks have!

    Old Glory with the sun shining on her is a beautiful photo. Always good to see our flag being proudly displayed.

    Stay warm. Keep MiMi’s stove going! I sure hope no one in the path of this storm, which will include plummeting temperatures, loses their power.

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    • Thanks Ginger. If it came to that, I think I’d have to work off other skills. But it’s a nice thing to share for a plate of bacon and eggs, and some crazy conversation. It’s only once a month, how unhealthy can that be?

      I guess we’re going to get warmer as the rest of the country freezes. My brother in Iowa will drop below zero today and he won’t see a positive number (high or low) until Saturday.

      We will stay warm, and keep the critters fed. I hope you ride out the warm/wet storm.


  4. The flag photo is a beauty, Dan. And Smokey calling to his little buddy on the top of the fence is so cute.
    I had to laugh at your 7:30 haircut appointment. My husband had an appointment at the dentist yesterday at 10am, but they called him last week to see if he wanted to change to a cancellation they had…at 8am. He politely declined. Who in the heck schedules appointments at 8am?! 😆

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    • Thanks Lois. When I was working, I used to get my hair cut at 6:30 am, which gave me time to have breakfast and still get to work. I used to bring my boss one of their breakfast sandwiches, and he didn’t mind my being late ;-)

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  5. Good friend, good food, and a fresh haircut. A winning trio for the morning. If I had that breakfast, I would not require food for quite awhile – that looks like a hearty one to be sure. Nice shot of the Colt Dome. As in your one photo, we’re starting to see ice forming on the surface of the ponds at the nearby golf course. The geese who reside there still have some water to swim in…but not for long!

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    • I don’t usually eat much after starting the day with breakfast at this place. It’s always interesting to watch the birds adapt to the river during the winter. It won’t be long before they’re sitting out on the ice looking like they’re holding a debate.

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    • That is most of my eating for the day, Janis. We are in the path of the storm, but we’ll be getting rain and wind. I kind of wish it was going to be snow, but we get what nature gives us. The snow we had washed away a week ago in 48 hours of heavy rain.


  6. I sit here watching the headlights of a train coming up through the valley and reflect on the first day of winter — with our brown hills and valley. But we’ve been promised rain next week. We shall see… rain, rain, come today!

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