Pass the Salt Please—CFFC

Salt White – That’s the color Cee’s asking for this week. If you think white is an easy color, visit you’re local paint store. We recently need to paint something white. I went to the paint store – I never choose paint – and I returned with the pamphlet of white chips. There were four pages! Four pages of “white” paint. Foks, that’s crazy. The actual prompt is shown below:

“This week our topic is Salt White Colors. Have lots of fun with this color. I took the photo below of rock salt in a blue shaker. Please try and stay away from black and white photos.”

Before I go into the archives to find some white, I want to remind you that there is still time to enter the Thursday Doors Badge contest. This post has all the information. Now for those whites:

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  1. I too have shopped for white paint. I came away cross-eyed and hating white. Nothing strikes horror to a homeowner more than seeing that the white from the previous owner has chipped. Just a touch-up is all that’s needed, but which white? Admiring the white in your photos is easy. That lilac is especially beautiful today! Yet I also like that photo of the “snow buds.” Nice!

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    • The only thing worse than shopping for white, is shopping for off-white. I think every non-primary color is off-white. Matching paint for the chipped area reminds me of an art school assignment they gave our daughter. They had to cut a 1″ square out of a magazine page and paint it back in.

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  2. I know of what you speak. Earlier this year, we had both the inside and outside of the house painted. Our local Benjamin Moore store has a Golden Retriever ‘support’ dog there to comfort people who are about to lose their minds over paint colors. The dog was a true blessing, lemme tell you! After I described the white I wanted on the trim of our house, the salesman said, “Why don’t you just go with white straight outta the can?” “You can do that?!” Sold.
    You did great with all the whites, Dan.

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  3. Oh , man ! I know what you mean about paint colors . Didn’t it used to be simple , and white was either white or off- white . Then the colors became Navaho White , etc. Then you had to choose not only from various shades of white but different finishes , eg. eggshell . When I painted my first car there were three choices of automotive paint at Sears : red , black , green . Now , my walls in the living room , I think , are Waning Moon Twilight Desert White , flat . Maybe I should have chosen Fading Moonlight Arapahoe White , semi-flat . Eggshell for the doors .

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    • And that paint from Sears would probably match 70% of the cars on the road! We ultimately went with “Cotton Tail” which I refer to as “bunny butt.” It’s a nice white, semi-gloss. By the way, there are now five finishes, just to keep things interesting. I wonder how many people are employed in naming paints.


  4. Easier to just paint the room again than to attempt a touch up!

    Love the lilacs and the kissing couple as well as the rowboat and the corner in the Alaska lobby.

    I would be mighty afraid of what might pop out of the snow hole in the bush!🥴

    Happy Monday Dan. Enjoy what’s left of 2022.

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    • WordPress ate my reply :(

      I keep my distance from that hole, Ginger. In the summer, there’s often a spider web with the same shape on that bush. It’s weird. I prune that bush every year, but the port returns.

      The Kissing Couple and the rowboat are my favorites.

      I hope you have a nice easy week.


  5. I was chuckling about all the white paint, Dan. I ran into that myself when I first moved here. Forget the 50 shades of gray — there are more in white.
    The snow hole is a cool image (no pun intended). I loved the white lilac. But the Alaska building captivated me. It seems like I may have seen it before, but I would love to see more.

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  6. Love the leaf picture! White is the colour purity it’s also the colour of sterile. Your pictures capture it beautifully. I’ve never liked the colour white as a main colour but love it as an accent. A white wall just makes me want to paint it. Silly me.

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