No, this isn’t a throwback post. This time it’s Your 2K as in WordPress telling me that this is blog post 2,000 on No Facilities. Maybe the ‘Y’ should stand for Yikes!

I didn’t go out of my way to plan this, but I think it’s appropriate that this post lands on a One-Liner Wednesday prompt day. One-Liner Wednesday is second (and not by much) to Thursday Doors in terms of posts in a distinct category. I have posted 362 1LinerWeds posts, albeit many have included more than one line. “Humor” is a category with more posts, but many of those are One-Liners, like today’s.

So, as I did on Saturday, let me take a moment to thank our host, Linda G. Hill for managing this challenge.

My mother, Betty Antion, was not known for being a good driver. Fearless, yes. She would drive anywhere, but no one would argue that she ever mastered the skill, least of all, my father. When I saw the scene in the picture below, I had to laugh. Such was often the result of her attempts to parallel park.

Not the best parking job

To which my father would say:

“It’s OK, Bet, it’s only a short walk to the curb.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, or if you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Gwen. My mom always wanted to be close to the door, but she never quite figured out how to park. Fortunately, most people are aware and don’t want to hit a parked car. I’ve been at this blog for a long time. Slow and steady.


    • Thanks Judy. I guess parallel parking will go the way of using a pay phone. Cars are already doing it themselves. I wouldn’t trade the memories for the lack of stress. Monopoly is always fun. Spirited and friendly. Family rules, not the ones in the box.

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  1. Your dad’s comment made me laugh. Funny but gets his point across–that is such an art form.
    Oh, your money…it is a pet peeve of mine when I get money back from the bank and all the bills are facing a different direction. Get it right, people!!

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    • My dad was very good at weaving humor into most things. The money in my wallet is properly organized with all the presidents looking in the same direction. I just can’t be bothered when I play Monopoly. It drives my wife and daughter crazy.

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  2. Your dad is king of the one-liners Dan! Today’s is a classic. I will laugh every time I see anyone trying to parallel park. I was a really good parallel parker until arthritis took over my joints which makes it impossible for me to twist and turn to see where I’m backing up to….even with rear view mirrors. Now I have to find a spot I can just glide into.

    Spent many hours playing Monopoly…..family rules applied with us as well. I’m afraid I would have to keep straightening out your money. That heap would drive me straight to jail!

    Something tells me all the squirrels in a two mile radius of the Antion home know there will always be peanuts for them. 🤗

    Old Glory looking mighty spiffy in the breeze.

    Warmer temperatures coming beginning tomorrow with rain for the weekend. Enjoy the break from the frigid weather while it lasts.

    Congratulations on your 2,000 posts milestone. That’s no small feat. That’s a lotta words! Can’t wait to see you hit 3,000!


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    • It took 11 years to get to 2k, Ginger. I hope we’re both here for 3,000. I’ll step up the pace for Just-Jot-January (if Linda runs it) but then I’ll settle back to the normal pace.

      My wife and daughter want me to stop using the pile-o-stuff method in Monopoly, but it works for me.

      I’ve been walking in the morning when it’s 24 degrees and thinking that’s warm enough. It will be good to get some real warm weather for a bit, although I’m getting tired of rain.

      My mother didn’t learn to drive until after she was married. My dad told the story of one day when he told her to pull up to a stop sign (as in don’t stop too far behind the intersection) and she ran the sign over. It’s a good think he enjoyed humor.

      I hope you have a good final week of 2022.


  3. Congratulations on hitting that milestone! My mother must have taken driving lessons from your mother, although my mom was pretty good at parallel parking. It must have skipped a generation, because Sara is good at it, too. Me, not so much.

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    • Thanks Marian. My father did most of the instruction when we were learning how to drive. I think he planned it that way. Another generation and no one will ever have to learn.


  4. Holy Hannah! Congrats on #2000, Dan. That’s spectacular.
    I ruined my count by deleting many of the serials after I “bookized” them. I have no idea what my total is, but I’m sure it’s not even close to that. Have a great rest of the week… and year. Hugs.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I just keep plodding along. Picking up a few prompts put me on a 4 post schedule. The Thursday Doors Recap adds a 5th, but I don’t really write that, it’s mostly automated. I tried writing a 5th post in a week, but that never goes well.


  5. Haha, bless her heart. My Monopoly money looks like Faith’s. I miss a good game. We loved our Stranger Things version. Maybe I’ll sig that one out of storage for the next return trip. Congrats on the 2K Dan.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. So far, I seem to be the only one advocating the pile-o-stuff method of organization. We play a variety of versions. This was just released in November. It was fun, but Faith eeeked out a win.

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      • Monopoly can go in any direction. The last night my son was here we lost power so we pulled out the games we have and I managed to win all three of them. Maybe they just don’t play as well in the dim light. 😂😉Scrabble, Yahtzee and Harry Potter trivia. 🫢

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        • I might give you a run at Yahtzee. I struggle with Scrabble and I never read Harry Potter. We took board games to Pittsburgh. We had one solid day of rain. We played Monopoly, Sorry, Backgammon and a few card games. We also drank tequila ;-)

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