My Excuse

If God hadn’t wanted us to eat sweets, he wouldn’t have created chocolate.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot January campaign, and the prompt “Sweet” was provided by Ritu from her But I Smile Anyway blog.

Note: If you came here looking for Thursday Doors and are confused by this rare Friday post, blame it on JusJoJan. The doors post is here for you.

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  1. Dan, this is sweet! Chocolate covered strawberries…the proper way to eat fruit! If it weren’t for chocolate, dentists would be out of business ….probably working in the Hershey’s Plant. 🤗

    Trinity Farm looks like a really nice place to pick up milk and eggs. After a breakfast of eggs, slabs of bacon, toast with tons of butter, we can indulge in chocolate just to balance it all out. After all, we don’t want to overdo it. 🥴😳

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    • You make a good point about balance, Ginger. I always like the way you think. I tried writing a poem about sweets and the dentist, but I didn’t get very far with it.

      The family at Trinity Farms is the best. If I were a cow, that’s where I’d like to live.


  2. That Hershey store on the corner is awesome. I had not seen that before. The question would be…if I entered it…would I EVER leave? The Reese’s Egg absolutely has to be in the top three, but there are so many shapes and sizes out there right now, I better go ahead and just have one of each variety before agreeing the Egg is Numero Uno.

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    • That store is hard to escape. I think the egg has the perfect ratio of chocolate and peanut butter. The Christmas trees are good, as are the pumpkins, but the bats and ghosts were a little chocolate heavy. I’ll keep conducting research, just in case ;-)

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  3. My kind of post! I love chocolate, milk or dark. If it’s chocolate, I like it. I blame it on my mother because her maiden name was ‘Sweet,’ and we lived next to a small candy store. I could take my soda bottles in, get a few pennies, buy some candy, and sit on the stoop and eat it. Now, if that isn’t a blast from the past, I don’t know what is. :-) Good thing it’s time for lunch, afternoon coffee and a chocolate whoopie pie, Dan.

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  4. LOL!!! I agree! When my sisters and I were in NYC we stopped in that Hershey’s store where I bought He-Man a huge Reese’s Peanut Cup bar. It was huge!
    I wish I took a photo of it, but didn’t. He enjoyed every bite of it. 🤣

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  5. God didn’t create chocolate . It was some South American person , I think . Mayan ? And why wouldn’t He/She want us to eat sweets ? Maybe I’m over-thinking this . I’d like to put a plug in , thogh , for See’s candies . I wonder if you get them back east .

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    • Well, He may have used a few middlemen, but I was trying to keep this short. Besides, I’m trying to justify my actions. As foe See’s, I have heard of them, and I see them available online, but I don’t think we have any stores in this part of the country. If I were to order some online, do you have any recommendations?


  6. I like chocolate, but I love sweets! Give me extra icing on my cake, gum drops and a Three Musketeers bar and I’ll be a happy, go-lucky diabetic!! (just kiddin’)

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  7. If I liked chocolate more I’m sure this post could be triggering, but because I’m more of a caramel aficionado I’ll not let those photos of chocolate get to me.


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